Will Ethereum FLIP Bitcoin? Is a 10k Ethereum Price THIS CYCLE Possible? | Crypto Prediction

like right now you're in binance marching later 
this year you will be bridging to ethereum in the   future i believe i read somewhere cardano and also 
you talked about layer twos on ethereum and just   mentioned all blockchains in general for talking 
about big picture outlook for the cryptocurrency   market right now it seems that ethereum is the 
leader i mean even finance smart chain is ethereum   virtual machine compatible um are you an ethereum 
bull do you think ethereum will maintain its you   know market share and leadership or how do you 
think about ethereum are you bullish i think i   can take this one okay uh then i can give the 
floor to marius to to express his thoughts as   well i'm really bullish with regard to ethereum uh 
you know especially with the new protocol coming   because you know many people have been you know 
let's say uh reluctant to to be really bullish on   it due to let's say high gas fees you know that 
uh that there are no new tokens coming out and   so on but i believe that with this new protocol 
uh if it's implemented carefully and you know   successfully so this will really uh be the 
standard and i think that another important   thing is that you know there are many new players 
coming like cardano and so on uh but the team is   already let's say an established brand and 
uh you know institutions started but have   started investing into it you know you can read 
some goldman sachs reports you know we can uh   read some other reports from you know from 
big players uh it's already being used so uh   personally you know i'm really bullish with regard 
to ethereum especially with the new protocol   i've seen uh you know many many people you know 
statistics uh staking you know for this youtube   2.0 uh yeah so i'm bullish and i i think that even 
for this year we might see a new all-time high for   ethereum and maris what are your thoughts yeah 
yeah this pretty much covers it up so there is uh   so so there are obvious pains with the ethereum 
like right now the very high gas fees long   transaction times but but i believe that this will 
be solved with what you might mention which is   which is called plasma protocol which is a layer 
2 protocol which basically means that you can   you can expand without losing all of the 
compatibility with the current chain which   is ethereum it has a very strong ecosystem well it 
was first out there so definitely there are some   legacies but i believe that it has uh i actually 
believe that it's way bigger than bitcoin even   though that the market cap does not necessarily 
reflect that but bitcoin doesn't have that much   of a utility besides just you know storing value 
and ethereum can i think will surprise us with a   lot of stuff to come so i'm very bullish 
well not financial advice i'm holding uh   some a lot of ethereum as a percentage of my 
portfolio uh that being said i also see a lot   of potential in new up-and-coming chains like 
for example solana it's performing very well i   but not necessarily just because of the technical 
stuff but i see a lot of adoption of solana like   uh like on the different platforms uh asthma as 
uh and also like new projects that are launched   on this very chain so ethereum to flip bitcoin 
is that a thesis of yours in the next five years   i wouldn't go that far because you know frankly 
i i just don't know i'm am i more of a tech guy   i just see a lot of potential so if there is 
a lot of let's say if the adoption of the defy   protocols will be as growing as right now that 
might be possible but ultimately this is this   depends on the markets on the big guys out there 
so can't really tell bitcoin remains uh let's say   uh dominant dominant cryptocurrency right now i 
think it's it's uh it's wise that people start   with it it will probably remain for some time 
now that being said the future belongs to the to   the to the blockchains that can do much much more 
because that's how they can really integrate and   change the world besides just you know value with 
with trading the coin and using it as a payment   so ethereum this cycle um do you 
think it's possible ethereum can hit   ten thousand dollars is that a possibility is 
that realistic or is that just uh too bullish   well i definitely think it's realistic yeah 
personally i think it could hit something   around 8k maybe 9k uh but i'm pretty bullish you 
know especially with regard to the whole crypto   market you know uh there is inflation going 
on you know in so many countries including   you know including the us um you know and uh and 
western europe and you know all around the world   so bitcoin as a store of value uh you know 
we probably keep increasing in price you   know people uh in my opinion are um you know let's 
say too easy to manipulate with regard to you know   some china fun you know and events like this so uh 
personally you know i i've been holding uh bitcoin   for uh for you know for a significant time now uh 
i wasn't you know let's say moved by uh you know   by some events like my may i think may 19th and 
so on when he dropped then you know another rope   because people you know beat you know well well 
established projects and you know and crypto like   bitcoin at gym and so on people really need to 
look for fundamentals you know bitcoin for example   uh with as i mentioned with the inflation going on 
uh it has uh this cap of you know 21 million um so   it's a very good store of value ethereum on the 
other hand is a let's say utility uh utility uh   project uh so i'm bullish on both of those and uh 
i i am bullish on assume you know answering your   question with regard to the you know to the price 
maybe like eight nine k maybe even 10k you know uh   because uh currently you know there's strong 
bitcoin dominance but as you know if bitcoin   goes up you know the whole market is bullish on 
altcoins uh so that's definitely possible and   uh yeah you know let's let's uh look forward to 
to the next five years let's say i'm watching a   stock to flow model as well carefully uh i don't 
you know want to say that it's perfect but i think   you know with the current economic situation 
around the world with the financial system   crypto will be you know will become more and more 
popular like just to maybe add one small thing   it's it's cool because you know even uh last 
time i met with friends uh i know i've heard   some guys let's say six years old seven years 
old talking and they were you know discussing   so now should i invest in real estate because i've 
heard about bitcoin from you know from my daughter   and i'm i'm really you know uh i'm really curious 
what do you think about it so the world is slowly   getting out there not only you know to to regular 
people retail investors uh but also like you know   in this situation even for older people but also 
you know to institutions to etfs and so on so i'm   really really bullish yeah just uh just to add on 
that if i might so this is definitely a spot on   and you know instead of looking at any particular 
coins that may you know make a significant profit   i'm actually uh more happy to see growth in 
the adoption of the crypto whatsoever not   necessarily just just reflected in the value of 
the coins this or this of this like which which   blockchain will be the best but what i really 
want to see and this is this has been grown this   has grown especially in the 2020 and now 21 is the 
adoption understanding of this of this particular   industry and what what it can really bring to 
the world and i think that the governments are   actually doing a very good job promoting crypto 
through screwing up all of the financial systems   they're running sky high inflation in pretty much 
all over the world so i'm pretty thankful to them   because they are making that possible they are 
making people look into alternative investments   and then slowly you know getting curious 
and even passionate about about blockchain

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