Why Ripple ($XRP) WILL Drop Temporarily!

What is going on snipers name alle baby here, let's go ahead and dive right into this video today Let's just talk about ripple first and foremost obviously there's been a bloodbath in this market today Let's go ahead and look at ripple right now. It's the only coin. That's still holding ground Which is why I wanted to make this video to make you guys alert of this if you guys are watching this once That's already published understand This is a live stream, so feel free to use the 1.5 X speed in the video to speed through this But let's just go ahead and dive right into this guy so Ripple obviously as you guys can see let's pull up the coin market cap here very interesting day Let's look at our market here.

Everything is red. It's a complete bloodbath But of course if you are part of our community you guys were expecting all this on our discord Which is our free resource the link is in the description below as you guys can see? Everybody's talking about ripple here. Everybody's talking about Bitcoin. We open up the ripple chat here. Everybody's just blowing things up and once again if you guys go down here to tools and open up trading 101 you guys have all of these free resources open and available to you guys if you aren't on our discord the Link is in the description below definitely stay tuned join a discord now What's really cool is we saw this coming at the end of the day? We did see that pennant form it did have a breakout people made profits I made profits at least and I know a lot of our members made profits as well But of course now price is consolidating.

Do I think it's going to consolidate more I? Personally think so once again. This is not legal advice But what I'm personally seeing right now with what's happening with rip? I'll show you guys a chart right here is a pretty solid correction about to occur guys I mean at the end of the day you guys have to understand that when you see a market Already like this and you see one coin up. I mean it was up 40 percent now. It's 24 percent.

You can see that It's starting to be affected Ripple is gonna get affected I mean if you guys think that it's just gonna continue to rally where all these coins are just completely being washed away I Just couldn't agree with that so That's just the truth guys. I mean it's just a basic principle understanding. You know the market influence here and Bitcoin obviously It's 44% of the market right now some people are asking me. Where do you see BTC dominus heading towards? Do you see it going down to 10%? I typically would probably look at the past And if you guys looked at our previous consolidation this happened back in I believe it was about six months ago in July Maybe a little bit further than that we saw BTC dominance actually rally all the way down to around 30% to maybe around 25% I Think we'll definitely see it possibly heading towards that level again So we'll go ahead and pull this up who's on the live stream say.

What's up? Let's go ahead and see who we've got here on the live stream Eric one Multi-core point stress is trade said what the hell happened in the whole market at once yeah, I agree isn't that kind of crazy? Jo kwon said what's go Chee good to have you? What's up Nick? What's up, Kobe? What's up? I'm your admin swagga Soros Lucas G Michael Rick Craig pale David Aaron Lars Bernard Bernardo, what's good see boys? What up guys, Austin Jessica Scott mr.. Parker? Kyle? Everybody is here I love it alright So let's take a quick poll right on the chat right now real quick while I go ahead and look at the XR P chart A little bit more depth I want you guys posting right now in the comments who here is Making money off of this and who's losing money off of this Let's go ahead and post it either put win or lose on the chat right now Let's go ahead and see what ratios we have here.

I did be very interested to see that Let's go ahead and somebody said howdy good to have you man. Oh It's Christian CRM What's up? Brother Colby Alfred making losing winning losing verts it the win somebody said lose Win win win looks like a lot more winning lose somebody said lose. Oh Man somebody at Hato I like that sitting on the side watching so you've got your popcorn just this is pretty interesting, huh? That is awesome guys That is awesome by the way sorry guys yesterday. I was so tired yesterday. I was not supposed to livestream I don't know why I did I was just extremely tired. I literally had no sleep I was it was a full workday for me had meetings all throughout the day.

It was just a typical Thursday You guys know how Thursdays are at least at night. It was Thursday I mean it was Wednesday, but I stayed up the whole Wednesday till Thursday, so sorry about being super tired I just did not want to lose consistency with making these live streams That was my primarily that was my you know my prime initiative. I'm drinking with Crocs here. It's coconut like rocks Yes somebody said I sold all my BTC awesome who here sold BTC at the tip of the Uprise let me go ahead and pull this up here who here say I if you actually sold your BTC at least within this Let's say this red mark down here from 17300 to 15 all the way up to 19600 who sold their BTC say I let's see Wolverine said me at 17 K Neil said I mez rod said I that's good Coach K. I sold that 19 K awesome fob you I sold that the tip good Lukas G sold one full BTC awesome Johan said I Multi Cohen said I four Virg Mr..

Parker said we broke it not as many people as I expected interesting Aesthetic film said I'm scared too sold it a 16.8 huddle Okay, well what about this guys did the video today help out? Showing you guys how to prevent these losses and from ever happening cuz it seems like a lot of you guys are holding which is Awesome, that's awesome. Een. I had a friend. Call me today. He's like hey, man. I'm still holding my coins You know we're at 13,000. What do you think do you think I should continue holding, and I'm like dude It's you know. It's really up to you at the end of the day I'm not gonna give you investment advice, but if I were you I mean what what I asked him I was like when did you get into your position? He said I got in at twelve thousand seven hundred and I was like okay What is the price at now cuz I was on the road and he said it's at thirteen thousand Nine hundred at the time.

I was like well were you about to sell he's like yeah, dude I want to sell it all I'm like I think that's an emotional decision because everybody's selling right now And you want to observe the masses and do the opposite right? so by it the hype sell at the news anybody ever heard that say I Buy it the hype sell it the news Somebody said waiting to drop to 12,000 and jump I like that. I'm gonna talk about when I'm gonna actually go into Bitcoin too because I'm looking for something specific I'm specifically watching the 50-day moving average right now, which I don't think you guys know much about I can definitely touch on it But I think we'll go into that a little bit more in depth later. Somebody said I Antonio said I mr. Parker said I so yes so pretty much You know I told them this I said you know if I were you and I was trading and I did not you know take snipers tube's advice and sell at the tip When he sold when he sold his because as you guys can see I sold right on top right here I actually did a little notification to everybody I said hey I saw this Break this support and my goal was to see this go over 20 It didn't go over 20, then we saw all of this news come, and I'm like okay This is getting a little bit risky here, and I was like This is not about to happen and as soon as that broke.

I set my stop losses They triggered I had 25% And I actually left it 25 25 50 because I was a little bit optimistic about I was like You know even if these do trigger. I mean at least I'll have that 50 percent right here at 18 1 and I was hoping that wouldn't trigger and it did and I was like alright That's it. I was like that's I'll take my profits. So I I took my profits I'm very glad I did so for my friend.

I told them hey What you need to do if I were you personally not what you need to do I gotta watch my words there with the legal aspect of all this, but anyways Especially as we grow guys. You know at the end of the day nobody can give you guys financial advice I do want to mention that I see a lot of you guys asking like should I do this should I do this? I think a better question would be you know Maybe asking first and foremost like do you know anything about this coin? You know when you're on the community chat a lot of people ask on the community chats Oh whoa, what's the price going to go to are you buying? Are you selling and I think a better question is just asking like more in-depth questions that can allow you to start Herman for yourself what you want to do so at the end of the day I'm just one person This is one perspective, and I don't know everything I can take my past history and trading in the stocks I can take my past history trading in traditional markets commodities assets my Forex background and apply it to this But at the end of the day, I can't apply your decisions.

That's something that you have to make for yourself, okay I'm double-fisting right now guys This is water by the way, I don't drink any soda. This is water. It's healthy So he says I just sold my kidney to go all-in on but coin Lifted he said you do know a lot. Why did I talk about verge? It's a giant right now.

Let's look at verge What's popping with verge? Let's see what's going on with verge real quick pull up v XG USD and See what's going on with verge? Let's see here Is it not vxg man? There's so many coins that I look up now that I forget these tickers for the coins that are past the top 10 Which is probably my fault but? Let me get that I Think it's vrg right vrg USD than me pretty sure I know this one No, what is it guys you can probably be faster than Google? Xvg thank you Thank you, brother whoever did that? Xvg USD perfect there you go. Let's go ahead and look at verge. Everybody's going all crazy about verge Descending triangle once again if you guys are on our discord a lot of you guys are you guys know how the descending triangle looks basically you go down here to The resources oh by the way for the new people somebody said where is that at the link is in the description below? Discord is actually a mobile application on your phone It's also on the desktop, and you can actually use this as a browser version as well It's a free resource that we offer here Just go in the link in the description, and that's where the discord is but you want to go to trading 101 And once you go up here You can look at the descending triangle as you can see there's a previous run-up if we look at this chart here You can see this previous run-up right here on this left hand side and then this obvious drop back up back down Or into a double top here as well That's a different strategy, but we'll just keep it at the descending triangle if we clear all these indication levels by the way I told you guys that if it broke this channel the other day that probably wouldn't be a good idea to continue With Verge obviously, I like the technology as a long-term investment And that's why I didn't put a full position in there yet And I'm still looking to purchase and this is what this is all doing by the way guys everything that we're seeing here is just Lining everybody up here to get really good discounted prices on all these coins because either the day Speculative values speculate a value, but what's gonna happen is all these coins are gonna Start dropping and dropping and dropping because obviously bitcoin is controlling the market right now as you guys can see We go to coin market cap Bitcoin still over 40% dominant which is a huge number? I mean when it was at 64% that was ridiculous so 40% is still pretty big and You know as you can see all these coins are following Bitcoin except ripple But there's no reason so somebody said why isn't ripple gonna continue to go up Very simple if you guys look at ripple right now.

You look at the BTC value of ripple it probably just skyrocketed so there's different Patterns you can look at you can look at USD charts or BTC charts, right? So I guarantee you the BTC chart of XRP is just skyrocketing right? I haven't seen it yet, but we'll pull it up together here and what I want to show you guys is Why? Ripple is not going to be able to sustain these prices, and it's it's very simple. It's just the fact of its being over it's overvalued right now compared to where bitcoin is that right now because typically you'll evaluate market prices with the most dominant aspect of the market which in this coin obviously is Bitcoin and When you're evaluating ripple against Bitcoin Prices have just never been as high as they are now I bet let's go ahead and pull it up it's just not loading now so bear with my Mac computer here it loads this data Oh by the way
We're doing a little night owl' tonight Exclusive for our patreon so just so you guys know a lot of you guys were asking me we had overwhelming numbers I think we just almost we're about to hit 3,000 members on our patreon so it's getting a little bit harder to use these Huge voice chats here, so we're gonna be doing a special one just for our patrons.

