[Music] shiba inu tokens has created a storm on the internet and it's performing well in the crypto field many investors believe it will be the next doge will it happen will sheba ever hit 0.01 if so when will it hit 0.01 make sure to watch the video till the end so you don't miss any important news hello everyone and welcome back to the channel if you are a sheba in a token holder or planning to buy it then i'm sure you guys might be curious when shiba inu will hit 1 cent today we will take a look at some of the scenarios which would be the reason for sheep to hit 0.1 before we start please push the like button and subscribe to the channel don't forget to hit the bell icon so you don't miss any further updates on cryptocurrencies so without further ado let's start sheep is a spontaneous decentralized community building experiment ship token is the first token to hold billions or possibly trillions of users in the network this erc20 only token is known as the dogecoin killer and can remain under a penny in a little space and still over dogecoin shiva token the world's first cryptocurrency token to be published and encouraged on shiva swap has already risen by thousands of percent fifty percent of union swap total supply was locked and the key was thrown away the rest of the fifty percent was burned to fit electron everyone has to acquire on the open market to ensure that developers don't have teams tokens and they may dispense within the community in fair and comprehensive distributions it also released two more tokens beside the sheep token bone and leash leash was set initially as a token rebound linked to dogecoin price it was fully released and will not be replenished the circulations is only 100 000 tokens with the opposite of sheep which has a bigger supply and gives those that provide liquidity particular prices bone the next token to launch is shiba inus bone bone will be announced when shiva swap is announced as the distribution token economic model and incentive measures ship inventions will complete an entirely decentralized effort to distribute tokens based on procedures like proof of stake the majority of blockchain initiatives were based in the early days of the proof-of-work technique everyone can mine just like bitcoin this type of token distributions is entirely decentralized but once the proof-of-stake mechanism emerged there was some degree of centralizations in the distributions of the tokens of blockchain projects tokens are often saved for the team and the foundation for projects based on techniques like proof of stake the team tokens are used mostly for team development and the foundation tokens are used mainly for ecological construction both are almost the same in practice and the centralization drawbacks are very significant the shiba in the community needs everyone to purchase on the open market so that developers are not allowed to dump their team tokens in the community so guarantee equity and complete decentralization now let's do a little bit of math and some hypothetical calculation about how shiba in the token can reach one cent shiba in its current price as of this writing is 0.0008223 with a market cap of around 3.3 billion with 349 trillion ship tokens in circulations out of one quartillian tokens when the market cap would be 39 billion dollars then the price will be around 0.0001 and to reach 0.001 it requires a market cap of 349 billion dollars which is currently the market cap of ethereum so if we see the present situation with this without reducing the total quantity of shiba in the coin the token coin needs to grow by 1 400 times the current market cap that is the value of the market cap must roughly increase to 4 trillion to reach the one cent mark bitcoin's current market is 673 billion therefore the current bitcoin is more than six times as high and currently the entire crypto market is at 1.7 trillion dollars that means we have to double the entire crypto market to make it up to the mark the total u.s stock market capitalizations is 49 trillion at present the overall market value of all public enterprises in the us listed in the new york nasdaq stock market or uso cqx is the general market cap so the single coin market cap should be 20 less that is around 39 trillion dollars for the price to reach 10 cent and the shocking fact to reach the one dollar milestone required 349 trillion dollars which is surprisingly the combined value of the stock and bond market of the entire globe it is the market limits and total supply that we have ashiba inu which give us a current market cap prices divided by total supply so the situation presently is as follow shiva enterprise equals market cap divided by the entire supply so to increase the price we have to either increase the market cap or decrease the total supply the second scenario is burning the coin by the way in this shiba inu no such thing are written by far that they will burn the coin in a way they might never but depend on the market trend and strategy adjustments suppose they are on the same market limit as the current price so even if they burn around 99 percent of the current supply the total price will rise only to one third of one cent they'll have something about transition going on when shiba inu starts their ship swap and the coins ready to burn so they need to get some notion how the coin can be burned and shiva swap is the best thing because they can burn the coin while you conduct the transactions and get the advantage that nobody truly will lose but in the decentralized zone the transactions or everything that transpired can be burnt so that the shiba inu can easily do this too if the shiva swap and shiba inu team decide to burn 66.66 of shiba in a token coin the new supply will consist of around 131 trillion token coins when we see that the dogecoin current market cap if hypothetically market cap beside four times as high as the dogecoin if the shiva in the team and the sheba swap decide to burn the coin and if it's truly popular on the market we regularly expect that the market cap will be increased in a sense perhaps it's a possibility maybe it's not a big question this is therefore like a balance of over half the currency burning and at the same time the market cap increases because that leads to the price increase as the overall supply decreases thirdly the crypto market would reach at least 15 trillion if it reached one cent because shiba inu is worth 3.9 trillion dollar if you don't burn the coin at one cent when we look at the cryptocurrency chart it has taken around two or three years and the cryptocurrency pandemic has taken between 150 billion us dollar and 2 billion us dollar now it must be between 1.5 and 15 trillion if we don't have another global catastrophe we guess it may take another 3 until 5 years so it's unlikely sheba will get there in the next year or 2 due to the sheer size of a one cent market cap price analysis before the brief sweep of 11 dunes under 19th of may sheba enterprise were trapped in a dismal downward channel effectively clearing the weak holders and the sacks of anxiety the first rebellion was boosted by the news in the coinbase pro such that two decisive levels of resistance expressed in the four hour charts stopped the search now sheep tries to discern if the rip was a new start or a one-hit wonder from june 11 to june 15 shiba inu successfully tested 0.00007 dollar for its low main 19.

Broke a decreased channel overcome a significant zero zero 0.0007 seven dollar resistance briefly overcame the apex of a zero point zero zero eight eight eight dollar multi-week symmetric triangle and tach zero point zero zero zero zero zero nine seven eight dollar with a 204 hour sma in addition almost 80 percent of ship advance was shaken by the preceding bearish price structure skepticism to begin with shiba in the price needs a nearly above zero zero seven 0.0007 dollar and a four hour sma 200 intersections of zero point zero zero zero zero zero eight eight three dollar and a zero point zero zero zero zero zero eight eight eight dollar symmetrical apex triangle if successful ship will be ready for 0.0001048 on june 2nd an advantage of 18 from the crossing additional shiba in resistance includes the high of may 20th at 0.0001214 which is an increase of 36 percent from the above intersections the number of daily active addresses is an improved on-chain metric for shiba daily active addresses display the daily number of single sheep addresses the static also displays the daily involvement and speculations of the crowd with the digital assets increasing readings shows investment interest varies lower entry readings shows the reverse the coin has increased nine percent of its volume within the last 24 hour the price of shiba inu has recently tried to overcome the resistance of roughly 0.0001 but has not been able to build up enough momentum if shiba inu can cross the 0.0001 dollar barrier the next level will be at 0.00012 the next level of resistance of zero one 0.00001 five dollar is challenged if the price increases on this level ship investors were primed after the introduction of the list of all coins for trade as one of the leading cryptocurrencies exchanges the immediate exuberance has faded rapidly though and it is now difficult for shiba inu to have a critical average moving within a day the weight of an unstable cryptocurrency market is demonstrated more importantly it depicts the struggles of an experimental cryptocurrency that attempts to make the turn higher after a major decline and discouraging decrease with this we have come to the end thank you for watching the video till the end let us know in the comments section what's your view on this stay updated and invest wisely see you in the next video of crypto guardian

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