Why Polkadot WILL 13x SOON (DOT Price Prediction)

the crypto in blockchain world is changing right in front of our very eyes there's a reason why projects like avalanche cardano and polkadot are destroying the markets right now with each passing day the flaws of ethereum come more to the surface it's creating a high level of speculation when it comes to the next ethereum killer as they say but nothing will kill ethereum the bitcoin maxis have been trying that for years the rise in popularity of ethereum ironically is opening up the floodgates or other smart contract platforms and ecosystems to gain traction today i'm going to explain to you how this came to be and why polka dot is going to take the entire crypto space to a new level and then i'm going to give you a dot price prediction let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto the number one channel in all of the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're a fan of polka dot then make sure to smash the like button for the youtube algorithm this helps our video overlords know that people enjoy polka dot content in this video we're going to be looking at polka dot and i'm going to explain to you how it is changing the game and why it's got so much potential then we'll be diving into a 2021 polka dot prize prediction now you guys have been waiting on it but first we have to look at how the crypto world is changing you can't talk smart contracts and decentralize ecosystems without first talking about ethereum because that's where it all started and actually kind of where polka dots started as well if you're unaware the founder of polkadot the good doctor gavin wood was also one of the co-founders of ethereum like cardano founder charles hoskinson he left ethereum and the foundation to create his own project that solved many of the issues that were bubbling up with ethereum you know the drill speed congestion high gas fees scalability etc hoskinson and wood were both able to launch projects with these problems already solved for so while ethereum is far and away the first mover in the space cardano and polkadot are playing the tortoise to ethereum's hair methodically and strategically positioning themselves to compete when the time is right we're moving very close to this time for years so many projects have been dubbed the ethereum killer neo was the first to wear the crown and we see how it worked out eos tron iost tezos and many others have fallen in line none have knocked teeth off here's why ethereum won't get knocked off it's too strong and too powerful right now even with all of its flaws if dot or ada eventually pass ethereum they aren't going to necessarily knock it out ethereum has the largest developer pool right now and it isn't going anywhere there's something though that we are seeing happen right in front of our eyes it's a beautiful thing to watch for years ethereum has had zero competitors many have tried but it's never felt like they were truly challenged you think the eth community was threatened by tron at one time i felt like tron could challenge it i was way wrong and the true people under the hood and the eth community laughed at me for thinking that it could one of my all-time favorite video games is mike tyson's punch-out as a kid i love that game even as an adult still i remember playing it all the time and mike tyson was so hard to beat why because in real life no one had ever even beaten him mike tyson at his peak was so much better than every other boxer out there that it was basically a torture exercise to pick his next opponent the guy across the ring for mike tyson never had a chance now the reverberating effects of this were huge mike tyson the greatest boxer of all time in my opinion at least the most dominant and fierce took his eyes off the prize he stopped focusing he didn't train as hard because he knew he had no competition then one day buster douglas showed up knocked him out greatest upset in sports history you see when there's no competition people and companies get lazy look at blockbuster for instance ethereum having these upcoming rivals is a great thing for the entire crypto space it lifts it up the business and financial sectors are waking up to the possibilities of blockchain ethereum's leading the way here but this is giving rise to new opportunities for decentralization and integration there's an almost endless amount of opportunities for ethereum cardano and polka dot it's not about which one of these projects wins they all win they're all going to eat away at traditional business models so let's take a look now at how polka dots specifically is going to get their piece of the proverbial pie contrary to popular belief very real pie is only second to peek and pie and the pie hierarchy but to summarize what polka dot is it's a multi-chain interchange with what we call pair chains no this is not the new rebrand for atl wrapper 2 chains it's different pair of chains are basically side chains that can be customized to be interoperable with other public blockchains while ethereum tokens get built on top of the ethereum code you can think of polka dot as an ecosystem where each token built in it connects to the polka dot chain this is why new polka dot ido's or initial dot offerings are about to be the hottest thing in crypto we will be covering some of these ideos soon so make sure to subscribe so you get the latest info on these new projects as they come out there are going to be so many good ones there already have been in addition to the pair chains infrastructure the other thing that kind of defines polka dot is its backwards compatibility to ethereum polka dot adapts to the current ethereum network but ethereum doesn't adapt to the polka dot network you kind of think of it like this on uniswap you can currently exchange ethereum tokens for one another you can't exchange an ethereum token for a polka dot token directly on an ethereum decentralized exchange like uniswap or bitswap but you can exchange a polka dot token for an ethereum token on polka dot dexes like pokeswap when it fully launches trying to explain how to use a decentralized exchange to someone newer to crypto is difficult enough by itself i just did it last night but then trying to explain to them how they can only exchange erc 20 tokens on uniswap or bitswap leaves them scratching their heads they don't even know what that means so the point is while unispot has been crushing it last year why would you use uniswap if a dex existed to where you could trade all coins including bitcoin without the need for rap tokens like rap btc in short you wouldn't there'd be no reason to and i can tell you this one of the top questions that i get asked all the time is which exchange out there exists where people can get access to every coin in short it doesn't exist at least yet you're handcuffed by erc 20s or other erc token standards on unit swap and buy whatever coins are listed on american exchanges like coinbase or binance us polkadot can change that and investors around the world are taking notice of the insane potential of dot's ecosystem that's one reason why dot is absolutely pumped over the last month and a half when you look at its numbers wow as dot was crushing all-time highs it also was announced that an index fund in switzerland was launching on a stock exchange think greyscale trust for polka dot but just from a different company one of the biggest opportunities of course for polka dot is in the world of d5 which is where ethereum shine brightest amid its flaws last summer was insane and so many killer projects launched and pumped in d5 but now even some of the biggest d5 winners are starting to investigate the prospects of a multi-chain interoperable ecosystem like dot one of those projects is curve equilibrium a market maker company is going to be building cross chain integration to polka dot and i doubt the curve is the only or the last project that will be branching out to the new ecosystem part of the huge defy run over the summer was the ease at which new finance projects were launched via unit swap we could be getting ready to see the same thing for polka dot and its idos a dot d by explosion sounds good to me but how much can the cost of the polka dot coin actually increase dot's up 200 over the last 30 days but here's the thing polka dots started out with a much bigger launch than other projects it debuted in the top ten pretty hefty accomplishment way more than gavin woods barber could ever hope to achieve in my opinion this still gives dot a pretty high ceiling but eventually it could run into some problems due to the fact that many investors will look at it as not having as high potential is lower ranked projects with smaller caps now i believe from here dot can see a 13x by the end of 2021 giving it a price of 326 dollars per dot expensive little tittles but that would give dot about a 300 billion dollar market cap what do you think where do you believe polka dot can go from here also do you know what a tittle is drop your comments down below also smash the like button if you want more polka dot that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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