Why This 10x Crypto CRUSHES Ampleforth (Newest DeFi Craze)

ample fourth first started the elastic supply rebasing token experiment or e5 since then many projects have attempted to launch their own elastic supply stablecoin alternative all of them so far have failed except for ample fourth and benchmark protocol today we're gonna discuss what benchmark protocol has been up to and spoiler alert this one's gonna be huge let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.com welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button today we're going to be talking about a project i'm an advisor for benchmark protocol it improves upon ablevor's own successful formula in several key important ways number one first and one of the most important things to mention mark is not pegged solely to the us dollar mark is pegged to the sdr rate of a dollar 42 right now which makes it much more stable and safe from political and economic shocks second the rebasing algorithm incorporates the volatility from the s p 500 which is published by the cboe to further stabilize the price of mark when traditional markets experience any form of volatility third mark is interoperable and cross chain friendly and that is the key for scaling its ecosystem by utilizing x mark which is a cross-chain friendly representation of mark that does not rebase benchmark protocol has a bridge on bsc solana polygon and xdi with more blockchains to be supported in the future ethereum is no longer the only blockchain that needs a decentralized stablecoin the name of the game is interoperability there are many layer one block chains that are currently scaling rapidly while eth fails to have yet upgraded its infrastructure to increase its own scaling ability the market cap of ample forth is currently sitting around 414 million dollars and the market capital benchmark is only 41 million dollars benchmark protocol is a hidden gem with at least a 10x potential to the upside and that's not considering the off the chart potential of the p2p marketplace which we're going to dive into a little bit later in this video this is an absolute game changer and with the launch of the upcoming p2p benchmark protocol marketplace the efi experiment will be concluded and a third primitive cryptocurrency will be born bitcoin ethereum and mark a new stablecoin alternative is the mark token for the first time ever an alternative primitive digital asset will be used as collateral for decentralized loans benefiting both the lender and borrower by having stable repayment terms while simultaneously lowering the risk of default the two main pain points caused by denominating loans using both btc and eth mark is an erc20 token that is not backed or collateralized by any asset other than its rebasing algorithm in essence it is stabilized by the market forces of supply and demand instead of collateralizing mark it's pegged to the sdr rate of a dollar forty-two this limits its risk profile from political and economic shocks that otherwise affect stable coins pegged only to the u.s dollar another interesting tokenomic with the mark token occurs when the price is above a dollar forty-two the supply is increased across all wallet holders this results in cell pressure that restores mark to the peg on the flip side when markets below a dollar 42 traders do what they do best and buy the f and dip at the same time the supply is decreased which creates buy pressure and ultimately restores the value back to the peg the benchmark protocol p2p marketplace has successfully completed a smart contract audit via certic many tokens have already been whitelisted for launch and many more are in the pipeline whitelisted tokens for the upcoming benchmark protocol p2p marketplace launch include link dodo orbs vzx one cake glm ocean matic xdi1 and solana there's also a marketplace parallel deployment announced on bsc and harmony happening according to the team the marketplace will require no user registration and will be a very popular choice for people to diversify their yield farming strategies by lending out their assets with a customizable rate of their choosing benchmark protocol is working closely to finalize deployment on its decentralized oracle prize feed which will bring the platform closer to fully decentralizing benchmark protocol the team is also considering additional measures to decentralize governance with some big news in the pipeline promised soon the benchmark marketplace creates a lender-driven exchange for loan offerings borrowers can choose from an array of different loan structures and receive a loan proportional to the collateral they provide so how will the benchmark marketplace work and why is this a game changer a lender creates a marketplace contract through the benchmark interface and then they define the condition for their loan offering the lender has control over the following selecting the token that is accepted is collateral is an example eth or an erc20 selecting the token that is lended out eth or another erc20 for example the collateral to loan ratio which means how many tokens per collateralized unit the payoff to loan ratio defining the interest rate and the loan duration all these parameters are options controlled by the user creating an open market for loan offerings a single loan can serve many different borrowers as long as the creative marketplace contract holds enough tokens to provide the loan a borrower chooses their desired loan offering and receives the loan in exchange for the requested collateral the loan can be paid off at any time there's no compounding interest the payoff amount is defined on loan creation and is static if the borrower fails to repay the loan before