We also have this exclusive area here under Crypto instead of main chat. There's one just for patrons right over here We just started this one today, so this is gonna be just private for anybody on our patreon if you guys want to find out how to do that the link is under the Contribution, so I just wanted to let you guys know about that announcement But let's go ahead and just load it up. Oh, yeah look at that price for BTC Check this out guys yep, so let's pull up the one month here I Don't see I don't see Ripple sustaining this level here the fact that it was around 2000 satoshis for so long and now it's at what is this? 8000 almost 9,000 Satoshi's so from 2000 to 8000 satoshis and Less than a month really it was only Almost like a you know a week or two It was at this was at thousand Five hundred and ninety-eight Satoshi said now. It's at that's insane 8000 approaching 9,000 Satoshi's guys.

That's a parabolic amount of growth I Just you know if you were to ask me. Hey is it hit peak I would say this is pretty high for where it's at. You can't determine magnitude, but it's pretty high and I can definitely see a Downfall in that price right there, and it's gonna. It's gonna be Pretty brutal in my opinion. Are we gonna sustain a dollar? I don't know Litecoin and aetherium have been holding up pretty good Which has been surprising at least towards our all-time highs of course litecoin is still under 300 but at the end of the day it was only $90 about a month ago, so It's still pretty stout the fact that it's been able to sustain all growth in my opinion at least so – is at 1142 still maintaining over a thousand iota still maintaining over three dollars and ninety cents Card ah no right over 40 cents.

I mean. This is still pretty stout growth Bitcoin cash still over 2500 I mean a month ago, you'd be crazy to see it at those numbers so pretty awesome right guys Neil said rip, we'll all go to the moon. I still I still really like ripple ripple is still definitely something that Why don't we do? Why don't we take a vote real quick guys if you love Ripple if all if you really like rippling you like the technology Like this video right now.

Let's see how many likes we can get from just saying that and I guarantee you it's blowing up right now. Yep look at that Look at that. It's blowing up right now. So obviously we like Ripple. I love Ripple I made a video about why I think 2018 is going to be great for it But but here's the fact of the matter we have to understand and come back to reality and say all right The market right now is all based upon speculative value And we have to be cautious to what we allow to penetrate our Mindset when we're trading so a lot of these news channels.

You know they're talking about and when I say news channels I'm talking about you know just the basic Bitcoin news websites. You know they can really hinder your perspective I think the best place you can go is to an individual an actual person get their insight get their perspective find out why they think that and then Determine your own response To the perspective that you've been exposed to and that's what I would recommend for each and every one of you guys That's really what helps me with trading. I take different perspectives I see what's really tough being talked about right now in the market and I go for myself and I find out and evaluate exactly what I want to believe in and the position that I want to take in that specific subject so of Course we're seeing these basic support levels form up here They're all very weak support levels though as you can see none of them are consistent with pricing this one's at what? 10 cents this one's right at 10 cents just a lot lower So we can we can put these lines here, but the end of the day, I just don't think that these lines are really going to be as credible and as accurate to this price as It would be if it we see how we saw actual channel form so I'm not going to draw that let me pull up something here, so Verges going down obviously a lot of these coins are gonna start going down X RP is starting to go down Let's pull up LTC really quick light coin somebody asks for light coin Litecoin is yep that's definitely starting to go down It's still within this channel it popped a little bit on top of it, but yeah, it's definitely going down I mean with these price levels guys if you guys want to draw a pattern in this I mean yeah You can look at this is the sending triangle, but at the end of the day what you have to understand? Is these charts still need to mature because? It's the same thing when we saw prices rallying upwards.

Let's pull up. Eth USD when prices rally up and Then you want to put in a position, and if you're a smart trader. I guess or not that there are stupid traders, but if you are a You know a trader that actually Thinks about his positions and strategizes it then You're gonna want to wait for a channel to form that's what I'm doing at this point a matter of fact my by position for Bitcoin I'll show you guys this so I've been thinking about when I'm gonna buy back because that's been my goal with Bitcoin and when I look at this chart I see Actually, let me show you guys how I look at these charts just for a second here So I pretty much put a 50-day moving in decay moving average here And this is how I determine my potential buy position let me go ahead and pull this up here So if you guys go to trading view you can actually click three moving averages and you can see the low mid and high and They'll pull up all three for you, and you can see on the same chart.

I'm still looking for Bitcoin to go back to around its 50-day average Which looks to be around? $12,500 So if it can go back to that realm that I can definitely see myself putting in position I think what I would do is once again. I'm gonna use the three later strategy and possibly purchase back at 12,500 so that would be like right around and Then I would probably put I'd say 30% of my position there And then I put another 40% of my position right under around 12,000.

It does get to that area And then if it doesn't go lower than that I would put the remainder of my position around 11,000 750 Just because I don't personally see it going that low compared to that and if it does that would it be good for Bitcoin because at the end of the day You know if it goes under 10, that would be pretty bad I mean if If it goes under 10, we can most likely see I wouldn't say it's a bear market yet You guys have them send a bear mark is different than a correction a correction is just a sudden drop a bear market is Where things are just dead for like? Months and months and months and just no volatility no price action. No price movement. It's just going steady as it Goes kind of how ripple was for a long time at 25 cents right so um Let's see we got on the stream Hopefully is this helping out guys just speak in my mind out a little bit.

Can I get your autograph? You're a celeb now look mom I made it. Yes bride Webster said what is your view on Tron? I? Get a lot of requests, Bryan. I haven't looked at Tron yet, but I definitely would want to check Tron out soon I am doing a pro folio review for any of my patreon 'he's that you know have that tier so if you guys go on patreon first we need to be on the discord? Then I will be doing portfolio reviews up to 8 Because I've been getting a lot of requests to do all that so I I had to start some sort of system Somebody said seems legit yes. Yes, yes, thank you now hey no problem. What up Scott good to have you man Booklet said yeah Do you think Virgil go below 10? I? You know once again? You're asking for magnitude when you're asking for price You're asking for Where do you think the? Magnitude of this drop is gonna be and at the end of the day you can never predict magnitude guys because that's all based upon How many people are going to be selling or? buying their positions and Price is always the turn upon supply and demand that's just not something you can predict in a market like this So at the end of the day, I can definitely look at price movement That's how I was able to save myself from losing a lot in Bitcoin It was because I determined that hey I see a price movement coming and it looks like it's going down however I didn't know what the magnitude of that was gonna be and I'm just glad that I did sell because At the end of the day, I pretty much sold at the top here around I mean my last position was sold around eighteen thousand two hundred fifty, so I think that's pretty good And I alerted everybody that I was doing that just like I always do I share all of my positions with my community and now I'm actually doing trade alerts as well for patreon so somebody said what's your opinion on red coin a lot of people are talking about red coin I Heard it.

Did take a slight pullback today So I definitely would want to do more research on that as well you guys always ask me about the coins that I haven't liked That's what's funny, but it's always like you know a coin That's probably like top 50 top 60 top 70 so you guys have to bear with me it takes me a while to actually make an opinion and form an opinion about a coin because I look at everything I look at the white paper and look at the team I Still need to make my video about how to evaluate ice use I think that would help you guys a lot more than asking about An IC o—- to me because you know I don't mind you guys asking cuz some of them I do know about but a lot of them I still have ty I still need to do research upon them, and I don't like to talk about something.

I'm not specifically Competent on because then you know it's just an accurate. I don't want to talk about anything. That's inaccurate What exchange to use I can answer that one fire clan fire clan? What clan are you and man? Uh-huh I use three primary exchangers right now Gemini coinbase G Dax and Finance for my altcoins those are my three favorite I've been looking to do more in bit tricks But I haven't gotten the chance to but I definitely want to start using bit tricks.

I heard that it's an awesome exchange Sumin sig Dale Scott said what about quant stamp QSP? What's your thoughts on the future and price predictions um? That's something. I would have to look more into as well Scott Let me see really something really quick because I have seen quant stamp. Let me pull that up here Where's that on market cap is it over a billion already? My goal recently has been to really look at any coin over a billion. Oh that nowhere near billion, so that's at 92 million right now Ranked 118 so I haven't had a chance You know I am I going to look at this realistically you know if you're not on our patreon Probably not right now. Just because I have a lot of other coins to look at sorry about that Scott But um you know I definitely would want to see that a little bit higher in market cap but you know for my personal investments I'd like to look at things that are lower than a billion, but in terms of YouTube purposes and community purposes a lot of you guys asked about the top 20 So that's where I focused and I put my primary focus on AD eggs awesome actually drew I loved 80 I actually saw an interview today with the founder of AD a card on oh he actually used to he worked on etherium and You kind of created card on o as Almost like his own project away from a theory and once he was done with his work with aetherium Vitalic so I think that's an awesome Coin I actually do have some card on.

Oh, so I do hold card on. Oh, and I'm very excited that I do because It definitely has been going up over the past couple of weeks now. It's how much lower is Cardano right now Hey, cut that was pretty low right now Is that 43 cents negative 13 points six five so? That's on xlm Jaffe Hehehehehe masca. Let me check xlm out real quick for you, but it will take some requests in just a second through YouTube Let's take some requests. We'll do that in just a second Let's go ahead and look at xlm, so I'll definitely look at more requests here But let's look at stellar lumen Looks like what we're forming here in my opinion is Interesting because you do have some support doesn't seem to be going down as much as it could be for some odd reason I'm glad you mentioned this coin, so we do see some support levels here on 23 cents and It looks like Wow I I do see a head and shoulder forming So this may be breaking point soon, so you do see a head and shoulder here you guys don't know what ahead and show Everybody somebody said what is a head and shoulder okay? Let me describe that for you What does a head and shoulder okay so if you guys go on our? Discord so the link is in the description if you're not on this already just go to the discord down below click trading 101 And I'll show you guys exactly how that looks so a head and shoulders I was looking for an inverse because that would indicate a price move it up but we see a regular head and shoulders here as you guys can see a Head and shoulders top has an uptrend followed by some consolidation With another uptrend that goes further than the left shoulder and then it goes back down, and then it goes right back up in the equal Price point that left shorter is that and if this is lower or higher? That's fine as well That would indicate a different type of head and shoulders, so it's not a head and shoulders top But we're not going to talk about that right now just for basic purposes And then you have a neckline the neckline is where you see all the support levels being built Obviously the uptrend was before the support was being built, and then eventually this leads to a breakout this is actually the action this was the exact thing that formed with Bitcoin that allowed me to Sell my Bitcoin as I saw the head and shoulders forming and I made the decision to sell Bitcoin So I'm seeing the same exact thing here.

