Why VeChain VET Will Be The #1 Global Cryptocurrency

can one of the most undervalued digital currencies have the ability to become the world leader of coins surpass bitcoin making itself a global currency well that's the question we will be answering in today's video hi fixers welcome to fix your finances build financial wealth if you want to build your financial wealth and fill your mind with the right information make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more valuable content now without further ado let's get started v-chain is a unique blockchain cryptocurrency has been running at a price of 0.1989 per coin with the market cap over 12 billion dollars has been running down 5.17 according to the 24 hours chart with not much difference from bitcoin and ethereum which are running negative at 5.36 percent and 10.56 percent respectively having a trading volume of over 2 billion dollars with 11.33 increase in the 24 hours chart with a circulating supply of over 64 billion vet v chain platform is a blockchain platform designed to enhance the management of the supply chain and business processes its aim is to streamline these processes and information flow for any complex supply chain using the distributed ledger technology abbreviated as dlt v-chain platform has two distinct tokens v-chain token and v-chain thor energy the former v-chain token is used to transfer value across the network and the later vechain thor energy is used as gas to power smart contract transactions similar to as ethereum vet is a need for all types of business irrespective of their size to track their products valuing which they can further work on enhancement of the same according to its white paper vchain's blockchain technology specializes in breaking the asymmetric information problem and also the ownership of data to return to and empower its owner it further claims to provide a 360 degree view of necessary information which is linked to the product and its business processes inclusive of the storage transportation and its supply to the directed stakeholders to create a greater market transparency v chain is making a name for itself as an enterprise focused supply chain and logistics blockchain solution we do agree that from last year the demand for v chain has fallen almost 11 times in less than four months it was at a dollar ninety one per vet in 2020 which came down to twenty two dollars and eighty one cents in the beginning of 2021 however it has again started to gain popularity the pandemic was a primary reason for the fall in price for this coin since a number of businesses were affected due to the coven 19.

People did not care about tracking their supply chain at that point all they cared about was how to save their source of income from this pandemic anyways since 2021 has brought with it good news v chain has started to increase by its value with the opening and full functionality of the businesses vechain has started to gain momentum once again it is speculated that with an exceptional increase in the price of vechain as predicted its chances of becoming the global currency is also increasing v chain has been over the market news for quite some time now several large enterprises are now starting to use v-chain in order to ensure that their inventories are accounted from the start to its actual delivery furthermore vechain's new partnership with large enterprises are covering the crypto new the new business deal of vechain with a norwegian company called dnv is a progressively r1 with the world's largest classification society which provides for 13 175 vessels and mobile offshore units mou services this company has been one among the early adopters for using v chain for the blockchain logistics including dnv vechain has partnered with five companies pricewaterhousecoopers national research consulting center china yaida china holdings and a crypto exchange platform called bit ocean there has been significant news coming from china's side on opening its gates on cryptocurrencies shanghai media group smg shared a report on the working of vechain as a critical player in the five-year national development plan for china v chain is a strategic partner and advisor of cream who calls a report solid signal which represents v chain as a bridge between the digital economy and the traditional industries furthermore this bridge is expected to account for 10 percent of china's gdp china is the largest emerging markets with the highest population in the world and when china sets priorities it is concerning to the rest of the world vechain has become a priority for china smg has spoken about the growing demand for personnel with qualification of both blockchain and real world applications and to connect to this according to the report vechain has been looking to expand its commercial services looking out for professionals in blockchain in 2021 v chain has added 20 professionals to its team of almost 80 people the company plans to increase the numbers in the coming years for that it will have to contend with the talent gap which extends in china estimating over 700 000 professionals if china is opening its gate for crypto exchange or in five years the plan would make vechain china's cryptocurrency beijing has become the city with the most number of billionaires in the world over 100 billionaires and in china alone there are over 650 billionaires who are eagerly waiting to invest in crypto however are not able to due to trade restrictions of the state however there is a logical question that arises if china does not allow trading cryptocurrencies then how is it possible for them to include vechain in their five-year national development plan if china opens up their cryptocurrency exchange it is possible that the exchange will be built on the blockchain network of v chains since china already has the digital union controlled by its central bank issuing the new electronic money the digital unit will negate one of bitcoin's primary draw that is anonymity for the user beijing has positioned digital yoon for international use however having the digital unit if it does not open their cryptocurrency exchanges since they have acknowledged bitcoin as their investment alternative will instead open a cryptocurrency exchange with b chain replacing the traditional bank to become its crypto bitcoin bank for the same a defy platform with the integrated on v chain which is currently under development being under the testing period since march and is expected to come to life at the end of this month vechain will likely be replacing the traditional banks in china while people will be seen staking their bitcoins to the digital union lending and earning cryptocurrencies on v chain if china keeps vechain as its digital currency including it in the five years plan the vechain network will be acting very bullish for an extended time this entire situation will be acting as a catalyst for v-chain giving the coin a massive opportunity to hit nearly 100 times its price during this five-year plan the price of vechain will have an exponential breakout as every person in china will be using vechain and we have talked about the number of billionaires china alone has it is imaginable how much bullish things will become for v chain indicating that it is the perfect time for a buy the dip opportunity for all of you short and long term investors you can hold your shares for 5 years that will surely give you 10 times the initial investment and even for short term the price will be spiking given this momentum v chain can surpass its current five dollars price prediction with the market cap of over 300 billion dollars it could further reach near to bitcoin however it is a known fact that china considers bitcoin as an investment alternative and opening its gate would mean a positive catalyst for bitcoin that way even bitcoin will become a very bullish and with the federal reserve getting bitcoin its market cap will go up to 10 trillion dollars from 1.5 trillion dollars asset we do speculate that vechain has the ability to reach five dollars by the end of 2021.

With all these factors working up it won't be that late for v chain to reach a one trillion dollars market cap given the data that the most number of vechain investors are from south korea and a few days time the south korean regulations announcement they're banning on most of the cryptocurrencies except for the top four as only they can potentially survive for the same they have to be linked to financial institutions that indicates the probability of v chain getting linked to south korea's financial institutions transferring itself from black market to mainstream market even that will act as a potential positive catalyst for the uptrend of v chain currently we hope china opens up for digital currencies if that happens then all the financial institutions from all over the world in order to follow the most significant emerging market will open up for v chain replacing it with the traditional banks for the current price prediction v-chain has a 36 percent right to the upside propelling the coin's price to 25 cents with the pit stop around the 60 percent fibonacci retracement level at 22 cents before any of the above catalyst works up given such a huge catalyst v chain will become the global currency in the coming years even if it does not surpass bitcoin still v chains vet is a utility token having usage far superior to bitcoins for the same reason once china opens its markets for digital currency knowing the fact that vechain is already included in their five-year plan the token's value is likely to shoot exponentially increasing the chances of becoming the global currency let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on vechain becoming number one and make sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram at fix your finances underscore see you next time at fix your finances [Music]

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