Why you should be holding Algorand RIGHT NOW!!! – My $50,000 mistake

if you guys are looking for big algorithm news and 
the new governance protocol that they're talking   about and planning to roll out this isn't gonna be 
the video for you i'll tell you that right now but   if you are looking for inspiration to hold and 
lock down and never let go if you're looking to   buy hold panic hoddle retire brought 
to you by which arm is that that's what   cipher vault really sweet t-shirt you can buy 
them uh not a sponsor uh this is going to be a   story where you're gonna look at me and you're 
gonna wish you could reach through the screen   grab me by the neck and be like believe in 
your stance believe in your words stay tuned nerdy dude stuff back to another video 
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beer of the day is my wife's birthday so we are   cheating and having some beer happy birthday to my 
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comment so that way we can read it out on the air   we're going to talk about that here in just a 
moment now we have been drinking white cloth for   the past week or so but we actually have a beer 
today we're going to crack it open on camera oh   my ring light is just showing everything this is 
from a brewery down here in florida the cigar city   brewery they do have a few beers that they mass 
produce and distribute out you might have seen   like the cigar city highlight very very well 
done ipa style beer we are doing the goyabara   citra pale ale this has hops that inspire the 
flavors of tangerine lime and a little bit of   guava i have not had this but my wife loves it 
so cheers to you guys let's take our first sip all right so right off the bat we have a little 
bit of citrusy in the hops right off the front   and then the back of the tongue we have that 
nice little offensive ipa hops taste that i   really do love and enjoy i didn't pour it out 
so i can't tell if it's filtered or unfiltered   by looking in the mouth i think it might be a 
filtered ipa but let's get into the video now   ladies and gentlemen before we get into story 
time we have officially done it you can see here   on the crypto the algorand optimizer we have made 
our goal a 5 000 algorand up next is 10 000 we're   gonna get there we currently have five thousand 
and four five thousand four hundred and thirty   algorithm this screen is a little off you'll see 
here on a screenshot i'm going to show in a minute   but we've had a lifetime rewards of 95 algorithm 
at 1.30 that's a pretty solid number so let's jump   over here now this is more of the accurate review 
screen right here we currently have 5430 algorand   and we took the screenshot about an hour ago and 
we are looking at a current value of six thousand   just shy of seven thousand dollars usd and we 
currently have one reward in the wings now i want   to talk about this one reward in the wings because 
we are finally at that number where we're getting   about one algorithm every 24 hours we're not quite 
there i believe you need about 5.6 000 algorithm   to hit it and i want to showcase because and 
like i said qr code above my head address in the   description for this video if you want to send an 
algorithm we received an algorithm tip from one of   our viewers thank you very much you didn't leave 
me a comment or anything if you just transferred   from coinbase i totally get it uh because they 
don't let you leave comments so i can't really   give the shout out in the comment that you want to 
say leave a comment this video if this was you and   i will definitely read it on there but anywho this 
was sent to us yesterday april 27 it's currently   28th my best birthday at 6 23 a.m the reason why 
i know at 6 23 a.m is because the algorithm wallet   will keep track in military time uh so this was at 
0 600 hours 6 23 a.m we are currently sitting at 3   22 p.m but when we did the screen shot it was 
at 1 55 p.m and you can see here that when that   tip was sent to us that 1.17 algorand tip we were 
able to earn our rewards of 1.269 so 1.27 and that   was at 6 23 a.m and this was at just shy of 2 p.m 
so we're about four hours away from being able to   earn one algorithm every 24 hours so right now we 
are currently earning one algorithm every 28 hours   very very solid and like i said the next goal is 
going to be getting ourselves to 10k algorithm and   the way we're still continuing to do that is from 
doing some our our staking rewards from bet fury   and our referral rewards as soon as we get 
everything over like right now we have a .01   eth but i want to get a little bit over the fee 
on that one i believe we have some btc that we're   going to hang out with we've got some bnb that 
we're hanging out with and we're transferring   these all over to algorand because we want to get 
to 10 000.