You know as you can see you've got this neckline right here You've got the head right on top right there You've got the two shoulders forming so what I would say is if it does break here I would have my stop-loss is ready and set I would probably set it right below this right here because we did see a hit Bottom here, but our sign was let's pull up RSI really quick I'd like to see if the RSI hit bottom there that would change a lot of my stop-loss price points here You guys don't know RSI is its relative strength index. It's actually a really good Indicator to see whether or not you want to buy or sell especially for swing traders, so If the RSI goes below 30 what that indicates is that coin or whatever? You're trading is pretty much under Bob, so it's not as many people are buying it's pretty much added, too Low it's called a bottom is what it is if it hits under 30 twice within the same period of time as you can see A hit bottom right over here, but if it goes over 70 so that the threshold is 30 to 70 There's different types of RSI indicator some of them would go from 20 to 80 okay on what you're using But we're talking about a basic general standard RSI if it goes over 70 as you can see right here This is where the RS eyes look it is this purple Graph in the bottom.

Do you guys all see it? Awesome so our sight when it's over 70 that means that coin is being oversold So I'll give you an example if you can see this price move it on the top left. It's pretty much like the second Uprising price where it went down it went all the way up to around 29 cents you can see the RSI was at peak level 70 was at actually 74 so this would have been an indicator this coin is being overbought right now Overbought means you probably should sell because that means now there's more demand than supply and when there's more demand than supply Prices go down, and the opposite is when there's more supply than demand I'm sorry opposite say-so when there's more supply and demand the prices go down when there's more demand than supply the prices go up That's why you see Bitcoin with this huge price increases, so as you can see here this means that the demand is getting extremely Low compared to that the best way to explain it I don't want to confuse you guys so some people are some things that I'm confused okay understand this when prices go over 70 our saigo Goes over 70 that indicates overbought and that's typically a time to sell so if I would have sold here Prices would have consolidated I would have made my profit, and then we hit bottom here so what I would do is I would set up my stop-loss see if I do have a position right now in xlm I would set up my stop-loss right here where you saw this previous bottom under RSI and that would be around 21 cents and Then I would probably sell I'd say in this case with everything.

That's happening with all coins I'd probably sell 50% of my position at this point And then I would set up another 25% of my position to be sold around 20 cents And then I would take let me see there's any other indicators here Not really, so I would take the other 25% sell it around 19 So if it does start dipping I am safe and sound nothing's gonna happen to me And I'll be fine, so let's take another request on our YouTube channel so if you guys want to request a coin to be looked at just posted in the YouTube chat right now See what you guys got What he has got for me just turn on some music for you guys to give you guys a little bit of some Jam Somebody said XRP iota eins TM x RP b t CX r FB by Nantz bro Head lift heavy, and he said, bro typical I like it oh And Pete good to have you Pete good to have you Shoutout to brian webster donated $5 ready to be a patreon.

Thanks for all the tips, and if you can message me about Tron on Discord that would be great Absolutely Brian yeah, send me a message Man you you actually have access to our exclusive somebody said what the heck is a patreon? I'll show you right now So we have a special area here for our patreon so if you guys aren't on our discord The link is in the description below. This is a free resource. There's no ads nothing. It's one of the best apps I've ever actually used to educate on crypto. We actually developed all this for you guys It has all these definitions Here a market order stop order limit order you guys want to be a part of a community We have this whole area here for you guys to chat in all the coins are listed if you want to talk about Bitcoin aetherium ripple iota litecoin Everything is here. We have voice channels here.

This is just an awesome resource for you guys if you guys want to check this out But somebody asks what a patreon so patreon is actually you go to your contribution. You actually get this special blue name here And you also get the ability to use our patreon chat so this is where we're gonna be afterwards so tonight We're gonna do a patreon only night out what that means? Is if you are part of our patreon so you will have the ability to join this night owl? and you know what you'll want to do is go down here to voice channels and clicked patreon voice and only patriots can join this channel, so Everybody that's a patron can go down there so even you Brian if you want to talk about your call Just go down there We can discuss anything you guys want in a more closed environment So I'm looking forward to having a lot of you guys there I think we've had an awesome run up here shout out to all our new discord members by the way We're just blown up.

I think we hit over 3000 today now, so been pretty cool Really appreciate that guys it's been doing very very well, but let's take your requests here somebody said XRP let's look back at X RP So we'll pull up x RP right over here guys x RP USD and Like I said X RP is about to drop in price And it's I mean certainly a one dollar nine cents guys at the end of the day if you want to talk patterns It's for me descending triangle. That's just the truth you saw this run up I guarantee if we pull up to 30 minutes sharp will see you descending triangle forming here Yep, perfect look exactly how descending triangle looks.

Let's go on our discord really thick I'll show you guys How you can use this discord to your advantage, so you go here go to trading 101? Right on top here. Go to tools trading 101 and then pull up the descending triangle and as you guys can see It's exactly what we're seeing here So we're seeing this initial price movement coming down From where it came out from so I'll show you guys exactly how that looks here So you see this price movement going down back up down Slightly back up back down, and then that's exactly I would this any triangle would look on this chart right here, so breakout would be down here and to breakout in this case would be negative so It's gonna be interesting to see that What is your number one exchange Joey B? I have all of my exchanges on the discord guys if you guys just go to resources here Just open up the resources and then just pull up On the top of this page, and then if you got coin based G Dax, Gemini Gemini I like it because it has high deposit limits G Dax is the best because it's free you can withdraw and deposit For free you can also trade for free and you can send Bitcoin for free coin base is really fast But it has high fees I'd like to use the instant credit card deposits when I really need Bitcoin fast and then for all coins there's bit tricks politics But my favorite is Finance because I actually have the b-and-b Token which I actually make a video on that a lot of you guys ask me How use the B&B token but it allows you to trade all coins for extremely low transaction cost I? Also have all my chart resources here as well, so if you guys want to look at the resources It's all in the discord the link is in the description below So it's going to take some requests here guys post your requests on the chat somebody said I Messaged you on discord if you can give me the rink on it Yeah, man will definitely talk about I think we'll talk more about that in the night owl if you don't mind Brian I'd like to do something more intimate with my patrons so like I can only do so much about Your requests right now because I would still have to look into that coin a little bit deeper somebody said Virg XRP iota einsteinium We can look at einsteinium Let's go ahead and look at Einstein a miracle.

That's EMC – somebody requested einsteinium Brite what did you mean by the rank? Let me? I'm gonna pull up the discord message right now a MC. – USD okay perfect i'ma pull up your message. Oh you went Okay cool We'll talk after the streamer. I just got your message. Thank you for sending that out to me But yeah, we'll do the the patreon You know we'll see how big the night owl gets, but we'll definitely have a one-on-one discussion on that Wow yeah we saw this wow that is a huge sell-off guys look at that That's why I don't like looking at 30 minutes sharp To be really honest with you But even on the one hour my gosh look at the moving average just crossed Wow Look at that high just went right under that is insane I Mean there's only so much to say about this just to be really quite honest with you I mean, hopefully you didn't lose money. You know and Is there a pattern forming I mean obviously it's going down so You know there's this negative channel here, but this is crazy guys You know you're gonna see a lot of this with these altcoins just going down because it was all speculative value You know that's that's really all we saw over the past couple of days I'd watch this channel form see how that it can form up We may be going back to previous levels at the end of the day You know if I think this is a better question if you guys are gonna.

Ask me all right? Well when should I buy you know because this may be a buying point let's look at the positive side I love looking at the positive side of things not the negative side so the positive side is yes We are going to be able to buy some coins at really low levels right so somebody said what's the best? Price one can purchase ripple so rich Raj. Let's just answer that question and talk about right there so Wasabi Lifts every said wasabi do you like wasabi man does that help whether you're lifting? So he talked about ripple.

He's like what what's the best price? I can buy ripple at I think if you're asking what price I think the better question is saying hey What pattern should I be looking for to purchase ripple right so when you're looking at the patterns versus the price Patterns are going give you an indication of where the price movement is headed versus trying to determine what price you want to get in It you know it works for some things I mean if that's your strategy like I know some people that use 50 day moving Averages as a strategy define price points to purchase but for me personally I like to look at movements and maybe it's because I have a swing trading background a day trading background And I'm more apt to making quick trades making that quick profit You know as it jumps in price making the sale? But I think in this market right now if you're not a day trader then you're gonna Just lose a lot of money holding and just I mean not saying you're gonna lose a lot of money holding But a lot of the holders have had bitcoins since it was you know $1,000 So they're not going to lose money, but if you bought Bitcoin at 18,000 and you're holding yeah You're gonna lose money you want to be smart with your trades.

Even as a holder I consider myself a value investor So I look at value before anything and for me to actually look at a coin and say alright I want to invest in that I'm gonna look at the technology behind it I'm looking I'm gonna look at the team behind it I'm gonna look at every aspect of that coin that I see Oh Which is why I'm planning to make a video on how to look at these icos, so? When I look at ICS, I'm really looking for a strong team I'm looking for potential and mass adoption within society because at the end of the day Blockchain technology is going to take over a lot of things not only is it blockchain technology But there are a couple big industries right now that I would call quote unquote trillion dollar industry And one of those is also augmented reality have any of you guys heard of augmented reality say yes in the chat Let's see who here has heard of augmented reality because you guys are all you know crypto currencies are a huge now Have you guys heard of augmented reality? That's another big industry, right? Jessica conser said how about that was sabe? Oh that Wahby? Joey b said yes Vihan said yes, mr.

