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okay so my name is VTech and I'm an engine we're a company we've been around for about 10 years now and we used to do we built a whole lot work for building gaming websites and communities for gamers and we were doing a lot of transactions like people who were running minecraft servers they were selling virtual items on these minecraft servers and we started noticing that people are doing you know millions of dollars of purchase life of sales on my minecraft in centralized servers so what a year ago we started working on an engine point this good watching on state just started getting it just reached that point where the tools were available the adoption was happening so what is engine point and deployment is the ultimate launch a spot for me for collective assets I know a lot of people have been talking about the different solutions and what we're doing so it's built on etherium the largest not change the world for smart contracts that's very secure has a huge developer community and that's why we chose this theory works perfectly for over a game developers create tokens using our engine platform and they'll decide the rules and features that this book has have and then players will gain true ownership of their game items on the blockchain so the way that we've built this is that you can assign a reserved value or gaming token so if you create a helmet hair as I have in this slide say each phone that that's created is has a reserved value of 300 helping it and so that gives it some liquidity that gives gave us some protection if game shuts down they're not just left with only game tokens they also have some that reserve value in them you can also use that reserve value in scaling solutions which are in future so yeah as I said you're a gamer can actually melt down any game item and receive the reserved tokens at any time a platform is very modular we allow fungible tokens and on the non fungible tokens you're actually able to I there once custom smart contracts as a developer so it's very open you can build any kind of game and our main goal is to handle all the boilerplate for games we want it to be really easy for a game developer to add walked into the game like you can literally do it in a few hours so we partnered with unity and unity is basically the biggest nation in the world we have five point five million game developers three billion devices worldwide running games using unity as 45 percent sure of the game engine market so I'll show a few screenshots are our in development community editor this is the plug man you can just install on unity and this is the home page you basically on the left there you can choose what platform you want to use so there's an aspect to our system that there has to be a API that then accesses the watching and does all the the Association all these transactions it just makes it much easier that is doing this from the game itself so we're gonna host a platformer but you can also download the source for the platform run it on your own server so it's 100% decentralized trust us and then here is how you would be able to create tokens it's still in development but basically in choose your app like your game what kind of engine 21 behind the item what kind of total supply we're gonna actually change her life under URL to a more Universal system and then for supply type this is interesting so if you if you're making some item I always use swords like you're gonna mint a thousand swords you can make it a fixed supply of a thousand swords and then hundred years down the line there still may be a thousand of those swords but you can also choose different kinds of supply formula it's like you know if you know your game is going to grow at a certain rate the developed will be allowed to make more copies of those swords over time or you can say if someone destroys a sword it can never be creative again those the extremely rare items or you can actually supply your own smart contract to build your own sort of growth of your items in the game and then you can choose like transferable properties if you want ideas that they also cursed any lights it can all be removed from your account it can make that actually happen and then you can the developer can control waitlist so then you go and go to the magic Palace and you get this applet off here is my value traded and there's transfer fees which are pretty cool developers can actually choose a token any token or cryptocurrency to actually that has to be included if gamers transfer these evidence between each other and there's a melting fees and all sorts of things you can set in this interface so you can basically in a couple of hours as he gave them off or even if you have a game already made and your CEO is like I want blockchain on the stand making it happen you can install this plugin and it makes this make a bunch of items on the blockchain I think it up with your game and there you go we're also partnered with Godot engine it's the most popular open source game and engine in the world and we're working with the developers directly and they're building the same exact interface as I showed their community and we're all simply being building Unreal Engine we're actually just starting that right now and in future lumberyard and all these other generic language SDKs HPE C sharp and OJ's Java so watchings are super slow by design because they have to be secured they're slow but today's gamers expect extremely fast sleep in one in gaming experiences they're not going to wait for these block times and slowness so we're developing affinity which is our scaling solution for games and it's our goal to get we're