World’s largest bitcoin conference is underway in Miami

jack dorsey making some news on bitcoin a few moments ago sending shares of square hire he says square is considering making a hardware wallet for bitcoin if we do it we would build it entirely in the open from software to hardware design and in collaboration with the community in a later tweety writes we don't want more passwords on post-its uh he's tweeting from miami where he's set to speak at bitcoin 2021 which some are calling the biggest bitcoin event in history mckenzie cigalos joins us live from miami i guess we should have expected some headlines mackenzie but can you tell us what the vibe is there generally yes uh so thanks carl 50 000 people are expected to head to the city of miami for as you said what's being billed as the biggest bitcoin event in history now i'm told by event organizers that they capped out at 12 000 attendees which means that the other 38 000 people that are here are really here for the very many side events that are happening and let me tell you there are a ton i flew in yesterday afternoon and literally spent eight hours traversing miami going from event to event uh there are nft gallery openings and events that are dedicated to bitcloud which is the first decentralized social network so it's really been quite an experience [Music] mackenzie i can't imagine how many uh business cards are you know virtual cards that you are collecting at this conference but you know we've been talking about elon musk this morning with some controversial tweets especially among the bitcoin community are people talking about him do they you know is he has divisive a figure down there or have they sort of moved on oh no he he remains very much a divisive figure within the crypto community and you know people don't think that elon musk or really anyone not even governments have the potential to stop bitcoin they see his messaging a few weeks ago about bitcoin's environmental impact is very much a temporary step back and you know i ask people are they worried about the recent sell-off and the resounding answer is no everyone is huddling their bitcoin which means holding on for dear life yeah mackenzie how how nerdy is it there in miami it's a nascent tech culture they're talking about it as an important silicon valley alternative i wonder how much of the focus in this conference is on the tech and you know the kind of deep coding stuff and how much of it is is not yeah well one thing that's really important to note about this conference is that it is very much bitcoin specific so it's not a crypto conference per se you've got a lot of bitcoin maximalists who believe that bitcoin and not necessarily other cryptocurrencies are going if they think that bitcoin is the future of finance and so with that in mind it's it's bitcoin 100 and as you said yes there are a lot of coders here and like the top uh people in this space that are very much in the weeds of blockchain so that's a huge conversation as well and talking about the functionality there and and what's possible so i've been learning a ton i'm new to the tech beat i've been in this tech reporter role for three weeks and i'm asking a lot of questions yeah i can imagine i guess my last question mackenzie would be if you uh landed on planet earth from outer space and came straight to this conference uh x bitcoin what would you think is the most important coin oh so without bitcoin like what's the what's the next one i would choose exactly what does get the most buzz right now everybody's talking about ethereum because ethereum 2.0 is this release that's imminent and ethereum is really that so that the underlying blockchain to the coin ether has a ton of functionality they've got something called smart contracts which is what fuels this world of decentralized finance or deep buy and so that is the hot topic because people are excited about these apps that they can build on top of ethereum so i think if i were to parachute in from another planet i'd be asking about ether you

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