Parker said yes multi coin trade said yes Alex and s Callaghan said yes, Joe Khan said yes odd Todd naman fire Clint Marcel Bob Pihl Paxton Spyder Salomon Aaron Brown Jay s Thomas Multi coin Pete said yes, Matthew Renshaw said yes, I like that name. My name is mr.. Renshaw. Good to meet you sir Pete mikkel honest, I don't know about that name. I'm just kidding Pete Daigo. Good to have you Jessica John wandering Salman Kristian No heat, right? Felicia snap Burt's tube is it a deal What deal? Robby said bro, can you look at digit bite? I? Don't know much about ninja bite but I Assuming the price is going down right now. Have you said yes. Yes, yes everybody say Brian Ross. Good to have you Brian Good to have all of you guys here.

Somebody said where do we do the night owl tonight the night? I was gonna be on the patreon niteowl Chow-chow so if you guys go to probably shouldn't move it tonight ow if you guys go to our discord This is our discord if you guys go to if you click snipers here it's a free resource for all of you that are new you can actually get all of your trading tips here and all of my resources my favorite exchanges The link is in the description of course But we're gonna be doing our night owl right over here for those of you that don't know Go down to voice and then just click Patreon voice we already got two people in there right now So if you guys want to get into the patreon only night owl tonight Just go down to patreon voice. That's how you do it so good question Let's see what else you guys are saying We trusted I heard about it, that's good so here's a value investor I not only invest in cryptocurrency, but I also invest in augmented reality companies Why because I believe augmented reality has a huge future behind it so just to give you guys a quick example? What is augmented reality gonna do for our future well here's an example let's say you can walk Let's say a first responder walks into a building.

That's on fire right Literally that building is completely being burnt down right now. You can't see there's smoke everywhere because he has augmented reality enabled Maybe it's a contact maybe it's a glasses anywheres He walks in and he has the whole blueprint of the whole building just in front of him as if he's in a game how? Many of you guys used like what is it the? oculus rift with the 3d Whatever the the 3d games that you can buy now So literally you're walking into this building the first responder has augmented reality And he can see the whole building completely clearly not only that His augmented reality can detect the heat from the body Versus the actual heat in the fire because of the difference in the heat and temperature And he'll know exactly where all the bodies are he'll help all of the people get out of the building and just like that He'll also be able to see where electric lines are at right What's the number one cause of death for first responders electric lines? So he can see that because of its augmented reality, and he can avoid that potential disturbance so that's a technology I believe in because I think in the future we can definitely see it's almost like a It's almost like a mesh of real life and video game And I think that's completely possible with all of the big gamers out there you see kids nowadays What is the social media platform that 17 and under uses the most huh? snapchat right Snapchat they don't use Facebook They don't the people that are 17 and under you snapchat a ton which Facebook Goins That's another story.

Um the big four right Apple Facebook Google and so forth, but anyways what I'm trying to say guys somebody said Wow six money subscribers. Let's enjoy man Yes, absolutely guys. Thank you. By the way. We've I think we're one of the fastest growing I think we got the fastest growing channel today For crypto I looked at my my analytics.

I had like 15 different rewards, and I was like. This is awesome guys Thank you so much. You know obviously it's all you guys. It's not me I'm just one person one opinion one thought process one perspective and you guys have just been killing this course So thank you so much for that guys Somebody said do you think else so anyways yes? So I'm a value investor if I see something and it has value in my opinion. I'm gonna invest in it Now if you're gonna invest in a bubble That's probably not a good decision because if you're investing in a bubble prices are gonna be insane you're gonna See your net worth you know why Charlie Lee one reason Charlie Lee Sold all of his litecoin guys if you guys don't know the CEO the founder of litecoins sold all of his holdings One reason he sold all of it is because how do you feel waking up and your net worth is literally? Going fifty to eighty percent up and down every single day like how would you feel about that not every single day? That's probably exaggerating.

Maybe every week, but his net worth a week ago was almost eighty percent different than it was today How crazy would eat like you'd feel crazy, so guess what? He cashed out shout out to Joker ISM for donating two dollars through Super Tet Thank you so much brother all the super tech check donations really helped out this stream that means a lot What did you actually did you asked a question as well let me see here.

Oh? Man I missed it, let's see here if you asked a question Yeah, if you donate I'll definitely take your request that is for sure I'm not gonna miss that okay Joker ISM he said Cardano's stellar verge yeah, man. Let's do it, man. Thank you You're the first super jet donation, so I don't mind doing that let's do cardio real quick guys Maybe you're tired of hearing me right alright So let's go ahead and pull up card on. Oh really quick so Let's pull up a ta BTC first and foremost So what we're seeing here Oh Interesting so Cardona was pretty much holding itself looks like we're at 43 cents negative 13. We do see some Channels that are still in Continuation here interesting, so we're still following the channel that we drought in our last livestream yesterday As you can see we're hitting these resistance levels, and we're consistently falling back behind it now. What's interesting about this channel Let me show you guys something so a lot of trainers Don't understand this, but this is called overstretched and overstretch basically means you're not seeing price go up down up down up down But you're seeing prices almost level out a little bit.

That's typically a good sign to be really quite frank with you guys because What that means is? You're seeing a lot more price stability stability, and it looks like that's what we're seeing here. It's still a check sorry It's still a channel, but at the end of the day You know we hit rock bottom here at what 2,000 satoshis. We went up a little bit 2687 from 2600 and 2612 so not much of a difference, but I'm expecting resistance is really coming at three thousand seventy ish and the true resistance here is probably around three thousand two hundred and one so I Would say if this does break out positive? They're gonna be a potential than this can go up in price I just don't feel comfortable making these trades. This is just me guys I don't feel comfortable making these trades in any coin right now especially altcoins While bitcoin is rallying down past fourteen thousand.

I mean that is ridiculous as it's at fourteen thousand That was at twenty thousand. I mean, that's a huge correction, but at the end of the day I think a lot of these coins are overvalued right now. I think a lot of them are Based completely upon speculative value, which is what a bubble is it's speculative value versus intrinsic value or intrinsic value There's a tangible value to the coin so in my opinion. I would say Be very cautious that that's almost I can't give you training advice I'm not illegal trading advice nobody can legally if anybody says hey you need to do this you have to trade this don't listen to them my mentor taught me he said Hey nineteen if you ever meet somebody that has an extreme ideology on either end of the spectrum be very wary of what you learn and actually take in from that person because an Extreme ideology and an example of this would be all bitcoins going a million versus bitcoins going to zero That's two extreme ideologies, and I don't believe in either/or I think Bitcoin in my opinion long-term will probably have maybe like a fifteen to twenty percent Market dominance and that's long term and when I say long term in the market You know a lot of you guys over thirty are like long term.

He's talking a decade no I'm talking maybe two to five years in the crypto market Have you guys ever heard the saying a day in the crypto markets like a year in real life. It's almost like doggy time It's not talking about dog and coin. I'm just kidding. That's not good in that discussion anyways, yeah, so Yeah, that's that. That's my thought there shout-out to alex constantine another Super-tight donation, thank you so much Wow following In the footsteps of Joker ISM.

Do you believe in X RP s long-term value proposition? I love that question Alex Thank you for asking that very good question 100%. I believe in ripples long-term proposition 100% and the reason I say that is because they are already using hundreds of banks over 200 banks utilize the ripple Network Almost 70% of all Japanese transactions occur and touch the ripple net in some way shape or form That's astounding guys South Korea's two largest banks are adding ripple Technology into their banking systems right now ripple has totally dominated the market over their competitor which is Swift They've totally made an impression on the market for crypto currencies and blockchain technology however, I believe Where they're valued at right now are they worth this price. Let me ask you this this this might be a good question here, so Are they truly worth? 48 billion dollars today, I'm not talking about five years from now But are they worth 48 billion dollars today that's questionable in my opinion and the reason I say that is because This is speculative value.

Do they have 48 billion in revenue of course not Do they have 48 do they have 48 billion dollars worth of value? Tangible value probably not and that's where intrinsic value pops and so I'll show you guys right now if you type in bubble market let me teach you guys something and we're in a bubble and that's fine bubbles are healthy you want to be in a bubble because You can make a lot of money in a bubble, but you want to be very cautious to where you make your trades Which is why I highly recommend all of you guys to use stop-loss orders if you guys are on our discord I'm telling you guys. This is where we update all of our community members somebody said how the heck do I get all this information? Guys everything is on discord the link is in the description below all you need to do is open discord Whether it's your web browser your phone. It's available on every platform I was so surprised by the way let me just take a quick moment here guys when I downloaded discord And I had telegram before that I was like dude.

This is this this app ever I deleted telegram I'm like I need a discord. I'm just gonna keep it on this for now we have this whole training section We have this whole community, so I'm very excited about that Oh look at that people are on our patreon chat here now look at that dilly dally. What's up guys? Yes, we're doing our night out tonight guys so after the stream We're all gonna head to discord and all of our patreon We have a patreon special chat here that you guys gonna have exclusive access to you know our Admin team as well as I anyways yes, so when we look at this chart here is is Ripple really worth 48 billion in my opinion not at the present moment and the reason I say that it's just the technology is so early and I would love to put in a Good amount of you know capital into ripple for the long term, but it's hard to do that where you see the value It's completely distorted, and that's what I think we're seeing right now.

The only reason ripples up right now I think it's just tested and there's no legitimate reason. I think they had it like news announced today and stuff But you know that doesn't mean you can add ten billion dollars in your market cap because of this quick news That's just that's what's speculative value is and I hate to be the pessimist here, but that's just the truth of the matter I love ripple it matter of fact. I think ripple has one of the strongest teams on this whole market They have over the CEO the ex CEO of AOL is the CEO of ripple right now guys I mean he's built an astounding company I mean whether or not you think AOL still around or still thriving It was a stout company at one point in time And he was able to build that so I'm glad he transitioned away from that because it's not going too well anymore but I think ripples gonna be a lot more of a Environment conducive to growth for the CEO, so let's stop talking about that CEO Hope that answered your question brother.

Thank you for the donation the super chat donation It definitely makes it easier for me to take your questions since it's it's more obviously distinct for me But let's rather take some more questions on YouTube guys. Let's go ahead just a regular chat. Let's see what you guys have And Tony said we'll be purchasing more ripple when it goes down what I would recommend Antonio go watch my video today about how to handle a Bitcoin bubble which basically means how to handle any coin going down in value It should have probably named it that right so You know learn it stop losses learn how to set up Stop orders for your your buy orders as well because you can Truly profit a lot more if you know how to set up your buy orders correctly at the break out What I'll teach you guys real quick if you guys don't know the best time to buy a coin is at a breakout most people Think you buy low, and yeah There's some truth to that there are some strategies that utilize that oh shut out – wow we got 11 paint Rian's on this Right now guys that is awesome.

