A lot of people ask me this question. They say like, hey, if those corn is so
good, then why Warren Buffet and CAPTA? What did not invest into those corn?
Well, here's my take. Those corn is a good investment, in my personal opinion, is a great
investment in my personal opinion. But Warren Buffet,
one of the reason I think Warren Buffett did not invest into nosecone is why,
because that is not his specialty. Warren Buffet. If you study, he is one
of the best investor of all time. But a problem in here is he spent
his whole entire life acqui name. What it's really meant is he understand about company really well
and his focus is fine. Great company like Geico, Bank of America,
Coca-Cola, and by those companies at low price, invest into those
stock at bottom price.

So that's what Warren Buffett is good at. And he always say this thing,
never invest into something that you do not understand and don't invest into
something that you are not confident. So for one buffet, he spent his whole entire life
understandable brand and acquired brain name and invest into great
stock and great company. So he didn't have a lot
of knowledge into cryptocurrency. And if you want to start over
from scratch, then he has to understand and study cryptocurrency
really deep and now. Right.
But Warren Buffet, he is not in the position to take
the risk to invest in cryptocurrency. Why? If I was in no position, I will not write
because he have a lot of money here. He has multi million dollars. And why would he want to take
the risk when he have a huge name? He can go inside company and build a brand name and acquire a company for a low price
because his name is really big, whatever company that he
trusts who is turning to go.

And that is the reason why there's no point for him to take the risk right
now at this store and pump up his age. OK, he's not young anymore. So I see why more before you do that, OK? Because he has the Levitch
in bright name already. So the second thing is Cabu. So Jimmy, he doesn't invest into those
corne when those guys sell potential. But why invest into Bitcoin? The answer is very simple.
Guy Kathee. What her focus is invest
into disrupt the company. That's why you see her
investing to a great company, disruptive head toward a future and see
invest into cryptocurrency as well. But here's why she don't invest
into those client number one. If you look into the market right now, Bitcoin is not in the
infancy stage anymore.

It's not in the risk stay anymore. And she have an obligation
to give a lot of money right. Return. She have a promise to get a return to
a lot of investor, that belief into her so she don't want to invest into something
that have a lot of high risk. Those core right now still
really in the early stage. OK, not many people believe in to us. So that's why, Kathy,
what right now she only invest into the portfolio, the cryptocurrency,
where is is more safety. So I understand where you come from. She don't invest a million dollars, five million dollars or even 20 million
to invest hundreds of millions dollars. So I see why she won't invest into something that it doesn't
require a lot of risk. So just think about it for a moment. Think up like a company, like
Coca-Cola Company, like, let's say Geico or any kind of companies.

Huge, like Microsoft and Apple. So if for Microsoft and Apple to launch a market, then
it's going to take a lot of time because they have to prove by the more by,
you know, the management and everything. So take a look at, let's say, for example,
think of it like Chase, OK? It's a really big bank. Wells Fargo is a really big bank. So if you know right now, investment broker trading platform
is head toward a future. But why is the stock up like Robin Hood? So why they move so fast? OK, because they understand a niche market
right now so much more than.

Well, Fargo and Chase, OK, so they saw a niche market and they moved
really fast sometime guy, the small guy, the people to understand the niche market,
they can move things really fast because the big company, they're going to be quite
a few of the more they're going to require approval from many different department
and they move things really slow. And of course, the bigger you are,
like Chase and Wells Fargo, you have more obligation for shareholders,
something like that.

OK, so long story short, I say God for me,
I really think that those corn is one of the high risk investment,
which is the cryptocurrency. The have the potential. But I think for Kathy,
what for what say they may not invest in because sometimes it could be high
risk right now for them at the moment. And they have no obligation because
they have a lot of money on hand.

They don't want to take that risk. However, I say the guy like Robin Hood, the guy like Sulfite,
they sort of niche market and they were willing to take that risk and they were
willing to take that risk into the niche market and they become successful,
something like you and I. Right. If you saw a potential in the market
sometime, if you want to be you like for example, like it's me, Jimmy Chan,
these smart if you want to be who we are. Right.
If we want to be different, we have to understand the strength
of Roomba, the cat, the wood. Right.
And we had and we have to approach and with and that's based
on our unique ability. One of the reasons why Cat would become cat, because study from the best
of the best, like Warren Buffet and not the best to invest on her own style based
on the technology to help hold a future. That's why she become captive. What Warren Buffet become Warren Buffet because he studied for the best and he
invest based on his own unique style. OK, Shumack, in the same way he understand a study from the best of the best,
but he invests into spec SBIC, right, because he understand a niche
market and he established himself.

They swap out the same thing. We understand that cryptocurrency is the future and we study
really well about cryptocurrency. And at the end of the day,
we we are small, a small guy. Right. We're not investing
a hundred million dollars. So we went to take the risk to invest into those because we saw
the future of nosecone. So I say, God, this is the explanation of why Katta what
the Fed did not invest into nosecone. Does that mean those Hoeness bet life, for example, decent people,
they see this invasion. Why Elon Musk, he saw
the vision of those calling. Why so many other people? They invest into those calling.
Right. But not the what? Not Warren Buffet. Different people have different business. That's why you see so many
business out there in the world. Like, for example, like some business. Why people they become successful
selling life insurance. Why some people, they become successful.

My distribution, why some people,
they successfully buy oil. Why some people they become successful
on many different category. I say if you want to be you,
then you have to believe in what you invest and stick to it, but learn
from the best of the best anyway. God, good luck and always
invest like a genius..

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