Willy Woo Reveals Bitcoin Price Prediction for August (SHOCKING)

we've got an interesting um setup here um 
first off let's just look at this from a   macro perspective this is what it looks like for 
a bull market this is what our pool market looks   like it's getting stronger the buying is getting 
stronger and there's no beer market inside it's   just only getting bigger all right welcome back 
everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe   because you're interested in making money with 
cryptocurrency and this channel keeps you informed   my name's austin that was of course on-chain 
bitcoin analyst willie will going over the   latest on-chain metrics as of yesterday 
to help us gain a better understanding of   where bitcoin may be moving next i will link the 
full episode down below in the video description   but in today's video i want to play you one 
more clip from that episode as well as go over   the realistic price path for bitcoin in august 
as well as the latest news involving synthetics   involving vechain as well as lower cap altcoin 
news that you should know so like always check   the timestamps down below in the video description 
and let's jump in here is a realistic price path   for bitcoin this cycle according to on-chain 
analyst willy will according to the analyst   bitcoin's on-chain fundamentals currently give 
btc a fair value somewhere between fifty thousand   and a sixty thousand dollar bitcoin meaning 
based on the on chain activity bitcoin is   currently undervalued in a direct quote from what 
the data is showing us bitcoin deserves to be in   the fifty thousand dollar to sixty thousand dollar 
range right now based on the on chain activity   and once we break forty two thousand dollars 
that's the long term sort of line in the sand   of the channel we've been playing at and that's 
just really a big gap from there to then fifty   thousand dollars meaning if we can break a forty 
two thousand dollar bitcoin in the short term in   august if we break forty two there's not gonna be 
much time to then get to 50 000 interesting give   me your initial thoughts down below again if you 
want the full breakdown the full analysis the link   to the full podcast is down below but what this 
means to you as a bitcoin holder is although wu is   bullish on bitcoin the on-chain analyst doesn't 
see bitcoin shooting through all-time highs   through 65 000 very quickly if and once 42 000 is 
breached according to wu the flagship crypto is   more likely to bounce around for a while in the 50 
to 60 thousand dollar price range before it's able   to make new all-time highs so some very realistic 
analysis for the month of august but then the next   obvious question would be willie if the 
on-chain fundamentals are looking so bullish   who's selling who would be the people selling 
watch this 20-second clip what's interesting is   nobody is selling right now there's no cell 
pressure coming from long these these on-chain   wallets so the only people that can be selling are 
traders on exchanges who have their coins there   which this doesn't capture that all the coins 
are moving off the exchanges which we can see   on the exchange flows okay so short term 
the markets are usually dictated by traders   and long term the markets are usually dictated by 
fundamentals we know this but can on-chain metrics   ever be wrong it's saying we're undervalued can 
unchain metrics be wrong are on-chain metrics   wrong when price action moves in the other way 
well on chain tracks fundamentals from investors   short-term price tracks trading games from 
speculators from traders and i love this i love   the realistic point of view and willie says 
if price ever moves in sort of the opposite   direction of what on chain metrics are saying 
it's due to three outcomes number one traders   speculators are mispricing the asset traders can 
be wrong traders can suppress or manipulate price   number two traders speculators can scare investors 
into following them and both of these can be put   under the category of manipulation right traders 
manipulate and the number three reason that the on   chain metrics could end up being wrong is if 
the analyst is drawing the wrong conclusion   from the data this will become more common as 
on-chain data becomes more widespread and complex   okay that does make sense you do have to ask 
yourself do you trust the analyst that's your   call give me your thoughts down below in the 
comment section i'm gonna keep searching i'm   going to have my eye out for more clips more on 
chain data so i can bring you as i get more info i   will keep you updated let's keep moving and get 
to our first piece of altcoin news starting with   synthetics synthetics goes live on optimistic 
ethereum layer 2 a scaling solution the release   which supports trading of synthetics usd 
sbtc s ethan s link is part of a continual   phased rollout of the synthetics protocol 