Thank you so much guys That is awesome. It truly shows you guys you know what you really you know feel about this community And how much you care about it and that means a lot to me you guys and our team because our team needs it our Team has just been cranking guys. We have a lot of things to do I you know we plan to upgrade all of our servers. We plan to upgrade this community and man We've had a ton of people join it We're definitely over 3,000 now so awesome guys so anyways yes, so you got a trading 101 here So this is where people make a mistake in my opinion they buy, right? under the breakouts and Let's take for example something easy like a pennant for example, so somebody might say alright well Why don't I buy at this low point right? Right under where you see the breakout being pointed out, and I would say this because you don't know there's gonna be a breakout it's a simple answer, so I'll show you this right now as well when you go to a chart and you look at a Breakout here, so if I were to make a purchase right now for let's pull up a for example BTC USD really quick so if I were to make a trade on Bitcoin and I was looking for a Perfect area to buy it I would be looking for specific levels And channels being formed so here's a perfect channel a perfect example here So you see this channel form from it looks like this was December 11th at 4 all the way up to around December 15th at 8 P.m..

And what you saw here was the price going back and forth don't know what a channel is once again That's what our discord is for the link is in the description below You can go to our discord and look at what a channel means. It's pretty much having a peak and a trove consistently being made within the same price region so if we go down here to Let's go to resistance and support you guys can see the definition of that Understand even when a breakout is some people don't know what a breakout is the concept whereby prices forcefully penetrate an area of prior support or resistance Usually but not always accompanied by an increase in volume Oh by the way I'm glad I read this definition for you guys so an increase of volume also indicates an increase in price, right As long as it's going that direction cuz there can be an increase in volume for selling which is the opposite direction? That's called a reversal, but as you can see so within this channel you see these support levels on the top Resistance levels on the bottom being formed you see it going up and down.

Here's a simple way I like to put it to you know if you guys have been on our live stream We do this every night, and you guys are subscribed by the way I'm loving you guys as feedback. Thank you so much for your feedback you guys literally overwhelmingly Just attach yourself to this community and it brings so much To our admin and myself and a lot of people you guys are just truly a blessing here guys. Thank you so much I Think you know. I don't know I had a guy say the other days. I don't know what I'd be doing right now Just looking at charts on my own if I didn't have this community So I really thank you guys for that just making it a homey environment for people anyways So I like to put it this way for everybody that knows me Think of a ball being dropped right here on this end and it just bounces up down up down up down That's how you can see a channel in a very simple way, so I see this channel for me obviously there's resistance being built upon 17300 46 there's some support levels at fifteen thousand nine hundred eighty eight and what I would do Unlike most traders is I would buy right here And you might ask well.

Why would you buy right? They're naive? That's pretty high, that's wrong It's on top of the whole channel well. Here's the thing if it doesn't go there Does that mean the price is not ever gonna go there? No that means the price is probably not going there Just yet so yeah, you might think that the price is gonna go up, but if it doesn't go up Then how do you know it's gonna go up. It's called confirmation. That's how I'd like to put it So this shows you confirmation that price is going up. That's why I like to purchase here versus purchasing down here Where you think oh? I'm getting a DP Oh, I'm getting this for low But maybe that's the indicator of the price going down even more which typically it is that's what happened with a Bitcoin actually That's how I save a lot of you know I saved myself so Here's what's cool.

I love this chart guys – check this out, so you see this Resistance level it gets broken here I would have purchased right here, and then guess what now what happens this resistance level previously now becomes a support level Right so now that me it becomes a support level. I'm watching the RSI RSI is pretty high at this price However, it dips down touches the previous resistance, which is now support dips right under 70 RSI have you guys note about our site I talk about all the time over 70 means overbought typically not a good time to buy under 30 means it's pretty much a good time to buy and I Would have profited right up here And what I would have done is I would have watch this RSI if I was just using so you guys know me I don't like to use all of my indicators on the live stream because a lot of you guys are basic traders So that's where I have more the advanced courses for the advanced Lessons and the videos that's really what I pay all our patrons You know I'm going to be talking a lot more advanced with you guys, but if you're basic as well That's fine, Christopher Young said.

Thanks 19 for explaining of entry points. You're very welcome, and thank you for thanking me, dude appreciation is always appreciated guys I feed off of Appreciation I love knowing you guys appreciate what we do because I appreciate all of you guys and each and every one of you guys watching this right now, so What you're seeing here? Obviously this previous resistance becomes support, and then it goes up I would have sold right here while RSI was really high at 78 so I probably would've sold right here Which I would have made all the gains but I would have been fine with that because Guess what happened it formed another channel what I would have done is sold here and done the same exact thing on this new channel So you're just literally going from channel to channel to channel from pattern and pattern from pattern you're making your trades Making sure you're just never losing money.

That's that's the goal here it guys. Just don't lose money Yeah, you might make $10,000 today, but if you lose 10,000 tomorrow, then it doesn't matter that you made 10,000. You didn't make anything That's the truth guys just being real here. I'm just getting a little bit real tonight Are you guys cool with that you guys cool that say yes in the chat you're cool that you guys cool. Be being real Crypto brats at BTC down to 13,000 You guys want me to get more real. I'll get more real. I don't mind getting realer The moderator is like don't forget to hit the subscribe button Man, everybody's gonna subscribe after this man.

We're getting real crypto Rama said yes Hervey email said yes equals, sexy. Thank you Jason said yeah fire Clint said yes, Matthew said no Lol alright man. Let me just fluff it up. Then Ellie said yes as long as I Neil said yes now he fine No man quit it That's hilarious now. You're using sarcasm, huh? No, man quit. It well the market go back up. I don't know anesthetics. Yes of course markets go up and down Yes, go blonde go blonde Why have we hit have we hit the subscriber goal yet to go blonde? What are we how far are we from 7000 subscribers? That's the real truth, so let's talk about some other coins guys. Let's take some requests as well It's post your requests in the YouTube chat. Let's see if we have any super chat Donations no perfect, so let's go ahead and you can post your requests on the YouTube chat. Let's go ahead and take some requests See what you guys want to look at today? What do you guys got for me? I'm interested to see what you guys want to look at Somebody said iota Wahby Stellar verge XRP xvg TRX alright, I'm gonna just have to guess on this one guys eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go I Don't know the rest of the song Let's go – just choose one right one two three BAM TRX G.

Mad he got it TRX TRX good one g mad. Let's do TRX Cheer X USD by the way just the heads up before while this chart is pulling up guys you're gonna appreciate this real quick So what I'll do right now is I'll take some requests on our discord as well So we also have a request right here down in the livestream area I'm gonna be taking some requests on the discourse so go all the way down here to livestream and I'm gonna go ahead and open this up for everyone and Let's go ahead and start that up here so will allow you guys to send messages on this right now, so Go ahead and go to our requests And you guys can go ahead and make your requests as You please here on our live stream chat so if you're onner discord the link is in the description below if you're not We'll go ahead and take some more requests here look at that Jacobi's already on your said verge dope coin we'll look at all that after this initial request guys, so let's go ahead and go back to our chart here and Let's look at TRX oh You might be out of luck buddy Yeah, I don't think TRX shows here unless you do it through Bitcoin Oh, I know they don't yeah, so training view does not show all coins It's more of an institutional trading chart So not all coins are shown here because institutions aren't typically investing in a lot of coins They've got some primary coins, so sorry about that.

Let's take a discord or I guess to be fear We'll go back to YouTube. Let's take a right our YouTube recommendation Let's do it again. Go ahead xcm lift heavy lift heavy users been pretty engaging, so we'll do we'll do xcm I Better see on the discord lift heavy All right nem Let's pull up nem and see how this looks see how this baby looks Man you guys are blown up the patreon huh aye man we're gonna have an awesome night out tonight Thank you so much guys. It's really. It's truly helping out our community It really does it means a lot, and it's the only way that we can function so It's beautiful wow this is a beautiful turn like this. It's almost like hopscotch in but unfortunately the Predictor has already been predicted, so we just broke resistance or support And this is minor support I only would call this support cuz it was the the bottom of this chart as you can see But it looks like we are breaking these levels and in my Trading knowledge what I would say to myself if I was trading Xcm right now is I would sell and if you don't want to sell all of it.

I would sell 25% now I'd so another 25% right under and then maybe sell 50% under that's what I did with my Bitcoin Holdings And I was happy I did because I ended up You know saving a lot of profits that I could have Eventually have lost if I would have continued that drop and you guys all watched our video today, so you probably are aware of that But I hope that helps out. It's pretty simple with this chart There's not much else I can do we can go back to history and I can do another lesson about something But I don't think that's necessary right now. I just want to show you xzm you requested it. I hope that helps Let's go ahead and check our discord. We're gonna be taking some discord requests here So let's pull up our discord if you're on our discord And if you are on our requests tab you can go ahead and post your request if you don't have discord the link is in the description below any one of you can get on discord and check us out, so I Guess we'll have to do the first one by Jacobian right let's just do X feet D He was the first one on there.

He took initiative. He was proactive Might as well just go ahead and take his request You guys enjoyed this livestream say. Yes, if you are say. Yes, if you are Fran big L said how to be a patreon could some of the mods post the patreon in the link And if alan is watching could you put it in the description pleats under the discord? You can leave the discourse primary. Thank you brother. Love you man always up and out Somebody said no alien nerd or you can get out of here, dude Jason said yes Daniel said yes you guys can stay friar Clint said yes Darko and said yes, Jason said yes edwin said yes Alien nerd said no again. Well. Now you can stay because you said it twice and that's fine because now when you I Usually do sales, and they would say if they say no, they must say it five times before you hang up I'm like are you kidding me, so I would literally call old people And they would say I can't talk on the phone right now, and I'm like ma'am you have to listen to me And they're like I don't have to do anything.

