Why XRP WILL HIT $50,000 in the near Future | RIPPLE XRP PRICE PREDICTION

will we really be able to see xrp at the 50 000 price range in the future is it something that the people are just pushing about you to the hype or is it something that's here to last for a longer duration well if it is here for a short period of time what makes them different from the others stay tuned because the answer to this question is very deep and needs a lot of understanding also make sure to keep on watching because today is the day we will reveal the lucky winner of our giveaway and maybe it's you welcome xrp army let's grow the xrp lab community by pressing the like button and subscribe without any more delays let's get started with today's video as the focus of the recent order is on the sec and not on ripple which was a good sign for the fair notice defense the focus there was on the activities of sec and not on ripple in any manner this was a very significant order given by judge netburn this could be the next thing that could make the price of the coin higher in the coming days as now it's on the sec to prove what it's been doing in the previous days the burden on ripple has reduced but not vanished there's still a long way to go before we see an end to this lawsuit we will be able to understand what exactly will be the end verdict of the case as we decipher the comments made by david schwartz he is the chief cryptographer and has become really efficient when it comes to anything in cryptocurrency he ensures that the system is up for a challenge whenever required and all that needs to be done is done in no time at all he is one person who has the potential to take this coin all the way to the fifty thousand dollar mark in no time we will be able to see him being the reason for the enormous amount of updates developments and progress through the experience he has even though there have been a lot of people predicting the price to increase substantially in a very short time frame it's impossible for this to be the case given the manner in which things are progressing in recent days we think now the price will increase however not in such an explosive manner as they've been claiming it will the predictors need to understand the manner in which it's been growing over time and also need to understand the current market situation the market is in a very unstable area as of now that is june 27 2021 many may claim that the market has now completely recovered from the crash it recently went through but we prefer giving it a bit more time to consolidate to be able to make a difference now that you know the way in which we decipher things we think that the price will certainly take multiple years and as a matter of fact this is a very good thing it is very good that the prices rise over a period of time and not in an abrupt manner that could disrupt the entire equilibrium destroying three same will mean that there will be an extensive instability that may even be more disastrous to the progress that the coin may have ahead the price targets of fifty thousand dollars will certainly take over years or even decades to turn into reality however the reality that it will happen sometime in the future cannot be changed in any manner we say so because we are certain the potential that it has within it the prices will rise to better levels and this is something that david himself believes being fully aware of all that it can do there are high chances that we'll be able to see this coin on the top levels just the way we see bitcoin in the current days this claim by the chief cryptographer clarifies that the scope of a single coin in the chain of xrp is really high one of the main factors that will give rise to such high prices will be the lawsuit that's still ongoing the greatest benefit that it will get is the increase in value that will occur over a period of time in a very gradual manner this will help the coin in establishing good significant support at all levels and will also help in ensuring that the prices do not fall down due to instability this will also bring forth a lot of partners and therefore a lot of liquidity into the system as well as the liquidity increases it will then be able to target the laundry aims that it will have over time therefore stable growth is fundamental to the entire plan that they'll be having ahead there are high chances that payment by ripple will be the next big thing in the coming times also if this is the case investors will certainly be willing to invest much higher than what they might invest otherwise it is imperative to ensure that the coin brings forth a much stable system that will be able to ensure good and stable returns to the investors over time this will be the biggest achievement for any coin in the market the best part is that ripple has sufficient technology to make that happen the way things are going each miner within the case seems to be affecting the prices of xrp this being the case there are high chances that we'll be able to see the value of xrp rising based entirely on how the progress of ripple will proceed investors like liquidity capital have also been claiming that the institutions will not have operational price sensitivity around the final price of xrp he then says that if they need to move over two billion dollars worth a day it will make a very little difference to them whether they need to source 20 million xrp at 100 or 2 million at a thousand dollars he says that they may even prefer a higher price like 200k at 10 000 this is a very significant mark to be noticed and will certainly be important to notice there are three most important features that are provided by xrp the sec has been claiming that xrp is a security since it offered around 1.3 billion dollars before ico and has since then been in question ripple claims that they do not have higher ownership of xrp therefore this may not be the case the xrp ledger is created on a decentralized structure which therefore means that the coin as such may not have any interference of the sort that they're alleged to be in they clarify that even though they do own some portion of xrp it is not substantial enough to give them control over the ledger they say that their transactions have to be approved as well just the way they do for the validators they've also taken measures that will ensure that their possession does not flood the crypto market this system was also emphasized by david which yet again is indicative of the intentions that his coin has in the market ah now it's time to reveal who is the lucky winner of our giveaway and it is william george congratulations william we will contact you right away to send you the prize xrp army let's all congratulate william in the comment section below alright let's get back to our video a higher price in xrp will not only be important for the growth of xrp but also for ripple this means that growth in either one will correspond to the growth in the other we saw this earlier as well when we said that any positive news in the case seems to be affecting the price of xrp as well this is in a way a very good sign for growth as a matter of fact this has been the case since the very start of it as david mentioned about the potential that it has in a very technical manner there were several responses out of which one caught our attention a twitter user named jeff asks if the xrp prices are designed to remain low he continues to ask if the prices will be beneficial if they remain at the lower side of the charts he was lucky enough to have received a reply from david where he accepted that he wasn't aware of any benefit that could arise if the prices were low the surgeon prices will be indisputable and the question that if the prices were designed to remain on the low stands will certainly not have a standover time it is clear that xrp is here to stay and will certainly not look forward to just getting diluted in the market the team that's been appointed behind the concept adding on to the manner in which it will be working henceforth with the upcoming systems will ensure that their intentions are laid down clearly in front of the sec and the investors as well these factors are indicative of the fact that we will see a major increase in the prices in the future there will also be a time when we'll be able to see the coin working in parallel to the manner in which bitcoins working just quicker and more efficiently in the future it will even be able to take the concept of investment to a different level by introducing much different technology over time also before we end this video kindly note that the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions having said that we have now come to the end of this video let us know if you invest in xrp if you want to continue to know about xrp we have got two more videos waiting for you on the end screen to check out make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up thank you so much for watching see you in the next video my friend [Music] you

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