We might want to get to 12 000 they   really want to get to like a two agarand type day 
we also currently are doing our handshake mining   this is going on 24 7. computer's going to 
probably slow down here just a moment as i   pull it up yep we're still actively mining this is 
uh we got to refresh that screen hang on yeah you   can see here we have had the miner running for 
the past like three days we've been averaging   at about 112 gigahashes per hour 111 really nice 
because that miner was promoted at 105 gigahashes   so that is also mining us over here on the dx pool 
and we're sitting there currently looking at 164   tokens at about 50 cents a token so that's 80 so 
this is all stuff that we are accumulating and   compiling into algorand so that way we can have 
monster numbers i want to get to 10k before any   of the new governance protocols come out and we 
can lock those up for 90 days we'll talk about   that in another video now the reason why i'm 
talking about algorand and the importance of   buy panic hold retire is because we've been in 
this boat before and i unfortunately had weak   hands in this boat and i was in this boat for a 
very long time and i dipped out my buddy mind of   tron is a youtuber check him out i recommend it as 
well he'll probably leave a comment go follow him   like subscribe blah blah blah we were kind of 
in the same situation and that was with kucoin   shares this was a big holding that i held on 
to and we're gonna look at some numbers here   in just a moment and as of right now we have 143 
that's actually solid we have 143 dollars in btc   i got to see why we have so much on here but 
we used to hold kucoin shares like you wouldn't   believe and we talked about it we promoted about 
it right now we only have 10 coin shares that we   are holding but we have 24 unsaved rewards because 
we haven't been on this platform in a little while   and we're going to go ahead and save those up 
the reason why is look at the rewards that i   have earned before now again i've sold my kucoin 
shares off with the exception of 10 and those 10   right now looks like kucoin shares are at about 
14 a piece are worth 141 but for the longest time   i had monster amount of kucoin shares i believe 
the token dropped to about 70 cents and then   when we recovered to 85 cents i sold them off 
and that's actually when i got into algorithm   so we're gonna save our total bonus here the 
mobile app is a lot friendlier to showcase what   the daily bonus is but i've got 24 bonuses and 
it looks like every day we're getting about three   cents so we're just going to keep compounding that 
we're going to scroll through this screen and when   you guys see this number like i said you are going 
to want to strangle me i had [ __ ] hands pardon   the pg-13 i did not have diamond hands but i'm not 
necessarily kicking myself in the dads because i   got into a platform that i love and agree with 
stronger and i think we're going to see al gorant   repeat these numbers and if they do we are going 
to be loaded so we're saving our bonus but let's   scroll back a few days not a few days a few months 
i think we have to go back to around november   when we decided to wuss out and you guys 
are going to if you're taking a sip of beer   or a sip of anything you might spit it out 
across your screen here in just a moment   when you see this so we're gonna get there we 
are currently looking at our february rewards   as soon as this loads up we're still in february 
this is we still only have ten let's keep going   there we go all right here it is here's i think we 
even had more rewards than this at one point this   is when it gets nuts let's get stupid there they 
are right there all right so at one given time i want you to look at this number right here and 
if you can't see that at one given time i had   four thousand one hundred and coin shares now 
the reason why kucoin is great is because on   the platform if you hold six or more coin 
tokens whenever they at the after 24 hours   they accumulate all the exchange fees that they 
have acquired they purchase kucoin tokens and   they distribute it out between all the dividend 
holders okay as of november 12th of 2020 so a   couple days before i got into algorand i had four 
thousand one hundred and eighteen kucoin shares if   i still had them today that would be fifty three 
thousand six hundred and seventy nine dollars fifty three thousand six hundred seventy nine 
dollars in kucoin shares and at that point   if we're looking at our daily kucoin share 
reward bone uh coin share dividends that   we were getting we were looking at at least 
one kucoin a day i know they had some really   solid days yeah we were looking at at least one 