You don't tell me what to do. I'm like ma'am Ma'am listen. You need this you tell me I need something. I don't need Alright, let's stop so somebody said I did that job myself Yes, yes Jessica concert Yeah, call it you know call centers aren't fun, right? what triggered triggered this total sell-off good question Josh a couple things three things number one the sell-off was triggered because of Us approaching a big even everybody said hahahahahaha, bro Bernardo. Just started dying huh do you people will drop below 70 kozak that is a magnitude question not a Direction question so I can say I think the price is going down But I can't tell you exactly where I'll stop that's just my my opinion. You know that's just if somebody can determine price Tell me give me a phone call cuz I'd love to interview them and find out what they want You know find out what they're thinking So Shout out to Alex Constantine two dollars You said what's your trading background such education level love the stream.

I have extensive I'm really glad you asked this actually dude so I Found out about Bitcoin around 2010 a lot of you guys know my story But a lot of you guys don't so I don't mind saying it I actually was a machinima YouTube director And I used to post Call of Duty videos so that was my whole genre That was my whole gist that was my whole jazz and at one point. I needed to actually accept payments from some of my you know services that I was offering at the time through YouTube and So forth and I was banned from PayPal because I was actually under 18 at the time, and I was like man How could I accept payments and I searched for different payment methods? I found Bitcoin and at the time it was such a hassle for me, so I was just kind of like man Do I really have to buy this stupid Bitcoin to do this? And then do this just to accept ten dollars from these people and I'm like man whatever so I started buying Bitcoin selling Bitcoin around 2010 and just you know, I mean I would trade a hundred not even think about it And you know it's kind of crazy to think about that now And then eventually the Silk Road was really where bitcoins being used the most and eventually other darknet web stuff You know was just you know taking Bitcoin like crazy, and that's really where people were using it And then eventually in around 2014 is when I was like you know what I can actually just continue to move forward with this so I took all of my Traditional stock back around Forex.

I took all my assets my positions my commodities. I liquidated everything to u.s. Dollars transition that all into Bitcoin, and I was like I'm going all-in on this And I just formed a 100% narrow mind on focusing on the cryptocurrency alone And I literally just traded that for so long just trading back and forth back and forth and I realized my gosh this market is so much more volatile than at the time Forex and traditional stocks were for me even commodities Charlotte Ella Marcus Henderson for subscribing new subscriber good to have you on the team so Yeah, that's pretty much.

How I found out that's my background You know ever since I've just been trading since and I've just fell in love with the market And that's where this channel formed You know the channel is really meant to bring value Content to you guys. Not to just post videos just to get a click or just to get a view You know you can ask my admin And my team obviously we do things for SEO purposes to make sure we can get some videos trending You know that's definitely something we need to do to grow the channel But I'm not you know just full-on all caps on my titles type of thing you know that's not the purpose of this channel this Is actually a channel that we have a lot of? You know a lot of it is huge vision for we're gonna Have a lot more content creators all of you guys watching this right now each and every one of you Antonio Steinhardt Rey white Michael moist far hand Prathamesh Lorraine, oh and all of you guys watching this Jessica Veronica all you guys have the potential to be on this channel, that's that's just the truth of the matter guys I'm opening this channel up we already have one Potential candidate right now.

That's gonna potentially make a video You know he? specializes more on the user end of crypto like you know wallets and exchanges and mining So I'm gonna possibly have him starting to create content on this and then what you'll eventually see is our thumbnails instead of my face You'll see whoever is making the videos face and We'll have Multiple different content creators obviously people that you guys like if you guys don't like somebody you can just let us know but I I'm gonna make sure that we pick good people and then we'll have just a plethora of Amazing content on this channel. What do you guys think about that is that a good? Is that a good vision for snipers or not? Yes or no say yes or no in the chat and If you guys want me to get a little bit deeper real quick so understand this real quick This is gonna blow your mind guys you guys won't believe this so our channel name is Snipers like if you were to go to youtube.com slash snipers.

It'll take you to our channel so my vision is Coban said yes, Bernardo Hopefully you got some people content creators Allen alien nerd said yes coban Don said yes Tom Rose said yes amazing idea Tom said Dude, you better be on then he blem said yes, I want to see you guys on the discord man You guys are awesome odd Todd said yes name Do you recommend using tether us DT when something meets you see? I don't like the fact that tether claims that it has u.s.

Dollars backed, but at the end of it. I think it's the safest option. That's my opinion on that I just don't know if they have a billion dollars to back up all of their tether so Guys I'm not I didn't forget the first question that I was actually answering which was Why do you think the sell-off was happening so I do want to get back to that question and you'll find I'm pretty you know I'm pretty you know I get to manage my questions pretty good in my head sometimes I don't when I'm tired. I don't A lot of you guys know that you guys are going crazy yesterday. You're like man. This guy is falling asleep on this stream But I wanted I made a commitment to myself that I was in a live stream every single night and post at least one video So I'm trying to stick to that commitment Anyways guys, so yeah so the three reasons why we see the sell-off right now so number one It's the fact that we were hitting a big even what's a big even it's $20,000 That's the big even so I'll show you guys on this chart here So that's pretty much with xvg.

We just broke the xvg. We just broke Yeah, we're going down I would set up some stop losses for xvg if I did had some I do have a small position I'm just not gonna sell it because I it's just so small. I don't care about it I did not make my full position on xvg. I just wanted to touch it I just wanted to you know put a little hand on it, so I put it really small I think it was like a point three percent Position on it just to just to touch the waters I was planning to do at least 0.9 percent To one point two percent based on the calculations, I did, but I ended up just doing 0.3 Just to test it out, and I knew high numbers so for me personally I'm just not even worth my you know my my solitude right now anyway, so let's go ahead and look at bitcoins So that's what I would say about xvg by the way It's the fact that it looks like it's going down, and I hope that answered your question as well You know Alex constatine, and I'd love to see you on our disk or demand and potentially our patreon man Wow look at that guy's we're hitting another yet another Wow guys we're at 12,000 guys, this is this is bad this Is really bad guys? It's bad for those of you holding Bitcoin, it's great for those of you that want to buy Bitcoin and To be honest with you I'm really glad that we're seeing this right now, and I'll tell you exactly why This is going to give people a little bit of a reality check so when I said it was bad I'm not saying it's bad like it's a bad thing.

I'm just saying. This is a bad court like this is a bad correction That's for sure. I mean I'm sure you guys agree with that. This is pretty bad like it's going from 20,000 down to 12,000 It's about to hit 50% and I'm planning to buy around 12,500 because this is where the 50-day moving average was but With the speed that this is dropping I would say I'm gonna wait Man, this is going really fast by the way trading is a constantly changing idea Um I'm probably gonna be wrong more than him right I know I've been right a lot and you guys are like oh now You know it'll be stalking about, but at the end of the day I'm gonna be wrong more than I'm right, and I don't ever want to create that reputation of Oh names always right? I don't want that reputation, so I'm trying to break it, but it seems like I've just been pretty accurate but I'll eventually have flaws like we all do or all just human so take my perspective don't make a decision upon it that's I always recommend that but Man, we're sliding guys.

This is a complete slide I'm not worried about it because we were we were around this level just less than a month ago guys Whoa guys understand this you want me to blow your mind right now on December 1st the price of Bitcoin was ten thousand five hundred dollars, so For us to just be at twelve thousand right now a month later is Not a big deal. I think we just saw that parabolic growth and That really changed a lot for Bitcoin, but at the end of the day I think that we're really starting to see things come back to reality But I still think this is a huge speculative value on this guy's um you know.

This is definitely in my opinion This is institutional money. You know you don't see these type of Candlesticks without institutional money being influenced or manipulating it Now is it the big whales? I wouldn't say it's the big whales because you would see some really big candlesticks and some dramatic price drops this has been pretty Dramatic but not as dramatic as it could have been uh, it's you know you know what it is guys it's just as dramatic as the Uprising in price wouldn't you guys agree with that I? Think this is just as dramatic as how we saw the prices go up Obi-wan said I'm chilling or the big wheels pulling out out Neal.

I don't think just yet Joseph mr. Joseph so I think the big whales still have their time to pull out But this is just it's it's really just hitting levels that you know we saw a month ago Somebody said it's shooting back up Picardie, man. Yeah, that's what you always say because that's where Basic investors that don't understand price movements and they purchased because they think it's low I'm gonna buy one it's low But at the end of the day what you're buying is not necessarily low It's just a speculative value that isn't based upon intrinsic value therefore Causes that bubble so if you guys you know look at this I was pulling this up here If you guys don't know what a bubble is let me show you guys this really quick so a bubble has different phases to it And understand you can make a lot of money in a bubble and there's nothing wrong with a bubble But at the end of the day you have to be cautious to where you're trading how you're trading So let me show you guys actually a previous bubble that occurred.

Why don't we look at 2008 bubble? We all I think? The best traders don't get affected by bubbles best traders know how to make money through a bubble You know a recession sometimes can be a good thing it could be a healthy recession, but as you can see here? Pretty much in the 2008 bubble you've got a different phase this year, so we'll pull up this chart here This is probably gonna be more of a biased chart But I don't mind looking at bias things because once again you can learn from every extreme ideology. I just wouldn't follow it rule by rule because at the end of the day any extreme ideology can be Unreceptive let me pull up a better chart here. Give me one second Let's look at something that it's gonna be a lot more clear for you guys to see Because I definitely want to give you guys just an understanding of what a bubble looks like and what it could be Causing here because that's typically something that people don't you know they don't really research on their own, but So here's one example as you can see it says pump and dump so you know this is obviously a more biased article But these are just previous bubbles in the past guys.

This is a popular one everybody have seen it has seen this okay This is perfect check this out guys, so Once again, this is a biased chart. Don't take this as like ok this is we're in a bubble just like this No, that's not what I'm saying guys. You know I do believe we're in a bubble We could be right here in the suit enthusiasm aspect in the bubble right right right on top We can be under media attention. We still have a lot more to go. Maybe right I still think we'll eventually see it trillion-dollar market Now we are seeing this correction earlier than I thought I do want to admit that here So I when you if you guys watch these streams. It's a daily stream I expected to put a buy order right here at 20:00 and I'm thinking God every single day that I didn't because I may have switched my Selling strategy if I did put that buy order because I would've had a higher position but here's something I always do here's here's another nugget this might help a lot of you guys so anytime I buy at Levels that I'm unsure of what I do is I set up a stop loss $1,000 below just in case so let's say I buy it 12,000 and it goes to 11.

