Why VeChain Is Stuck At 5 Cents – Why Isn’t VET Going Up

so a lot of viewers on this channel have been 
sending in comments asking why the price of vet   seems to be so stagnant and moving so slowly in 
comparison to many other cryptos and so i wanted   to make this video to share my thoughts on the 
subject and the first thing which i want to note   is that from the low point of the last 12 months 
to the current price level fed has increased in   value by more than 2 000 percent a gain of over 
20 to 1 in value in less than a year and that   is not slow when we consider that the average 
annual gain in the stock market is around 9   it would take around 35 years worth of gain to 
generate a 2 000 return in the stock market and   so right off the bat i just want to say that bet 
has not been rising slowly at all in fact other   than certain of the cryptos i can't think of any 
other asset class which has performed so well over   the last year now i do understand that that has 
been moving quite slowly over the last few weeks   it really does not mean anything important we have 
to remember that cryptocurrencies including vet   do not move in a completely uniform manner they 
move up and down and sometimes in a flat line for   periods of time and so in the short term when we 
are very close to the long term chart that we are   looking at the last month or the last few weeks 
anybody would be forgiven for thinking that vet   has performed poorly in terms of price increases 
relative to many of the cryptos but when we look   at the chart over the last year then actually vet 
has performed fairly well and better than most   cryptos in fact and before we get any further 
if you've enjoyed the video up to this point i   want to make an appeal to you to do me a favor and 
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making videos anyway the second point which i'd   like to discuss is that there will always be other 
cryptocurrencies or other entire asset classes   which are outperforming you on a month to month 
or even week to week basis but again that doesn't   mean anything crypto is too volatile for there to 
be any short-term indication of a long-term trend   and what this means is that if we take any 
historic period of a month or even three months   in vet or any other crypto the price movement then 
would not be representative of the long-term trend   if we were to go back to 2017 and take a 
snapshot of the four-week period of the   market after the price had topped we would see 
declines of 70 or 80 percent in market value   but that doesn't mean that declines of 70 
or 80 percent will occur every four weeks   and if we were to look at the bull run before that 
happened we would have seen gains of four or five   hundred percent but again that doesn't mean that 
this short-term trend is even remotely equivalent   to the average long-term trend and it is in fact 
the long-term trend which we should be focusing on   every investor is naturally entitled to their own 
opinion and to make their own decisions and that   means that if they want they can spend their time 
chasing the cryptos which happen to be booming at   any particular time and they may even do well for 
a short period of time but many of the cryptos   which are booming have no real value proposition 
and are only increasing in market value because   of speculation and eventually with these types of 
projects when the rapid gains inevitably dry out   people will begin to take profit and what went 
up will come down just as fast and by the way i'm   not saying that you shouldn't invest into these 
types of cryptos the decision is completely yours   but i will share my thought on the subject and 
that is to me it's much safer and better in the   long run to stick with a project which has actual 
adoption and a real value proposition than to be   stuck holding a worthless crypto which falls by 80 
percent and then leaves me with a permanent loss   but that's just my opinion and as a final point 
i want to say that in the world of investment   value for money isn't determined just by 
potential reward it also needs to be balanced   by risk and just like when a person is betting 
on a horse race it isn't always or even usually   the best risk-adjusted strategy to go for the 
horse with the highest odds because they also   have the highest risk of failure and for me i'd 
rather have a project which i think is safe and   offers a very good return than an asset with a 
very high chance of failure that could offer an   incredible gain if it goes well anyway that's all 
for this video if you enjoyed and would like to   see more content like this remember to subscribe 
to our channel also remember that i'm sharing my   own thoughts and opinions and so this video is 
not financial advice thank you all for watching

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