Wie geht Tronix (TRON) Mining mit CPU & GPU 🚀 [3 min tutorial] | How to mine | english subtitle

hello crypto friends and crypto enthusiasts today it's about the tron ​​trx in the video description there will again be a link for a cpu miner a gpu miner you download it once unpack it so when you have unzipped it you can see the cpu here miner for the folder for graphics cards from 4 GB and even for graphics cards including the then three gigabyte is every miner the same you have to do it right-click goes to the start_TRX.bat going to edit and here at YOUR_TRX_ADRESS because you give even your tron address one who goes no Wallet has the can like the Exodus Wallet download which I will also link in the description again this opens you go here at tron up to you as to recieve you copied the one out left-click the this quickly adds here one saves it and closes it and then you can start mining to see how much you have already earned you can go to unmineable.com this page to let the Phoenixminer once! if the miner as a virus is detected give to know freely which is in fact found a virus because a data exchange is between your and the server we look tron here once out we give once TRX one then add faster is also where our Wallet ID once a then we can see our stand that we have from 15 tron, but I run to show you what the performance looks like where you can see it so now I've updated it again here you can see the values ​​it comes to The calculated hashrate, which the longer the miner runs, rises even higher, mostly it is even higher than the current hashrate, which is why mining can also be very worthwhile.

Your status, how much you have updated, is only updated every 15 minutes, but I wish you that now have fun mining have fun earning until the next video.

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