Why you didn’t get rewards? 5 most common reasons of missing staking rewards in Tezos.

Hello world
In Tezos chats and communities the one question arises very often
why didn't i get my staking rewards? most often
the problem appears because of the lack of experience, so in this video
we will analyze all common cases and hope that after watching this video
you will not make the same mistakes and will receive staking rewards
without any problems. the most common reason for missing rewards is choosing a private baker to get rewards for your lovely Tez you must
assign them to a public baker exchanges aren't public bakers! An exchange banker will only pay for staking if you store
funds on the exchange account so it does not make any sense to delegate them directly a large list of proven bakers is
available on our website don't mess up. The second reason for this
problem may be minimum allowed amount to delegate
many bakers have a minimum delegation amount required below which they do not
pay rewards it is easy to check: open Baking Bad
find your baker in the list click the payment audit link
and look at the field minimum delegation amount also the baker may set the minimum payout threshold that is
until the number of your rewards reach a certain amount your payment will not
take place this is about the same thing but is more
user-friendly just pick a suitable baker and our
website will help you with it next, maybe you're no longer getting
rewards because baker is dead or closed the delegation service it is on
your best interest to monitor the status of the baker which you have entrusted
for honest baker usually inform in advance
about the service closure, as well as about all changes
for our part, we also notify about such cases so subscribe to our twitter and join our telegram chat then it is possible that the baker was overdelegated when you were delegating
to him usually bakers do not pay to those
delegators who came after the staking was filled
and his get out of free space When choosing a delegate check the free space
column in our baker's list and of course this question is often
asked by users who did everything correctly they just couldn't wait for the payments to start 14 cycles should pass
before your funds start participating in staking, then
rewards shall be accrued and unfrozen so you will start receiving payments at
least in 23 days for more about staking details check the
delegation for dummies video there i'm explaining how much time
should pass and how it comes okay to sum up in a nutshell: That's it just a couple of simple rules and you
won't have any problems with Tezos staking rewards
if this video was helpful then you know how to support us!
Choose only the right bakers, because this is what Baking Bad has been
created for see ya!

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