Why VeChain Is Stuck At 5 Cents – Why Isn’t VET Going Up

so many viewers on this channel have sent in comments asking why the vet's price so stagnates and moves so slowly compared to many other cryptos and therefore wild I make this video to share my thoughts on the subject and the first thing I want to note is that from the low of the last 12 months to the current price level fed in value has increased by more than 2000 percent a gain of more than 20 to 1 in value in less than a year and that is not slow when we consider that the average annual profit in the stock market is around 9, it would take about 35 years in profit to generate a 2000 return in the stock market and so i want to say right away that betting is in fact not slow at all except for certain cryptos I can't think of any other asset class that last year has performed so well now I understand that the last few years has gone pretty slowly means weeks it really nothing important we must remember that cryptocurrencies including vet do not move in a completely uniform way, they move up and down and sometimes in a flat line during a given time and thus in the short term when we are very close to the long term chart that we are Looking at the past month or the past few weeks, anyone might think that the vet has performed poorly in terms of price increases compared to many of the cryptos, but if we go to looking at the past year's chart, the vet has actually performed quite well and even better than most cryptos and before we move on if you enjoyed the video so far, I would like to call on you to please me and subscribe to our channel so we can stay growing and I can spend more time researching and making videos anyway the second point I would is that there will always be other cryptocurrencies or other full asset classes are that month after month or even week after week outperforming UK base, but again, that doesn't mean that crypto is too volatile to show a long-term trend in the short term and what this means is that if we have a historical period of one month or even three months going to the vet or any other cryptocurrency, the price movement would not be representative of the long-term trend if we were to go back to 2017 and take a snapshot of the four-week period of the market after the price went up, we would see declines of 70 or 80 percent in market value, but that doesn't mean there will be declines of 70 or 80 percent every four weeks and if we looked at the bull run before that happened, we would have a gain of four or five hundred percent but again that doesn't mean this short-term trend is even remotely equivalent to the average long-term trend, and it is in fact the long-term trend that we should focus on, every investor is of course entitled to his own opinion and their own decisions and that means that if they w and they can spend their time chasing the cryptos that are on it are booming at some point and they can even get it right for a short time, but a lot of the cryptos that are booming have no real value proposition and are only increasing in market value because of speculation and eventually with projects like this, when the quick profits inevitably dry up, people are going to take profit and what went up will come down just as quickly and I say by the way not that you should not invest in these types of cryptos the decision is entirely up to you, but i will share my views on the subject and for me that is much safer and better on the stick to a project that has actual adoption and a real value proposition for the long term to hold on to a worthless cryptocurrency that falls by 80 percent and then leaves me with a permanent loss, but that is just my opinion and as a last point I would like to say that in the world of investing the value for money is not only determined by jackpot total reward it must also be weighed against the risk and just like when a person bets on a horse race, it is not always or even most of the time the best risk-adjusted strategy to go for the horse with the highest odds, because they too the biggest chance of failure and for me I'd rather have a project that I think is safe and a very good return than an asset with a very high probability of failure that offers an incredible profit can yield if things go well, that's all video if you liked it and more of this kind of content would like to see do not forget to subscribe to our channel also remember that I have my share your own thoughts and opinions and that this video is not financial advice, thank you all for watching

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