the loan duration has ended the collateral is released to the lender so what are the key benefits of using benchmark marketplace the system creates a peer-to-peer marketplace for loan offerings and is not reliant on oracle price fees next the lender mitigates their risk by adjusting the conditions of their loan offering like the collateral loan duration and interest aspects while also being in direct competition with other lenders also this system benefits from its simplicity of design representing a closed network where no external input is needed by doing so the benchmark marketplace is able to thrive as a robust and secure system that is fully 100 decentralized next many jurisdictions view loans as non-taxable events the marketplace will be able to offer unique strategies for financial planning potential for huge tax savings but make sure you talk to your financial advisor before participation is i'm not a financial advisor besides benchmark marketplace liquidity mining also offers a way for users to earn and a great opportunity to accrue mark as rewards currently are high apr you can do this via eth you can currently farm marked tokens with uniswap liquidity pools including the usdc mark pair and the ethmark pair earning upwards of 250 apy you can do this via binance smart chain xmark tokens on pancake swap are giving 234 apy and the new bv pool is offering 851 apy wtf additionally you can use balancer with mark tokens for farming balancer tokens via liquidity mining you can also stake xmark which does not rebase now in a single asset staging model which offers approximately five percent apy for just holding the asset on benchmark staking platform which is called the press for a limited time benchmark protocol is also offering a dual farming initiative on ethereum that pays out yield in the form of liquidity pool tokens to explain how this works the press will host a liquidity pool comprised of mark and a native token from a partnering project users can then allocate liquidity to an upcoming pool and be rewarded with mark partner lp tokens which is equal to the ratio liquidity provided these marked partner liquidity pool tokens can then be staked in the uni mark partner lp contract to generate yield in the form of marked partner liquidity pool tokens these lp tokens can then later be redeemed for their equivalent value of mark and partner tokens benchmark protocol is aiming for interoperability already exmark has been bridged to two of the hottest smart contract blockchains solana and binance smartchain as well as x-time benchmark protocol was recently accepted into the binance orbsdefy.org accelerator if you would like to you can pick up a bag of benchmark protocol on unit swap balancer and paraswap and i'll leave you with this explainer video on benchmark protocol if you'd like to have a tutorial on how to use the press for marking tokens leave a comment down below that's all i got be blessed benchmark protocol connects traditional financial markets to decentralized markets via the mark token the supply elastic and non-dilutive mark token is an erc20 utility token and the native asset on the benchmark network all of which is built on the ethereum blockchain being elastic means that supply can expand or contract to meet demand dramatically reducing price volatility if you compare this to something like the price volatility of bitcoin you can see why an inelastic supply can create issues when pricing goods services or contracts in non-stable currencies the mark token also expands and contracts in a non-dilutive way everyone is impacted fairly and inflational deflation is shared across all members comparing this to a fiat currency when additional notes are printed each person's notes are diluted meaning they decrease in value with mark you will never be diluted the mark token is an alternative medium of exchange thanks to its unique combination of traits so how does benchmark protocol implement supply elasticity in a non-dilutive manner the supply of tokens is increased or decreased algorithmically let's say we aim to achieve a value of 1.40 per token or the sdr rate if the price is above the sdr rate what we call a rebase increases the total supply of tokens reducing the price of each token but if the price is below the sdr rate the rebase will decrease the supply increasing the price of each token what's an sdr rate this is the special drawing right which is an international reserve asset linked to five currencies the sdr is a stable peg that moves with the entire global economy rather than being vulnerable to the risks of tracking a single currency such as all stable coins pegged to the us dollar alone what does this mean for a mark token holder the rebase itself has no impact on total value only on the relationship of price and supply this process is completed entirely on chain by the automated market maker or in this case uniswap the instant the daily rebase is complete the token price will then be subject to supply and demand forces of the market until the next rebase the rebase algorithm also incorporates the volatility index also known as the market sphere indicator if the vix increases the more volatility is expected the marked token supply will also be increased thanks to the predictable price of the mark token broader use in decentralized markets is far more appealing than traditional stable coins or volatile cryptocurrencies allowing asset managers and hedge funds with significant exposure to the larger crypto market to diversify investors portfolios benchmark protocol is the stablecoin alternative that connects traditional capital markets to d5 [Music] you

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