using techniques from plasma state channels and we harness existing game network infrastructure so a lot of moments that you have with lightning networks we don't have to deal with that because you have the game actually has I never never kept its structure available so we can solve one of those problems that those systems have we're actually gonna be implementing parts of full plasma and I'll pause my gosh and we're our solution there'll be more details in it about it in the future because right now we're that heavy sort of development iteration and the research-based so our goal is to perform nearly infinite volumes of transactions millions of players of the game server at high speeds and very little cost so when you put your items on the affinity network you can you know you can have a machine gun that's firing a token bullets and houses per second and those are happening and then you can take them on to the main that if you ever get to okay so for the first time I'm going to be announcing today the one of the games that is using engine coin it's called war crypto and basically it is a it's gonna be a 3d game it's really cool and you get these cool monsters which are actually tokenized and you get to evolve them on the blockchain and you get to do really cool things battle them there's a good really cool battle system so when you evolve the monsters they turn into these epic you know drinking things like that so you kind of trailer here's a vendor if I could get this video to work [Music] [Music] [Music] so we're gonna be releasing a lot more a full of this game or have a blog post up this week and this thing's gonna be 3d a mainstream style game and it's gonna be using crypto throughout and using engine coin to do its items and for purchases in the game and somehow I'll talk about engine wallet a little bit so for gamers to start using cryptocurrency we said that we have to make the wall on experience a lot better because it's it takes a lot of effort to figure out long as wallets so we're building a wallet that's both general cryptocurrency wallets as well as a game item inventory system that you can use for all your data and so be very natural for players so it's an extremely secure wallet right now we support ether and litecoin and Bitcoin and all here since my tokens so the way it works in games is that games can request transactions so you're in the game you're playing and the game server sends the wallets the player's wallet request that says do you want to send you know Alice this many tokens or do you want to do this trade or do you want to send the game and you see some items I'll tell you all they have to do is hit accept it's a very natural game you like and Rufus here's the – I didn't stuff how it looks like in the wall and we actually help this working live on the test net and you can receive these items and they pop up in your wallet it's very instant you get notifications you don't have to even wait for blood a lot of times in the newest version and it's most advanced wallet in the world for mobile right now we're working a PC version but we're releasing this week a new update that's plenty managing infinite wallets you can watch while it's you can put in addresses of your favorite whale and see what they're doing in the market will not sweat to send you can sweep bitcoin and litecoin which is really useful feature or if you have really old Bitcoin wallets a bunch of dusts of the Bitcoin or something like that in there and you can import masterball directly in group so why does this need it I'm sure a lot of these speakers have talked about it today but I'll go over it really quickly what players to feel engaged like never before owning their items like you know as people before as I've said if you actually feel like you're getting something if you know that you'll have full control of those items in the game you're gonna want to invest in that game or you want game atoms to be open and usable by anyone without requiring a special API permissions from the game developer developer so you know there's very few games that actually offer a public API only maybe the top few game publishers when there's a big community and they really we want it to be open and we want everyone to be able to use these game items as they wish and build web sites around them build services build tools mobile apps it'll make it a lot more cool and integrated so we're gonna be providing all those tools all of us decays so you can just do that as a user as a game developer once the developers trying new forms of gameplay – like there's so much there's so many new possibilities that this tool gives us you can make items up stay with you across different games this could be like a series of games that I just go keep going across the defense series or people could just make their own community games like start showcasing various different items you can take your crypto kitties for me for one game you can take your swords for another game and you can use them all in this merge game universe it even have like a trophy room you know with all your games that you've ever played and like organize them in public in this virtual universe you can make destructible tokens like we salvaged by attackers so you can fight each other and your tokens you know fall out fall into the game and then the topper can take the gameplay best based on investing tokens so if you can collaborate if you have a bunch of game tokens you can throw them at your star player and then that player can use those and win the novel it's like that lending items to other players we have a lending system built-in as well so you can decide for how long you land that item if you