Xeonbit Ask Me Anything (AMA) November 25th 2019

Hi Good morning everyone. Good to see you again Welcome back to our AMA. Today we are going to talk little bit about someone we had met recently We met guy name Eric from CITEX That is the centralised exchange As spoken together, we are interested in each vision. We are exploring at the moment. Keep a lookup and I think we ready keen to serve the crypto community.

Next we will discuss about gaming potential on crypto Let's Richard discuss about gaming potential These days, I do the researching about that area You may hear about Crypto Kitty, and Decentraland game on blockchain Those are gaming based on ERC721 Those game are the way to encourage people to spend their crypto into digital assets The value of digital assets still be stable. I think there is a lot of potential in crypto gaming. First time I hear about Crypto Kitty when I watch Basket Ball Stephen Curry and his CK. That's really interesting. talking about county leaders are going to join blockchain industry.

about we slightly different story. What's happening in China right now? President Xi, he was encouraging more blockchain more companies to deal with Blockchain he sees the potential in Blockchain When we look at blockchain we see there are a lot of things to chase the way we
functional yes so I think just come up regulation to keep people safe doesn't mean crypto will die. Crypto had a lot of potential as well it's just so much that you can have fun one of just how many how much are they
how much gold do you have take it one one I think that is a question for your
commerce or understand freedom how much .

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