Why Stellar Lumens Can DESTROY XRP in 2021 (XLM Price Prediction)

since the start of this the greatest bitcoin bull run in history there have been some massive gains in the altcoin market perhaps one of the strongest performers has been stellar lumens there are two driving forces behind the xlwim rally number one widespread adoption is a blockchain but number two the downfall of xrp let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.io welcome to bitboycrypto my name is ben everyday i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're a fan of xlm make sure to smash that like button for the youtube algorithm and if you like shorting xrp you can do that by signing up for buy bit or heck you can even long it if you dare sign up for buy bid and get a special deposit bonus by visiting bitboycrypto.com deals now in today's video we're going to talk about the success steller has seen in its adoption as a blockchain and the current situation that could propel xlm into the stratosphere then at the end i'm going to be giving you my personal price prediction for stellar lumens for this bowl cycle and it's one of the best ones yet so definitely make sure to stay tuned all the way until the end of this video for that stellar was founded in 2014 by jed mccaleb now jeb mccaleb was the founder of mount gox the infamous japanese bitcoin exchange and the co-founder of ripple stellar received some initial funding from the payment startup stripe as well as large corporate donors such as google blackrock and fast forward because of mccaleb's work on ripple stellar was created as a hard fork of ripple itself like ripple stellar was designed to be a decentralized payment network that would allow international transactions between any currencies while stellar is pursuing a similar goal as ripple unlike ripple banks are not the primary target seller's motto is providing financial services to the unbanked the team behind stellar is a colorful mix of experts from the financial media and i.t industries who are dedicated to connecting people businesses and institutions around the world rich and poor alike in a 2016 article that mccaleb wrote for bitcoin magazine he said why stellar after years of working in the fintech space i realized that the world's financial infrastructure is fundamentally broken leaving billions without resources since anyone can participate in the network it can be particularly helpful for the two billion unbanked people worldwide stellar consistent protocol was developed by david masieres a professor of computer science at stanford university this protocol operates within the peer-to-peer network of the stellar ecosystem and guarantees smooth operation with maximum security all nodes on the network communicate with each other and verify all transactions in a very short period of time like every two to five seconds this is when they reach a consensus with their trusted peers each participating actor in the network could in theory create and manage its own server however this does not mean that all peers within the network automatically trust each other blindly continuous verification ensures that only trusted peers participate in the network this revolutionary technology attracted the attention of some major players in the tech and finance world with stellar securing some major partnerships early on this included india's icici bank and tempo money transfer which operates a network of 190 000 locations in 120 countries deloitte one of the big four accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue says that it reduced transaction costs by 40 percent by integrating stellar into its it systems however without a doubt the biggest and most famous of stellar's early partnerships was with ibm stellar saw a lot of early success with these early partnerships but they didn't stop there just last year stellar made some seriously big moves stellar announced that it would integrate with fintech company click pasa to bring easy cross-border payments to consumers in africa click pesa fintech company created by two stellar lumens developers is a platform that offers business to business payment services also they offer payment management payment collection automation and currency exchange another announcement was that one of the world's oldest banks germany's bankhouse vonderheit and bitbond germany's leading tokenization and digital asset custody technology provider teamed up to issue a euro stablecoin on the stellar blockchain that's right the your b stablecoin is the first stablecoin issued directly by a banking institution on stellar and one of the first of its kind in the crypto market and in possibly even bigger news stellar announced the addition of the stablecoin usdc to the stellar lumens blockchain issued in 2018 by the center consortium which is formed by crypto industry giants coinbase and circle usdc is the second largest stable coin with a market cap of 5.45 billion dollars the 12th largest crypto by market cap overall and as if that wasn't enough the recent announcement was that ukraine's government had chosen the stellar blockchain network as a platform to build a central bank digital currency or cbdc with all these huge announcements or stellar it's easy to see why many people are looking to stellar to be the most likely blockchain candidate for the issuing of one of the most highly anticipated cbdc's the us digital dollar if you think the us digital dollar is just a distant dream that will never come to reality or at least in your lifetime you're very wrong unless you're 85.

Just in june of last year the senate banking committee held a hearing on the digital dollar in its future the pressure is mounting to create a digital usd as china recently began testing its own digital currency the digital currency electronic payment or dcep which will be integrated into popular applications like wechat and alipay this creates concern of widespread adoption of a digital one in emerging markets in an international trade makes the creation of the digital usd even more critical for the united states to maintain its top economic position all of this huge news for stellar couldn't come at a better time stellar's biggest competitor in the hard fork that it originated from ripple is under heavy fire securities and exchange commission filed a civil lawsuit against ripple labs in december claiming that ripple violated investor protection laws when it sold a digital asset called xrp according to the suit ripple engaged in this illegal securities offering from 2013 to the present even though ripple received legal advice as early as 2012 that under certain circumstances xrp could be considered an investment contract therefore a security under the federal securities laws as a result multiple exchanges have announced suspension of trading and delisting of xrp including coinbase crypto.com okaycoinblockchain.com binance.us and bittrex just name a few with many more like following suits soon as a result xrp has been in a death spiral dropping from 73 cents to as low as 17 cents in just one month while the price has recovered a little now sitting around 26 cents the future of xrp is very uncertain depending on the outcome of the sec lawsuit it may spell the end of xrp as we know it with xlm being the best and closest competitor to xrp this might be the best thing that could happen to stellar and with all the major moves that they are making it might be a very bright future for this coin so bright in fact that i believe the price will be strongly impacted by the xrp market share it might be able to take i believe xlm has the potential to go up 25 times from its current price around 25 cents it's a much higher prediction than i would have given it before the xrp news but a 6.25 xlm could be possible in a blow off top all coin run maybe i'm wrong but i'm bullish on xlm do you think that stellar is going to be the number one decentralized payment network for international transactions or is xrp gonna beat the sec lawsuit to recover and become the biggest cross-border payment platform in the world drop me your comments down below and also make sure to give me your stellar price prediction that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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