Will Ethereum Go Up in 2022? | Anthony Pompliano Explains | Cryptocurrency Investing

i guess you know my final eighth 
question it's just kind of like general   is um because you know that's totally cool you 
said you're more interested in something um   you know long-term investments you're not 
interested in the uh smaller caps i'm sure   you have read this um but like have you ever like 
i'm sure you've seen ethereum investment thesises   like the two i'm thinking of are kobe from up only 
went on uh three arrow capital ceos on common core   podcast gave his eth investors thesis uh twitter 
handle squish chaos uh gave a long report alleging   that ethereum could hit like 73k by 2023. it's 
not about the number that's arbitrary was more   about the reasoning like you said like a lot of 
these bigger caps aren't going away anytime soon   what do you think about the ethereum investors 
thesis going into each 2.0 and maybe a couple   years after that yeah again it goes back to 
uh what are you optimizing for right and so if   you're simply optimizing for what is going to go 
the highest the fastest right i talk a lot about   like this barbell strategy i have so bitcoin let's 
say that that's the most conservative asset in the   industry it's the most durable it's the one that 
people believe uh is most likely to be around for   the longest time but from a upside like volatility 
standpoint super volatile compared to traditional   assets actually not nearly as volatile let's say 
the long tail of other things and so if you're   optimizing for durability and almost protection of 
your wealth bitcoin is this amazing thing and oh   by the way as the world reprices it like it will 
likely do very well as well from a a us dollar   return standpoint if you want the greatest upside 
like forget ether or anything in like the top ten   like just let's go to the coin casino right like 
and and not in like a a negative way it's just   like if that's your game it's like hey how do i 
get a thousand x right there's things that are way   out on the long tail that are much more likely to 
do that than i would say kind of these things in   the middle um and so i don't actually believe most 
people are willing to do that right i don't think   people are willing to go and make like the casino 
bet on thousand x's consistently because one out   of every 100 works and people have the stomach uh 
to survive 99 losses right like a lot of people   think that they can do that but they can't and 
so when you think about something like ether i   think that what ends up happening is uh there's 
my understanding three separate investment thesis   that people have one is like it's like i'll call 
like the world computer thesis right everything's   gonna get built on top of it etc the second is um 
what i'll call more of uh like an ultrasound money   right it is kind of the uh the mean that's 
used there and then the third and it's   related to the first two but but i would put in 
a separate category is like a market structure   right hey a bunch of people are staking this we're 
burning and so like the the uh kind of supply   squeeze thesis that people talk about with bitcoin 
like could happen with e and i actually think that   eth could go up and all three could be invalid 
right like the world computer could not happen   uh the ultrasound money could not happen 
and the supply sh you know squeeze could   happen uh could not happen and ethel still go up 
because institutions just say hey this is the next   uh you know second biggest asset so if one 
goes up the other will go up so i'll buy   right or it could go up because the other three 
things are all true or one of the three things   is true whatever and so to me it it's less 
about like is one individual thesis correct   and it's more so when you take the totality of 
um of all of the thesis and you look at them   and ask yourself is it a probability that eth 
will go up in the future i just back out and i say   i don't think there's very many things in the top 
ten that are gonna go down in the future like like   to me it's just the tailwind of the market ends 
up taking over and so of course ethan's in there   now one thing that i do think people in 
this kind of investing world it's a little   bit more it feels like more like wall street 
when people are talking about like investing   uh in liquid assets more so than like the venture 
capital community um one of the the key things   that i apologize i don't remember who said this 
but i think it's so uh so good is you know when a   bad team meets a good market the market wins and 
when a good team meets a bad market the market   wins and so it's the same thing here which 
is just i actually think the sector bets on   crypto or bitcoin encrypted however you want to 
describe this whole world is just so ridiculous   like strong tailwind that if you look at it over 
a long enough period of time you know you're   gonna have to have been pretty bad at investing 
and made some like pretty significant mistakes   uh to have not benefited from that tailwind now 
if you don't follow timeless investing principles   you can blow up tomorrow right but if 
people are basically building any level of   risk management into it if they're having 
long time horizons they're not trying to be   a day trader if that's not their specialty or 
whatever like all of that stuff i think i'll   work to their advantage and so bringing 
it back to eth it's like i tend to think there's just a hard argument as to like why the 
price won't go up and i actually don't hear even   like the hardest core bitcoin believers in the 
short to medium term i don't hear uh all right   i don't think anyone's told me that they believe 
eth is gonna go down in the short to medium term   so it ultimately then goes to like well where 
is the real debate right and i said something   actually on twitter this morning i said you 
know i haven't heard anyone ever say eath isn't   a 350 billion dollar network like no the market 
decided that's what it's worth right at the moment   and so i think it's it's hard to debate like facts 
in in the in uh the current time where the debate   happens what's going to happen in the future so 
the proponents of ethel say things you know around   uh proof of stake they'll say things around 
uh the burning of eth and kind of all of the   upgrades they'll say things around staking 
or other things that'll be built on top etc   the critics will say oh that's bad or you know 
ethan's going to become centralized or the burning   it you know isn't guaranteed forever or there's 
a variable monetary policy like all this stuff   i have no clue but like i have opinions in terms 
of you know the likelihood of the incentives right   where eath has to pursue efficiency because it 
has to compete with so many other smart contract   platforms and ultimately performance will end 
up being more important than decentralization   but like who am i i i don't know right and so when 
you get in that world uh to me that is a world   that's really really hard to kind of unpack uh and 
so i just choose not to participate like it's not   intellectually interesting to me i don't spend 
time thinking or reading about it and so like if   i'm not willing to spend mental energy on it why 
would i go spend capital energy on it right and   so it's like you know i mean you guys see what i 
tweet and talk about all day it's like literally   i think about bitcoin all day long and so of 
course your capital is going to flow kind of   like your your interest or your your mental 
energy but if somebody said to me hey i think   eth is going to go down tomorrow i would have 
a pretty hard time you know reconciling uh the   like almost like a security selection with the 
industry tailwind like those two things would   seem to be at odds with me and that's true 
of you know most of the uh of the large caps   what you said is true you know a huge bitcoin 
proponent uh you know it's awesome whenever you   go on cnbc or tweet about it uh but i do happen 
to know that you are a reader of the defiant   newsletter and the defiant podcast i'm an investor 
i know i don't know if people do that yeah i'm   an investor i think what uh what she's doing is 
amazing she by far is probably from the beginning   been the absolute best at covering all of uh 
of that kind of sector of the world yes great   perspective to watch the full conversation there 
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