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to Make Money Online. Today, we'll be looking at 10 cogent reasons why
XRP stock will reach new heights by the end of twenty twenty one. Watch this video to the end to learn how
you can be rich by investing in Ripple XRP. XRP is a part of a new class of
money, which includes Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, these decentralized digital assets exists in
computer systems without a central administrator, as long as the system is
sufficiently decentralized, no one can roll back the transactions, freeze balances or block
someone from using a decentralized digital asset. These assets are natively digital so they
can be used online across any distance. This combines the qualities of
physical and centralized digital money. Before the invention of Bitcoin in 2009, all
currencies could be divided into these two categories. On the other hand, physical coins
and paper money, which individuals can use to do business without going through a central
party as physical objects, they cannot be used online and doing business.

Long distance is slow and inconvenient. Fiat currencies need an
administrator to confirm transactions. The administrator also has the power to censor
or roll back transactions or disallow some individuals from using the digital currency. If the operator of a digital currency decides
someone has violated its terms of service, it can freeze or even
confiscate that person's money. However, as digital balances, these currencies can
be used online and are convenient across long distances. As decentralized krypto, the total supply of XRP
is finite, without a mechanism to create more, it becomes much less likely
that XRP could suffer hyperinflation. XRP is a digital asset native to its
block chain network called the XRP Ledger. Anyone with a cryptographic key and an Internet
connection can receive, hold and send XRP to anyone else. It was developed to be
a desirable bridge currency that can enable trades in any other currency.

It has many properties that make it
an appealing asset for multiple use cases. No single party decides which XRP transaction succeeds
or fails, and no one can roll back a transaction after it completes. As long as those who choose to participate in
the network keep it healthy, they can send and receive XRP in seconds. The XRP ledgers consensus algorithm settles transactions
in four to five seconds and can process up to one thousand
five hundred transactions per second. These properties put XRP far ahead
of other top digital assets. When the XRP ledger began, one hundred billion XRP
were created and no more XRP will ever be created. The available supply of XRP decreases
slowly over time as small amounts are destroyed to pay transaction costs.

Users choose how much to destroy with the
minimum based on the expected work of processing the transaction and how
busy the network is. If the network is busy, potential transactions that
promise to destroy more XRP and cut in front of the transaction queue a team
of full time worldclass developers at RIPPLE maintain and continually improve
the pillagers underlying software. Ripple acts as a steward for the technology
and an advocate for its interests and builds constructive relationships with governments
and financial institutions worldwide.

Rypple the company holds a large
reserve of XRP in escrow. At the start of each month, one billion XRP
is released from escrow for RIPPLE to use. RIPPLE uses XRP to incentivize growth in the
XRP ledger ecosystem and sells XRP to institutional investors. RIPPLE also sells XRP on exchanges limited
to a small percentage of overall exchange volume at the end of each month. Any remaining XRP the company does not sell or
give away is stored in escrow for fifty four months. And so the reason for
the optimism of analysts who have predicted significant bull runs of XRP in the
coming years, particularly twenty twenty one, the speculation that XRP can rise to a price
between one hundred and a thousand dollars in twenty twenty one is not entirely off. There are a lot of events today
that are certain to influence Zippy's price. In twenty twenty one. XRP is being used
by more than two hundred financial institutions based in more than 40 countries allowing
for the easy facilitation of cross-border payments.

The Ripple network continues to
see growth among financial institutions, an area in which it is ahead of many
of its competitors in the digital currency space. The number of banks using Ripple's technology is
expected to continue to rise as more banks are expected to join the moving
train in deploying Ripple's payment solutions. And this means a great number of
subscribers to each bank's services will automatically be using XRP as they conduct monetary
transactions in their businesses and for cross-border transfers.

This is one of the major factors that
reinforce our continued stands in the market, and it's only going to get better as
it gets in bed with more banks. XRP, supported by banks such as Santander,
Royal Bank of Canada, American Express, Westpac and others, RIPPLE has obtained the support of
some of the biggest names in the investment sector, showing that many
believe in a strong forecast. Thus, Ripple XRP attains a relatively unique
market position, which could enable it to escape some of the turbulence which could potentially
shake the industry in the next few years. Bitcoin thrives on ripples designed
to enhance smooth financial transactions by making them faster and cheaper. It stands out as the most progressively
growing cryptocurrency, with an impressive growth rate even higher than that of Bitcoin.

