WORST Crypto News Ever (This COULD DESTROY America)

welcome to bitboy crypto this is your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all the days crypto news a market watch maybe a joke or two all in about three minutes uh guys let's start looking at bitcoin right now we have bitcoin coming at 63 four dollars for a gain of two point five percent doing pretty well um this is good news we're a little closer to 64 earlier today i suspect tomorrow we do have a great shot of getting to sixty four thousand dollars ethereum though a ethereum up 2.7 percent 4246 very close to hitting a new all-time high very soon uh finance coin up a little bit cardano xrp still staying absolutely still uh solana dot they're all up today those going down today shiva up ten percent new all-time highs um i believe it's a new all-time high right now i think i could be wrong on that no did have a little bit of a dip it was a little bit higher than this i get i don't even know how to tell you what the price is point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero blah blah blah blah blah blah okay all right so here we go let's look at the biggest gainers of the day look at freaking curve curve is up 36 percent that's a major coin um up 36 percent a day that's pretty significant we have near protocol and then say boom um we have icp rat also up pretty big uh harmony phantom kukuin chairs algorithm and then she bought all about 10 gains and up i don't know why it can you see it can you see it oh there it is okay all right let's move on we've got some super fascinating stories for you guys we're going to start with uh what i believe the most important story of the day here is janet phelan yellen saying they now want to tax americans on unrealized gains nancy pelosi and um who's the other guy working on this senator ron wyden from oregon or what idiots are working on this to where if think about this to get taxed on unrealized gains means you have to sell your assets this is not capitalism this is communism this is not a free market when the government tells you have to sell your assets to pay a tax this is idiotic it will never work this will be a disaster that look here's the truth though there's no way this will get passed if it is we're heading straight to totalitarianism absolutely idiotic somebody needs to uh drag this lady all right here we go uh we have this story here the u.s treasury to give oversight on stable coins what does this mean the sec the sec is going to be in charge of stable coins securities security where you expect a return stable coin price never moves go figure i can make heads or tails of it but i told you guys this is going this is coming dirty gary ginsler has been positioning for this for months the sec wants to crush stable coins and stable coins taking i told you this if you have just started watching the channel listen a little bit more we'll tell you why it all has to do with the bond market third story china reversing their crypto ban is this true there's a lot of rumors going on right now that china is regretting their bitcoin mining ban and that this could be reversed soon they're asking for public comments comments from the government trying to figure out do they want to get mining again well that sounds fun all right guys that's all i got be blessed bye

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