Why you need to buy bitcoin tho you hate it | Step by step guide

Potato, Potato.. from where I’m from, it’s
pronounced as POTATO. Hi friends, we need to talk bitcoin. If you haven’t bought any,
this video is for you. I have an investment thesis that will challenge yours. AND For
those who bought a lot OF bitcoin, HOLD your horses. Don’t over-do it. I will address
why in this video. Right now, with so much financial institutions
buying into bitcoin causing volatility to drop and bitcoin surviving the test of time. Don’t
you think it’s really stupid not too have just a bit of bitcoin even if you do not
believe in it? When it comes to money, your hard earn money, take away the emotion. Investments
are never emotional. On the flip side, those with 100% capital
to bitcoin. Hello you must be nuts. I’m bitcoin bullish, but 100% bitcoin is donkey.
Maybe the skeptics are right. Bitcoin is just nothing but ones and zeros, no purpose on
this planet and the biggest Ponzi scheme.

Maybe they are right, governments all over
the world will come together, kiss and hug to ban bitcoin. Who knew in 2020, the governments
together would shut down the world. My donkey was shocked.

Some people that absolutely hate bitcoin I’m sure you know friends or some people
that hates it and says bitcoin is just ones and zeros. And some treat it like a religion.
Look you can hate me or agree with me, I don’t care. My goal here is just talk facts.
Facts are facts. Printing of money is bad. When money is printed, it benefits the printer
and dilutes everyone else.

YOU. All currencies eventually fail. The only solution is bitcoin.
Bitcoin is not a productive asset you invest in. Bitcoin is a form of stored value if everything
goes boom. If you haven’t watch my bitcoin video to understand just the fundamentals,
I highly recommend you to watch it, views now reaching 300K. For those who are betting big on bitcoin,
I’ll give you some guide lines later in the video on how much should you buy because
you really do not want to do 100%. I openly share my portfolio time to time only because
it helps you. I also believe that’s the minimum standard for anybody you learn from.
Those who follow me long enough knows my portfolio allocation for bitcoin is 5%. There is math
behind this %. Again, governments all over the world are
printing money, one day it’s gonna explode.

We do not know when. When that happens, your
bitcoin will probably be worth a million. A 5% allocation of a million is $50K. When
the financial system collapses, your 5% will become 150% 30X. Meaning your portfolio of
stocks worth zero but bitcoin worth $1.5M. So it’s kinda of a cheap insurance if shit
happens. I do not trust governments to always do the right thing, so I bought bitcoin. Do you trust
them? The thing is, how much should you buy? It differs for everyone because everyone is different.
Young, old, conservative, risky.. here is a simple way. If you are conservative, 2-3%
allocation is fine. If you are okay with lots of risk, 10-20% is your limit. For me I’m
old, not conservative, so it’s 5%. You find your balance. So far so good? Perfect. Before
I move on, will appreciate a thumbs up, do consider clicking for this video.
I helps in pushing the video and helps in the causes I believe for.

Thank you. Lots of request on a step by step guide buying
bitcoin and how to store it SAFELY. I’ll cover this quickly because it’s not that hard. 5 simple
steps in detailed. Step 1: Choose an exchange. I recommend binance because it’s the world
biggest exchange for a reason. I have my referral code in the description, if you have your
friend’s code, use theirs. If you are from the United States, cashcapp and coinbase is
great. Do not use robinhood. You don’t actually own bitcoin using Robinhood. Uk, EU, australia,
sg, binance. If I didn’t mention your country, do a simple google search. Plenty of websites
covering this now. Step 2: Securing your account. If someone
ever got your password, they will not be able to access it. You activate 2nd layer log in,
it depends on your exchange, binance uses google authentication. This means, unless
someone has physical access to your mobile, they will not be able to hack in.

Step 3: Funding your account. ALWAYS choose
bank transfer. Funding by debit card or credit card, the fees are high. Always use wire transfer
/ bank deposit / local bank to local bank transfer. Key in the bank details, this step
is super important. You MUST include the Reference code in your deposit. No matter the exchange,
you will be given a reference code so they recognise it’s you. Step 4: You can now buy bitcoin. I’m using
USD here so it’s easier to explain. Simple way: click trade, convert. Key the amount
of money you want to spend, that’s it. If you want to set a price you want to buy: Click
Trade, Classic. Let’s say my target buy price is 30K USD.

Change it here. By dragging
this bar, it shows the amount of bitcoin I can buy with the amount of money I have. Click
buy to set your order. Final Step, Step 5: Move it to cold storage.
I do not trust any exchanges or 3rd party to hold my bitcoin. That’s the beauty of
bitcoin. You have sovereignty over your own asset. Seen too much greed that goes wrong
in this world. Buy one of these cold wallets directly from ledger.com They will ship direct.

They ship world wide. Do not eBay! With this, you will have 2 things. Your own bitcoin address and
24 seed password. While setting up the device, write down your 24 seed password and keep
this in a place only you know. If someone steals your device, you can use this password
to recover your bitcoin. This password is very secure and never been cracked. To move your bitcoin to cold storage, copy
and paste your bitcoin address generated by nano ledger x and click send. Depends how
busy the network is, it may take 30 mins to 1 hr. For me, it’s usually 10 mins using
Binance. This is my bitcoin address, it is safe, nobody gonna hack you if they know your
address. I’m using this for demo purposes. That’s it man. 5 simple steps. Wrapping
up, buying bitcoin may seem complicated, but once you get down to it, it’s easier versus
setting up to buy stocks.

Bitcoin is a great way to hedge your portfolio, you can have
1 million reasons to hate it. My friend once told me, bitcoin is like girls. He can’t
stand them but can’t live without them. I think that’s like the worst analogy ever.
Anyway, I hope this video helps, appreciate the thumbs up. Massively helps with my cause
and helps push the video. Thank you so much, As always, invest safe..

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