on optimistic eath so here are the details   in a blog post published on the 30th of july 
synthetics announced that all synth exchanges   have gone live on optimistic ethereum 
layer 2 during the initial testing phase   exchanges will be enabled for the coins 
mentioned above with more cryptocurrencies   to be added as the phase progresses and of what 
benefit is this testing phase two synthetics   well the testing phase will be used to better 
evaluate network performance observe the behavior   of users on l2 and gain other valuable insights 
as additional functionality is rolled out on l2   so expect this but what this means to you if you 
hold synthetics is one of the biggest improvements   optimism will bring to synthetics is a 
significant reduction in oracle latency   because right now the synthetics protocol 
fills trades at prices reported by chain link's   decentralized price oracle network and chain 
link is obviously on ethereum however high fees   on ethereum can often make frequent oracle updates 
economically and practical creating opportunities   for front running on l2 price deviations between 
oracle updates can now be on the same order as   an exchange fee effectively eliminating 
the potential profit from front running   so give me your thoughts on this down below as 
a synthetic holder though you should love this   next piece of big news for vechain vechain 
releases new milestone for proof of authority 2.0   successful vip v chain improvement proposal 
193 test net so this is a major upgrade for v   chain and we know that proof of authority it's way 
more centralized but it is way more scalable as   well and they are moving to proof of authority 2.0 
in pursuit of our vision to enable global scalable   mass adoption of public blockchain technology the 
vechain research and development team has built   surface in other words proof of authority 2.0 
called surface standing for a secure use case   adaptive relatively fork-free approach of chain 
extension so this is the next step on the road   map and what this will do for v-chain this novel 
consensus mechanism was built to eliminate the   weakness and gain the benefit of the two main 
consensus types nakamoto consensus and byzantine   fault tolerance bft with this new mechanism 
the v chain thor blockchain can maximize its   high throughput capabilities while also ensuring 
data finality what this means in practice is that   the high volume use cases can now exist on chain 
with the highest late of data security unfounded   in any other blockchain platform interesting 
so v chain holders should really like this   they say they're becoming more scalable while 
still being able to maintain their security   and with this major update to our technical 
model vechain thor becomes the ideal open   source platform for enterprises governments 
or anybody looking to build their applications   on a secure low-cost immutable and full-featured 
public blockchain we will have to see then which   enterprises in which government agencies choose to 
then use vechain sound off down below if you have   an opinion on this but let's keep moving next 
up let's talk about lower cap altcoin voyager   voyager digital acquires crypto payments company 
coinify and in a direct quote as the adoption   of cryptocurrency payments gains momentum the 
acquisition of coinify brings a global payments   infrastructure to voyageur's digital asset 
ecosystem so this is a big acquisition this is a   big piece of news and here are the details crypto 
asset trading firm voyager digital has arranged   to purchase payments company coinify in a deal 
worth 85 million dollars in cash and stock   so this is what voyager gave coinify in a 
monday announcement voyager said it would   issue 5.1 million shares of its stock worth 
roughly around 70 million dollars as well   as provide 15 million dollars in cash to quantify 
investors the company also said it would retain   5.5 million dollars in cash from coinify's 
balance sheet and why does voyageur want   this of what benefit is this now to voyager 
token holders the acquisition of coinify is   aimed at helping voyager expand its capabilities 
potentially giving crypto users around the world   more options for cross-border payments voyager 
has been publicly listed in canada since 2019   while coinify said it was currently available in 
europe asia north america and south america so   with this acquisition coinify is bringing a global 
payments infrastructure to voyageur's digital   asset ecosystem if you hold voyager let me know 
i'd love to get sort of a straw poll down below   in the comment section but either way this is 
pretty big news that is today's video be sure to   watch a recent interview just dropped on building 
generational wealth with bitcoin basically how to   retire with bitcoin tax-free check out this 
interview and like always see you tomorrow

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