I'll have my stop-loss there I'll lose $1,000 on every Bitcoin that I buy and I'm fine with that. So that's that's another helpful tip there It's using your stop losses effectively when purchasing your position and one thing I can do is put it $1,000 below just to ensure 100% satisfaction with my trade does that know get help out? Say yes if that nugget helped out If it didn't say no Eat shirt and die clothing Please look eth will definitely. I think we already checked it off for a second, but I don't mind doing it again brother You know me We do have a ton of requests here Let's Bamm guys we just had almost a thousand subscribers today alone. This is awesome guys Thank you so much for the amazing support guys. That's just astonishing somebody said yes Swamp man said yes Ellie. Thank you for being so interactive. It said a hundred Swamp, man.

Yes awesome and Dawn will snatch. Yes. Good to have you brother. Good to have you don Fire Clint can we get a mini course on how to use training view for the first time if your patron I'll do a mini course with you I'll do a lot of things for the people that are truly supporting us Jenny shout out to Jenny shout out to Jonathan for shots And grant Myers shut it to Suman I think one of our admin might do a training view basic course on our YouTube soon. Hopefully I'm not hunters Not sure if they are but they may be doing that soon if they do then that can definitely help you out. It's just You know the best way in my opinion to learn and I was just kidding about the patreon thing the best thing for you to do in my To learn is to just continue watching our videos, but most importantly get on our discord This is gonna be your number one area guys. If you go to the link in the description below.

We have this custom-built Discord specialized for cryptocurrency, and it's a 100% free resource opening available to each and every one of you guys And it's actually on a mobile application. It's on your computer, and it's also on a desktop and Website version and you can actually go to this Tab here that clicks now have tools and you can look and teach yourself all of these different patterns And these are the most common I put the ten most common patterns here a shout out to Alan you can also Expand this to really get an in-depth viewpoint what I would recommend get some graph paper as well draw them out get to know them Make them a part of you because this could really help. This is how I was able to prevent myself from losing money In this this this what is it this correction that we saw with Bitcoin? So I also have this section here if you guys haven't read the Internet of money I would highly recommend that as well the link is in our discord This book pretty much breaks down the basics of Bitcoin of what it is, so you guys have been looking for a book That's my book of the day.

I love books I'm always reading So that's that and then we're also gonna be having our Patreon night owl tonight guys so all of our patrons will be invited to our night owl, but let's take some requests here So let's go ahead and post your requests here on the chat Foodtag said new viewer here can usually know what you talked about wild Rob. Good to have you food cigs Yeah, so pretty much what I'm saying is Look, you know. I don't even have to say anything.

Let me just show you something. Why is it gonna drop because of this? that's why There's no way that ripple is going to be able to sustain these numbers in my opinion once again This isn't training advice this isn't legal advice legally we can't give that But what I can tell you I've sold my position in Ripple I took my profits, and if it goes back up then you know I might be wrong That's I'm probably gonna be wrong more than I'm right but in my opinion I don't see it sustaining these levels while bitcoin is just rallying all the way back down to what twelve thousand dollars I know just went back up to 13,000 obviously we're gonna see this quick buy up people think that's the bottom But typically we'll see if it is But at the end of the day guys Most people right now selling Bitcoin, and we're only you know buyers a month ago so You know we're not looking at these people that have had Bitcoin for years years and years selling them right now These are people that just bought them quick to make quick money now.

They're letting them go so that's what speculative value is that's what a bubble is as you can see 2008 bubble it goes from take off first sell off bear trap I Mean we could be at the first sell off right you never know guys This is where institutional investors come in It's the awareness phase right so there's a bear trap media attention goes a little bit little bit higher This is where things go public you can argue that we do have some media attention for sure But I think this graph was probably made a while ago because it only goes up to 2009 unless they were just kind of exemplifying this time period however in my opinion Um you know media attention in 2008 was very different than media attention today because today media is so much more public It's so much more out there so media attention today could be a different form of you know or like It can be in a different position than where it is on this chart And then it goes to an enthusiasm greed delusion new parda graham Denial and then BAM bull trap back down return to normal quote-unquote doesn't happen fear and then you see this huge So here's what you're looking for in a sell-off guys look at the difference between when it goes up and when it goes down Which one is more steeper when it goes up or down post in the chat right now? Which one of these are more steeper or are steeper? Shout out to Jessica Cotter for donating five Canadian dollars.

I love Canada. I love Toronto. I love my Ontarians Thank you so much will answer that question just as soon as we finish this discussion Thank You Jessica Um Jason Rustin Thank You Jessica for donating. I love how the community is so engaged along with me That's my favorite part about this guys. I love you guys. Thank you for doing that Always supporting people down down down down down. Everybody's JC set up Mary set up so you guys It is gonna be down that is the answer as you can see there's it's way more steeper If you guys know it steep means it's means a sudden drop and as you can see this is how? Bubbles are formed so you want to be careful guys because you can lose a lot of money But you can make a lot of money and as long as we know what we're doing we're watching pattern As long as you guys are connected to this discord you guys are gonna be connected to an inside community This isn't the news this isn't you know we're gonna talk about What doesn't matter because we can get headlines? You guys are in a community where you guys are gonna be able to get insider opinions understand What's actually happening in the market? What people are actually talking about and getting actual advice from people that don't have any sort of? Interest in what they tell you because of their personal gain.

We don't look for that you know In our discord. It's very very high-end. We make sure everybody has a verified phone number That's one reason that our discord has grown a lot, and I had somebody say this other day. They said man your discord I've never seen a discord with so much integrity in the community and Shout-out to Lando for saying that because Lando he's been an awesome attribution to our community.

He's been one of the most analytical deep thinkers and complex Individuals, I've ever met, and he's extremely helpful because of his Enlightenment and and honestly it's his personal development That's really done well for him in my opinion And he's able to really break down concepts and see a different perspective and there's a lot of awesome people on This discord guys Wow our chat is full So I can't wait for the night a whole tonight. If you guys don't know we do our night owl every night, but tonight We're gonna be doing our special and somebody said Lando our man.

Yes, everybody's saying Lando Somebody's saying what is he? Said run for president. How do you get into the night owl tonight? Where's the discord William heard again somebody send the discord link to William parody Graham? Hey, William a better seat on there brother. Can't wait man. Send me a private message say hi But yeah, I'd love to have you on there William That'd be great the link is in the description below by the way you can look at it in the description below So let's gonna take Jessica's question she asked a question here Oh by the way.

We're doing our night owl in the patreon somebody asked Let me help you answer that so our patreon only are gonna. Be able to be allowed into this night owl. It's just patreon voice If you guys want to get on our patreon if you go on our disk or just go to a general info and click Contribute patreon, and there's a link right here I'll actually post it in the chat because somebody just asked for the link, but let me and sir Jessica's question here So if you guys want to get into our night out tonight's where we do a private voice chat if you guys just want to Tune in and not talk for the introverts, that's totally fine as well you guys don't have to talk on it You guys can just come and just sit there chat and have some fun, but I'll post that right over here guys on our chat and It should also be in the description of this video so Jessica also asked. Let's see here. We had a super chat donation and Now my computer is freezing up.

What a perfect timing right? Let's go ahead and look at this question here And then we'll also take a question under discord right after this one so go on the request and I'm going to go ahead and pick one from discord or A request so it can be a question or a request I'm trying to pull up my super chat give me one second here. Let's this pull up Alright Okay It looks like let's see here, sorry guys, it's just laggy in just a little bit Alright while that's going I'm gonna go ahead and look at this chart for you guys real quick So we did get a request here for let's see here IOT Jimmy sits at IOT, let's go and look at Jimmy's request here so IOT BTC I will look at the IOT USD chart real quick so we can see something a little bit more consistent and Let's see how I out it Wow Look at that guy's whoo That is not good for outta Hopefully you guys aren't holding iota, right? This is time to sell sell sell guys wow this is harsh am I still holding my eye, or do I gotta check real quick You know I've got stop-loss to set up, but still I mean no, I'm good Yeah, that is ridiculous guys Wow I strolled on my order recently Dave.

This is huge guys This is a big drop. We're going from what $5 and $0.60 we're at 2 dollars and 61 cents that's over a half of its market cap just Finished he should have pulled the Charlie Lee and sold all his coins and made his money bought right back in right Interesting Jessica said adding TRX to okay II X in the next 30 minutes think it will make a difference. Thank you. Thank you um What do you mean by that Jessica is that a position that you're adding, or is that are you talking about? Are they adding that to the exchange is that what you is that you're implying kind of like how Bitcoin cash was added to? I'll answer both so if you're talking about You know are they adding it to the exchange? I Don't think that when some point is added to an exchange is gonna make much of a difference at first I did But I really thought about it And I almost have to think as hard as Lando does and I thought so I'm just kidding So I thought really hard about it, and I'm like you know what at the end of the day If somebody really wanted to buy bitcoin cash, and they were on coin based They could have just transferred their Bitcoin to any one of these all coin exchanges and purchase Bitcoin cash therefore in my opinion Just because the coin gets on a new market It doesn't make that much of a difference because if somebody really wanted that coin Then they would have been able to get it You know now if Bitcoin cash wasn't as readily available, and then it just suddenly got on coin base Then I could see a little bit of a price manipulation there a price movement, but the end of the day I don't think it has much to do with a You know where the coin is listed because then a day if you really wanted something you could go get it So and if you're asking about the actual position Jessica I don't you know I don't know much about TRX in general in terms of the Technology and the team so I couldn't tell you you know from a value investors perspective But I can definitely look at the coin for you here on the chart, so we'll pull it up here for you Let's pull up TRX See what we've got going on But yeah for iota I mean what am I supposed to do? I can't draw anything and we broke complete support levels Now it's just a matter of how low is how low can it go? If you want you can put a little how look you put a pole right there and just how how low can it go TRX oh man, it doesn't pull up on my chart yeah TRX is one of those I keep on hearing about it.

