Why Your Bitcoin Wallet Address Changes Every Time?

hey everyone it's OJ here, I'm going
to give you a quick answer to a question that I'm getting all the time. People are
sending me a lot of messages asking me why is my bitcoin address always
changing (after you send a transaction) or after you receive a transaction, you see
that the next time you you go to copy your address, it's different and this is
actually for your own protection. because with Bitcoin addresses even
though Bitcoin is quite a anonymous in its nature system, there is still a way
to trace transactions and to trace from wallet to wallet how money goes around. The only thing that is anonymous, is the fact that the wallet doesn't
indicate who it belongs to. so if someone has a wallet address that
they find online they can trace what transactions have gone in and out of
that wallet address and if you are sharing your public wallet address with
people or even on social media or something (people do videos they
take donations they share their Bitcoin wallet addresses), these transactions can
be publicly visible.

So if you don't really want that kind of public exposure
and you want to keep your security, your safety and your own privacy, then it's in your favor to have a different wallet address for every transaction.
therefore if someone is trying to spy on you and wants to trace what transactions are
going into one of the addresses that they find from you they will only be
able to see one or two transactions because after that (hopefully) you've
picked up the new address and you've directed new transactions to a different

So this is why the wallet address changes. But even though it
changes with every transaction you shouldn't really worry because all of
the addresses that have been generated already, will always work they are linked
to your public wallet address and you will always be able to use any of these
addresses so if you are working with a company (perhaps mining or something else)
where you are receiving regular payments into your wallet address,
you can have that same wallet address with that company. You don't have to go and
change it every week or every other day or anything like that.
You can keep the same wallet address if you want to so the reason it
changes is only for your own protection. Okay so that's all I hope this explains
it I hope this helped you and please subscribe for more of these helpful tips

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