XRP, despite its relatively young age, has morphed
into one of the world's major crypto currencies. This is a run against the
fundamental principle of Bitcoin and other alt coins. However, this has played massively to its
advantage as it's fallen into the good books of some of the world's largest financial
bodies who deploy the use of its affiliate payment system created by RIPPLE. It complies with governmental financial regulations, and
it will be able to evade actions against decentralized cryptocurrency by financial
regulators across the world.

It is a known fact that Xabi can
succeed where other crypto currencies will fail. The critical asset is maintain the top position
for several years and is expected to remain one of the most valuable digital assets in
the market, it is remain so because of its huge market cap. It also plans to build a
trust list to weighbridge with Ethereum. The purpose of this is to enable applications
based on the theory and platform to access the IP ledger, as well as vice versa.

This is expected to enhance the crypto
functionality and it could potentially increase the demand for XRP. We believe that holding long term positions
on XRP is the most sensible approach. The potential stop to further sales of XRP
for funding operations is expected to yield positive results. When this happens, the demand for
XRP will outweigh any supply of the coin and cause a rapid price increase. What breeds more hope for the investors
include the staggering boost cryptocurrency has experienced between twenty seventeen and twenty
eighteen when the price of Bitcoin increased by two thousand percent. But this was nothing compared to Rypple, which
grew by a staggering thirty six thousand percent. We can see a replication of the
surge as we progress into twenty twenty one controversy might boost the price of Xrp as
well, a major case being the recent case filed against its parent company by the SEC. Alex Arpey is working to replace Swifties leading
platform by offering its service on an even larger scale and faster cheaper.

It also aims to replace the dollar as a
medium of exchange for sending money from one international currency to another. This will help people to evade the expense of
dollar by offering or Bolex Arpit at a much cheaper rate. And there's also
the benefit of fast payment. It might attract a low number of investors, but
these investors sure do buy an awful lot of the crypto, especially because
of its low price tag. It will not be surprising to hear
that more people buy Sarpy than Bitcoin. Bitcoin has more value, but it is scarce and
it will cost more to buy enough Bitcoin than it would be necessary to buy cheaper crypto.

The last time Sarpy reached an all time
high was three point eighty four dollars in twenty eighteen. It has dropped quite some
ways from this price, though analysts have predicted its rise. No one is optimistic of
the coin reaching as high as one hundred dollars. Their predictions have put it at values
that are relatively low, such as one to five dollars. The fact that is at its current
value of one thirty five dollars has left its predicted value between eight
point six and one dollar. Market analysts reported that the coin started in
2012 with an approximate price of 0.01 of five dollars. There was no subsequent rise
until May of twenty seventeen. When its price peaked, EXPE suddenly soared
to point thirty six dollars per coin. It later drifted back and forth. It settled down around the point two dollar
range towards the end of the year.

The second peak occurred around January of twenty
eighteen when it hit its highs so far around three point eighty four dollars. Rupel was also the most profitable asset of
that year, bringing investors over a thousand percent gains quickly. However, the price started falling gradually after
that, and by September the rate fell to point twenty nine dollars. Short lived upside momentum then boosted the coins
value up to eight point fifty six dollars, and it closed twenty eighteen at one
point thirty five dollars, a value that is similar to the price we have now.

Volatility makes it hard to predict, and there's
no certain predictive price level that a digital coin will attain in a few hours, not
to talk about long term forecasts to invest in, you have to stay updated with crucial
knowledge and possibly build a winning trading strategy for making long term investments. Some analysts predict prices to reach a range
of twenty six to one hundred dollars. Longer term price projections put extra price at
highs over one hundred to two hundred dollars. However, there are many alternative scenarios
where there is a drawback after setting a new all time high. This will provide traders with additional opportunities
to buy more extra bitcoins after rallies have been exhausted and prepare for
one achieves long term historical support.

With the global debt rising to the
extreme, regular currencies are doomed to fall simultaneously. Decentralized cryptocurrency is are expected
to grow higher and faster to new heights, thereby demonstrating their true
power as the future of money. We hope you enjoyed this video. Don't forget to give it a thumbs up,
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