WORST Bitcoin CRASH This Weekend? (Why I SOLD $2 Million in Altcoins)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben i'm a real person not a paid actor every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button guys we've got to have a really kind of sombering talk today and um i'm going to tell you guys something that i've done uh but i do want to give you guys some hopium for the future so basically here's the long and short of it you know i'm in a lot of groups i'm talking to a lot of traders and there is a sentiment going on out there for sure no question about it that we are heading towards a bloody sunday tomorrow uh you guys know i i've really tried hard uh over the last couple of weeks to be positive about the market and overall i am still positive about where bitcoin is going to i i for the life of me would never believe that this is the end of this bull run there's nothing in the data the indicators outside of one top indicator of the pie cycle chart indicator or a pie cycle top indicator that shows numbers reminiscent of a blow off top and a bull run but i would tell you guys this in 2013 to 2014 the pie cycle top indicator crossed twice uh once in between the hyper bitcoinization run and then the rest of the bull run and of course after the bull run as we went back into a bear market and i hope once again guys this is served to show you guys that we will go through another bear market whether it's now or whether it's later these people that just talk and talk and talk and tell you bitcoin's only going up like michael saylor for instance they say oh we'll never see 50 drops again and then we see it uh you guys know i talked i addressed this a few weeks ago the idea that bitcoin is to a place of adoption there will never be dumping again or never be a bear market again uh that is a dangerous narrative that is a very dangerous narrative and we are doing our best to decipher where we are in this market right now because i told you guys we had the massive dump two weeks ago or a week and a half ago i need about two weeks to figure out where things were going to be heading to and what we're seeing right now is a lot of negativity on the markets and we actually have some i'm looking at the chart right now we actually have some pretty disturbing news from margaret cipher on the daily chart on the daily chart we now actually have a yellow x that has formed uh on the daily and that is definitely not good news because the yellow x on the daily the last time we saw this was i believe february of what is 8 20 20 but i think it's actually february of 2019 uh was the last time that we got a yellow x on the daily uh basically like here's here's a good example i'm looking at it right now on the buy bit chart on the buy bit chart which began um it looks like december no november 15 of 2018 on the buy bit chart i don't think we've ever gotten a yellow x on the daily so this could be either good news or bad news or that's the three day chart sorry let me go back to the day chart i was on the wrong one let me look and see where this was there may be one on the day chart people were saying february 2019 let me just double check that that's right february 2019 we did get a yellow x on the daily chart now uh let's look at what happened the last time we got this yellow x on the daily chart it actually doesn't look like it was very dramatic so that is definitely uh great news in fact the price actually went up from there so just because we have a yellow x on the daily doesn't mean things are dumping but the sentiment on the market is not good we told you guys two days ago we told you guys that uh the weekend was going to be very unpredictable i told you guys on thursday that for at least the next 24 hours i was going to be very bearish then we discovered that of course the price dropped from 38 000 to 34 000 in that short time span and so basically what we're looking at now with this yellow x is a lot of uncertainty we already know the weekends are very uncertain we already know that sundays have been causing causes for a lot of dumps okay so what have i personally done with this information i've sold a lot of crypto uh and that sounds crazy right um i've sold about um how much is that i sold about two million dollars worth of kirk now when i say sold let me be clear on that i did not cash it out i moved it over to usdc in order to take advantage of a market drop tomorrow now if it doesn't happen then you know what i'm at least prepared and i got my money sitting in usdc i can wait for a dip at some point but if not if the crypto markets this is why i think this is a good position for me to be in because if the crypto markets rebound and they pump extremely hard then what that means is that i'll just take that two million dollars and cash it out i missed it or maybe you know wait for another you know future dip but if if we don't go down further this weekend that means the bottom's probably in and you know what i just moved some crypto out it is what it is uh that's about uh 12 and a half percent of uh my portfolio at this point maybe closer to 10 in all reality um but i did this with coins that i had smaller holdings in um i sold tezos i sold cosmos um i sold um eos i sold a lot of projects i didn't sell any of my carton oh didn't sell any of my ethereum i didn't sell any of my bitcoin but i have moved over some of my smaller holdings and consolidated them so hopefully if the market does drop then what i'm going to do is go back in and i can almost double my bitcoin if it drops down to 25 000 which is the number a lot of people are talking about now we may get a little more into this tomorrow because we don't have like a ton of time actually on vacation with my family this weekend um you know doing doing some family stuff for memorial day weekend we'll be back live streaming of course on tuesday but as you guys know we still get your three videos every single day on this channel got a huge cardano video coming out and that's why i didn't sell any cardano uh because i definitely believe that cardano's got a huge chance to continue this run but i'm looking to accumulate more bitcoin right now because it has just been pounded and it is going to be the first thing to bounce if we go back into a part two of the bull run um but one thing that's developing here is we've been telling you guys we're sorry we've been telling you guys for months now uh really ever since uh the coinbase ipo uh well i guess when was the coinbase ipo i guess it was last month right or was it it was in april april 20th that's 4 20.

I don't even remember when it was maybe it was weeks ago maybe it was months ago i think it was about six weeks ago somewhere around there uh that was the peak of bitcoin at 64k i mean i guess i could actually look i got the chart literally right in front of me um so the the point here is is ever since that coinbase ipo we've been going down we've been telling you guys we didn't know what the hopium was that would get us to the next run let's see what day that was yeah april 14th i think it's going to peak somewhere around there so we did so it's been six weeks like i said we've been looking what's that new narrative well i think we may have it it's important for us to have dates to look forward to when it comes to understanding bitcoin's potential watch for june 30th okay we know that is the end that's the last week of quarter two and we know that generally that we'll have downward action at the end of these quarters but what we could see is the bearish sentiment pushing a lot of your futures traders to do calls at higher prices instead of puts uh and and then that could lead to maybe some you know pushing actually you might see more due puts than calls and that could put some pressure on the crypto markets to pump prices if the prices are down at the end of this month or at the end of june excuse me but here's the opium what spurred all of this movement for bitcoin other than of course the having in the production cut it was the stimulus money it was the pandemic obviously right so the the point is we just got joe biden's budget plan this is not a stimulus plan there's no stimulus included in this it is the highest percentage move uh since world war ii for an increase in the budget he's calling for a six trillion dollar budget now think about this how much money and stimulus have they printed and given out i think it's about six trillion maybe it's more maybe it's nine trillion dollars i'm not sure how much it is over the last year but it's a lot basically they gave us all that free money now they're going to want to take it back in forms of higher taxes so this is the big scheme behind inflation and behind um you know taxation is they're printing to inflate the dollar okay and then they're asking that money back for you so so you're not even gaining anything all you're losing is purchasing power the end of june is when that budget is has to be passed so that means setting up in july we could see a gigantic run-up for bitcoin that's my hope that's what i'm sticking to i believe we are going to see that um and that would really push us up towards the second leg of this bull run uh guys there's no stimulus money coming in this uh that he's already said that the free money train is over this is where the inflation gets really dangerous so this is great for bitcoin bad for the dollar i would still rather be in bitcoin than the dollar that's why i moved over several alts in order to be able to pick up more bitcoin to hedge against the the possible hyper inflation we could be heading to so that's all i got for today you guys drop your comments down below let me know exactly what's going on make sure to smash that like button for us and also subscribe to the channel and about 30 of you guys don't subscribe but you watch all our videos go ahead and make sure to do that and that's all i got i love you guys be blessed

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