want to charge something for lending this item it's all done automatically by smart contracts anymore I'm sure lots of people will think of really cool game ideas that haven't been done before so today this is just a tool to create a real digital collectibles you don't need to use it for every single item in your game you know maybe there's just certain rare things you want to use it for it is a certain space in your game whether it's a game currency whether it's just some you know rare armor sets or something like that you can be doing tokenize those and use them and then those other items in the game normal and you can use this to monetize your games you can sell your virtual items and game developer you can accept crypto or Fiat or whatever you like and you can collect trading fees and players traded that's one another option to monetization and do it all in game so across this ecosystem is precious gamers invest hundreds or even thousands of hours into their favorite games I know why I did not play them in Louis and just with a sleepover so I'm thinking gamers will demand decentralization as the blockchain philosophy is embraced by the world and the whole though there'll be people that will actually play these games because of this suspect so you can find more of us engine point on Io we have a really up to telegram channel and I read it as long as you productive than any post applause okay so I guess a little bit for questions yeah I just might read any game I'm just wondering since kind of an elephant in the room with this kind of stuff the tax consequences for the users I mean like who out you know my my brother for instance has no idea what capital gains are though it was a surprise to him to find out so I mean that that's policies in place the marketplace I'm curious yeah I mean it really depends on the on the jurisdiction rate but this is really you and I know that the like if there was people in admitting the world of her work out making a lot of money you know trading items and selling items on ebay they're probably paying taxes on those but I'm sure there would be their platforms that are built that actually analyzed this because everything is this in history forever on the blockchain you can have a block for meadows in technibond address it'll probably analyze everything there's even one called Bitcoin got tax rate how that works with any exchanges but I'm sure people can know this in an open source fashion to scan the entire blockchain check the prices and give you an output I really want to see that because I'm nothing to do is a discovery of game innovations it's a blockchain button for the crypto games and you have so my question is to expect to the gentleman to the comment I recently attended a blockchain comfortin so basically address of one slice assess utility token is over everything is considered security token so anytime you make money from the token you have to pay tax to any of the government or a jurisdiction you are so that's coming in problem you know technically supposed to finance irregularly someone have next month anyway I'm curious is that when you are saying that this is great tool is that fewer but I missed some part of it I'm learning about it so you allow the the tool set for the crypto games to receive the purchase you know of the whatever item pre-sales how do you handle that action because you'll be in the middle right engine is gonna be in the middle and take these at all beauty the smart contract but taking the token so to speak of there's monitoring involved with that and before you distribute to the game developers they are securing their time do you not sore are you talking about the actual game items that are created the rage right retention point so what do you let the purchaser you know directly through the track and distribute to that's a wallet off the developers yes it can be done directly through smart contracts so you don't you don't sit in the middle action there's there's no middleman like our company actually you don't have any centralized aspect to us we don't hold anything server we will host services that you can also post yourself but they are just dissipation services so for example with trading you might use our trading interface to sell items where you place items available for sale and then someone who completes that trade with the required amount of you know if you want to receive some token or crypto or or whatever and in that trade happens when we immediately as soon as the funds are sent if a game developer wants to receive key ops you know they'll it's up to the game developer to decide when to send that are tied into the user do all these transaction report is somewhere well the all the all the crypto everything that happens on cryptocurrency are is gonna be recorded on watch are these training you know lavinia my second yeah well that's the thing if your on off change yeah during an auction system you may be there may be a ton of trades happening now we may this is a really new life state like this is the thing the technologies are so fast it's moving exponentially faster and the laws are like stuck in and all the eighteen hundreds or something right so we need to really work with you know everyone needs to work with governments and regulators and services to figure out how this is gonna happen I think the best way in my opinion is to build tools like I was talking about that scan blockchains the tools that actually can figure these things out cuz it's it can all be done and all the data is there it's all along so we can figure this stuff out and then you can spit out some kind of [Applause] [Music] you

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