It never gets to pull up. We'll pull it up here real quick since We keep getting this request negative 40% well there You go and it's a two billion dollar market cap I'm surprised They don't have that on training view, and I'm not sure why they have TRX BTC. No they don't unfortunately not so Wow, I mean obviously we're seeing some price correction here as well. It does have a pretty high, Bitcoin value This is the Bitcoin satoshi value It looks like it was around December first to be around 456 satoshis and we went all the way up to 6,000 almost 7,000 satoshis yeah We're probably gonna see a big correction for this as well just to be really quite frank with you You know not to bubble anything not to guys I'm gonna tell you guys how it is. That's that I'm not gonna tell you guys something to make me feel good or just tell you something because I'm trying to I Got no other intentions other than bring you guys the best content the truth And what really matters because at the end of the day guys there's no point of just talking about something that isn't true, so I think that's huge guys.

Let's turn on this music for you guys. Let's take these questions Started for the white screen, it's gonna. See what you guys got here in terms of requests and by the way I'm gonna be right back. I'm gonna use the bathroom really quick I just need been drinking a lot of water, and then I'm gonna mute this and I'll be right back I'm gonna be taking requests on Discord and YouTube so if you want to post your requests post it as soon as I'm back I'm gonna be back in a minute and 26 seconds. Don't tie me if you want All right guys did I make it on time? Somebody said why sell somebody said pill patches and pray for bit city send your donations bit Bodi Pro said Unless you're on top lol interesting Interesting guys Hey snipers, dude, what's the best coin to invest in after the market dropped to all-time lows? well first of all Nagin good question however to not to break your heart here, but Did you unload all your ripple recently yes, I did Jonathan so Just to you know just to be really honest.

We're not hitting all-time lows right now These are just you know lows in the past couple of months But all-time lows are a lot lower than where they're at right now. It looks like iota did go to a Dollar and twelve cents at one point with this sell-off, which is interesting that could be institutional investors Or somebody just dumping a lot of it could be It could be the founder just dropping a lot of his coins because he sees price movement you you really don't you don't know who? however, you can definitely tell that you know there is some price movement going downhill, which obviously isn't the best thing in the world but This will discount a lot of coins.

Oh man RSI is way under 30 right now, so it's 21 right now So talk about under bah. I mean it is completely being trenched right now, so You guys just have to understand with this market your goal at this point is to find The best buying positions you should have already sold you haven't already Me. He'll sit sell everything because this is gonna be declared a scam soon And you know how many times I've heard that one since 2010 James right the whole system's gonna crash ah too many people are panicking have too many weak stomach in the crypto game and people are Fearful it's been great for months and people can't hold Eff mainstream media, man you gotta get a little vicious, man, I think we need to go ahead and run our night owl' right now Everything messed up. I sold everything are you still holding LTC um no I'm not holding on CC ray why l TC took a pretty bad hit as well.

It's definitely under 300 right now Let's see where we're at 243 so taking a slide as well guys a lot of these cars are taking a slide, I mean once again We saw this huge growth and this is healthy. This is a healthy correction at the end of the day now It's just a matter of what is your next move going to be? Somebody said how do I get into the night owl tonight? If it's not for all of us You it is for all of you guys you guys can all get in all you got to do is Go to our patreon and all of our patreon is actually our gonna be able to become part of our night owl tonight So so far we have 17 online right now and to become a patron just go on this website.

We're also doing some Some other rewards for our patreon like I'm gonna be doing some personal portfolio reviews For only 6 people, so I think there's a couple spots are there's only a couple spots left on that one But up to 8 coins I can look at your whole portfolio and send you know kind of like what I would do if I had that portfolio And that will also do you know we have a weekly top 5 picks of the week Sometimes it's going to be top 6 or 7 sometimes I look at a lot of a coins for the week, but I typically do my weekly portfolio for myself So I'm gonna be sending that out now and just sharing with you guys seems like a lot of you guys want that But that's all on our patreon so if you go to our livestream right here you go to actually you go to our voice channels Well what I'll do is. I'll put it under livestream right now, so I'm gonna move patreon voice down here I don't think I can do that right now, but it's all gonna be under the patreon voice chat We're gonna be doing a private one so if you guys want to get some one-on-one time with our mods And I tonight we're gonna be doing this right after this livestream if you guys don't know what a patreon is I don't worry about it, but you can go to the link check it out Discord though if you guys haven't joined our discord the link is in the description This is a free resource you can go to tools you can see all of our trading technique here And you have a whole community here to talk about crypto, and that's all available to you guys So I'm gonna start heading over to this live night owl' pretty soon guys I think we took a lot of questions and requests today I'm gonna take two more requests one on YouTube one on discord And then we're gonna head over to our patreon only Nite Owl tonight So hopefully you guys enjoy this Neil said dude once.

I do go to sleep trust me yesterday. I had no sleep I was so tired yesterday, but today I had a lot of rest because my admin said you gotta get some rest, dude you got it You gotta get on these live streams like normal not super tired Let's see if I can make this Oh Shots of tony perkins just subscribe man welcome to the community So let's take the youtube request first Let's see what people say on youtube Let's let's take a question how about that? Let's take a youtube question first and foremost see what you guys have to say any? YouTube questions Post a question in the chat right now Mr.. Showed howdy good to have you. Thank you for subscribing Alright, let's see here. Oh Shout out to Cassidy motika. Just pledged 50 She actually is she's gonna be doing the portfolio review so shout out to casitas. She's gonna be doing The portfolio review so we only have a couple I think we have five more spots left on that now so shout out to Cassidy motika for doing the portfolio review pledge Shaw – Alexandra constatine for doing that $10 shout out to Brian shot to Austin shot to Geary Shutout to Ralph shout to Manuel Shout out to Thomas shout out to mark shout out to cave Collins and all of you guys that pledged earlier zing Shout out – let's see who else we got here All you guys think you Raynor if you're on this Thank You Man.

I see we had an awesome chat today Actually, I mean I probably get you on the live stream. That would be awesome Shot it – Carl. Thank you so much brother shot – UN Owen Shout out to Paul s shout out to Zane Thank you guys shot to hit ten shots at Jacoby shot – Adam shot to Fabio shout out to nermal Shout out to her cope shout out to Jessica shout out to Tyler shout out to buck shot it to ISA Shot to Bernardo shot to mark shot it to Simon shots of Jacoby Shoutout to g'wan Jacobi's a new mod. By the way congratulations brother shot – Michael Shot – Tim Andrew I was like that's about if I missed you sorry shots at Bernard Yeah, we got tons of you guys, thank you so much for having in your shoddy. You know I love you Shots of Jack Co as well Man, I don't want to miss anybody, but at the end of the day you guys are awesome So we're gonna be heading over.

Let me take these few requests here really quick guys shots of genetics. Just pledged shut up All right guys listen, so what's your take on digit, but I haven't done enough research Do I need to do more research on that but if you want to post that in our discord ico section we can look at? That or altcoins if it's already a coin. That's out Good time to invest in LTC or ETH. I'll do a basic question so each each shirt Well Brian said do you think coin base has a big impact on the market um? It depends how you look at that as an exchange Yes but as a Company that can influence the market because they added Bitcoin cash no because then they people could have gotten their Bitcoin cash But let's go to eat certain dice question so he said when do you think a good time to buy L to see any ths? I think that's a simple answer so pretty much if you look at these charts here I would say continue to watch these charts for a channel to form that's what I'm gonna Do I'm gonna watch the channel once I see a channel form.

That's what I know all right? Maybe we've seen some stability my goal when I'm investing is to find stability because that's all about risk management asset allocation where I asked Allocate my assets, and this is gonna be kind of hard You know I hate when I have to do this because I have to reset everything But that's right if you're on our patreon you guys are gonna be able to see my new and updated Portfolio because now I'm gonna have to wipe my portfolio down and then redo my whole portfolio So I'm gonna be picking specific coins now I've learned so much over the past couple of months with this YouTube channel and from a lot of you guys So I'm gonna be really excited to make this new portfolio. It's almost like doing something for the first time It's just better and better so I would say wait for a channel to form that's going to take our discord question here So we'll go to a requests here to our discord, and then we'll finalize the stream through this Let's go ahead and pull up requests, so we do have one when does that? I'll start soon Happy birthday, hopefully you can still do a quick pass by on stellar on Mineiro even just briefly, thanks yeah, absolutely Matt, so we'll do a quick pass by of Manero I think we already did stellar, but we can do with an arrow we haven't looked at that Just yet, so let's go ahead and look at what is it XM Are So let's do XMR USD See what pulls up here.

I mean, they're on the dollar perfect so Okay, well it's down, but that's all I can tell you man There's no pattern forming here. I can't look at these previous resistance and support level It's too far out, so we just got to wait this one out So it seems like pretty good time to industry And we're pretty down on a lot of things as if you guys haven't subscribed ribby I'd really appreciate that you guys you guys will definitely enjoy our content.

Thank you guys so much I do want to give some shoutouts here to all of our newest patreon members I'm not gonna be doing the subscriber shoutouts is now we have a lot more subscribers I think we had over a hundred just on this live stream So I can't just shout every single subscriber out And a lot of them are coming from different areas not just the livestream so it might be kind of Pointless to do that too, so but I know a lot of you guys did subscribe today.

Thank you so much R&R me hole all these other questions Michael boys I want to see you guys on the discord, please that would be awesome I think you guys will enjoy and valued the discord a lot more the link is in the description below But other than that guys you know how we end this at all times We're gonna be doing our night owl tonight its patreon exclusive If you guys don't know so only patriots are allowed in this night out.

We're gonna be starting at 3 a.m.. On the dot Eastern Time right now it's 253 a.m. So that's in the 7 minutes, so we're gonna be starting the night out on 7 minutes. If you on our discord go down to Livestream night owl. No I'm sorry go to Patreon voice here, so it's a specific area just for patreon members. We'll have a little nice discussion and other than that guys Thank you so much. This was an awesome stream. We hit record numbers once again and I'm excited to continue to post content once again. Thank you so much guys. We're over 3000 members on discord I just can't thank you guys enough. I just love saying Thank you, because I truly am grateful for each and every one of you guys, and I wake up every day I'm thanking God that I have the opportunity To lead and influence you guys because it truly means a lot to be able to share my perspective on things and all I can ask for from you guys is just to stay valuable bring good content to the table stay engaged and You guys might have a future on this channel, so hopefully that can paint the dream for some of you guys Thank you so much once again and with that guys like always snipers out

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