Wie geht BNB (BinanceCoin) Mining mit CPU & GPU 🚀 [2 min tutorial] | How to mine | english subtitle

Hello crypto friends and crypto enthusiasts, this video is about the Binance Coin the BNB in ​​the video description is again a download link where you can find all miners cpu and gpu which you download once because once unpack this folder, best once in Your antivirus program is enabled so that the Phoenix Miner is not blocked by it or the miner that is used because you can open it once then you have CPU 4GB is the folder for graphics cards from 4GB graphics memory and 3 GB is the folder for graphics cards under 4 GB graphics memory There you go to the start_BNB.bat once on edit and at YOUR_BNB_ADRESS you add your Binance address once. If you don't have a wallet yet, you can download Exodus once, which I will now display in the video at the top right and once I'll link in the video description there you go to Binance Coin if you don't have that in the selection t scroll down once to plus add and because you can search for it once then you go to recieve once left click in then you have already copied paste this there includes the save done so you can start mining and then allow the miner once To see how much BNB you have already earned, you can go here on unmineable.com and I will link this again , then you can go to Binance Coin here, enter your BNB address here and look below where it says You have no Workers online right now then it will be shown afterwards which hashrate you have, which one you are working with that takes about ten minutes the status of how much you have earned is updated every 15 minutes approx.

now I wish you a lot of fun earning and with mines I hope you have exactly the same have fun with the crypto currencies like me! Until next time.

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