coup coin a day at the current rate of about 14 so let this be a lesson for you guys you know i 
believed in kucoin for quite some time let's go   back to the original day i started holding kucoin 
i had been holding kucoin and accumulating kucoin   since february 22nd of 2019 and i got 
all the way up to about 4 000 coins just   buying here cheap buying small you know adding 
adding adding adding taking out a little bit   jumping into other projects all the way up to 53 
000 and the only thing i have to show for that 53   000 right now is seven thousand dollars in 
algorithm so with that said kucoin when it   first came out it was you know minuscule and then 
it jumped up to eight dollars for an all-time high   and then it dropped down and i was buying it 
like around like you know 60 70 80 cents and   it jumped up to like a dollar ninety and then 
when it dropped from that dollar ninety back   down to that like 70 cent range and i sold it 
85 cents not thinking this platform would like   this token would jump as it did i'm now kicking 
myself in the teeth so i'm to strangle myself   for you if you're reaching through the screen 
and pretending to strangle here's your moment all right yeah so there you go you got to pretend 
to strangle me so i have learned my lesson   i'm looking at algorand i love this project 
the new changes might do phenomenal for it   we'll do a full video on that within the 
week but i am never touching my algorand   ever because we're earning the rewards and we're 
going crazy and if you're in the platform as well   i urge you to consider doing that with me and i 
think i feel it might be gas but i have a feeling   that we could potentially see if a coin 
like kucoin that was at 70 cents and 36   cents when i first bought my original one 
can be sitting there we're holding 10 kucoin is worth 14 a pop algorand can easily get there 
now i think kucoin's also taken off because   eventually they can be very much like the binance 
token so i'm very hoping that kucoin shares will   be like bnb and we'll be looking at a 500 b b 
token and i'll have 5 000 5 000 just holding 10   but that's a stretch so very important if 
you believe in a project if you spend time   watching chubby white youtubers that like to 
drink beer talking about this cryptocurrency   let's rally together i support you 
you support me we hold algorand   together and then if you ever look at my 
channel with the exception of algorithm   hitting like 10 or 20 or 100 if you ever look 
at my channel and you don't see that i have   more than 5 000 algo unless this thing takes off 
i'm a millionaire you can unsubscribe i mean you   can subscribe if you want i'm not holding a gun 
to your head you can subscribe anytime you want   but if you're in with me for the long haul and you 
want to be a long time subscriber and we want to   get to 10 000 subscribers or 100 000 subscribers 
and get a cool little plaque we could put up on   the wall back here and you see that i don't have 
five thousand algo and you can even message me   like how much out you got i'll show you and 
if i don't have that five thousand because   that was our first goal and when i hit a 
ten thousand if we don't have ten thousand   unsubscribe that's just as simple as but let's do 
this together let's build these hands let's hold   this algo let's build this line let's promote this 
token let's pump it we're not going to dump it   we're not shilling a [ __ ] coin this is a strong 
project and looking back at my kucoin experience   you know fool me once crypto shame on you fool 
me twice crypto god i suck so anywho that's my   story for the day again sorry this isn't the 
most informative video but this is some of the   [ __ ] that i learn and i make mistakes on in the 
crypto space and i'm here to do those mistakes   on camera so that way you can learn and you can 
grow and you could not i didn't lose anything   by any means you know by any definition of losing 
currency like i'm not in the negatives but i'm not   50 000 richer making 14 a day holding one 
token we will be though so with that said   first time on the channel like subscribe turn on 
the bell notification long time on the channel   love the content supporter of algorand qr code 
above my head for algorand tip donations anything   you want or address in the description of 
this video leave a comment go from there   but with that i'm going to take my wife out to 
a couple of birthday drinks and then we're going   to have some birthday dinner and you know 
spend some time with our girls and stuff   tonight so like comment subscribe all that good 
stuff i'm oprius we'll see you guys next time

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