Why Is Cardano So Strong ? (Crash Proof)

Hi Everyone, have you ever wondered why Cardano
was able to attract so many people when other coins are struggling to build community. I've seen many new people joining the ecosystem
making the mistake of focusing too much on things that are not relevant yet. Today we're going to see that a blockchain's
ability to attract people, is more about having core values than crazy innovative technology. Being able to rally people and keep them in
an ecosystem is more vision, than the technology.

Hello Everyone, My name is Jérôme. I make videos about cryptocurrencies, trying
to bring unique perspective about the markets. Apologies to you guys for being away for the
last two months, I caught covid, and had to take time to let my lungs recover. My voice is also recovering a little bit each
day, and my voice will be on the soft side for a little while, so thank you so much for
your patience. Today's i'm going to share with you why I
think we should be looking at blockchains like brands and the video will be divided
in three parts : Part 1 : Why should we look at blockchains
like brands ? Part 2 : Is Cardano like Apple, and Ethereum
like microsoft ? Part 3 : Other Tokens with great branding. We're going to end off with the french quote
of the day as usual, so watch until the end. Alright, Part 1 : Why should we look at blockchains
like brands ? • Blockchains are networks.

Networks of information, networks of value,
and networks of people. • Everytime someone joins an ecosytem, the
more valuable it becomes. The reason is that when someone joins, it
creates one more node, that people than start interacting with. This is what we call network effect. • Language is a great example of network
effect : Everytime someone is learning english or any other language, it increases the number
of people you can interact with using that language. • So as more and more people learn it, the
higher the perceived value because you can talk with more people. • So joining a blockchain ecosystem has
a lot to do with perceived value (ie branding) in my opinion. • The reason you are buying Apple over Samsung
or Nike over Adidas, is mostly because of the branding and the core values that brand
is communicating to you. • You're not only buying from those brands
solely because of their products. There are often times better ones out there
but those brands are conveying something to you bigger than the product : Lifestyle, Self
Growth, Fairness, Equality, Sustainability etc… • So you tend to chose and stick with the
brands that are aligning with you in terms of values.

On top of this, Not only do you tend to rally
towards a brand that has the same value as you. When you really like a brand, you talk about
it to your circle. • Blockchains because they are networks
remember, are no different than this. Humans are social animals, and we will most
of the time seek like minded people and communities with the same values, to interact with. We chose to be part of groups that represent
us, rather than staying alone. • Having great branding and core values
is very understimated at the moment in the crypto space. Most of the people are looking at things from
a Technology standpoint, but the market doesn't seem to care about the technology right now.

• If you look at the Blockchains that performed
the best in terms of price appreciation recently, they are the ones that had the most network
growth : Cardano, Dogecoin, PancakeSwap. • Cardano is an extremely good example. I think its one of the most misunderstood
project, because people are solely focusing on the tech and utility when they should be
focusing on the network growth. • On the other hand, the blockchains that
have performed the worst comparatively, are the ones that had the lowest network growth
like Tezos, EOS, Litecoin for example. • So start looking at blockchains like brands,
because those are the ones that will rally people the fastest, and they're also the ones
that will be able to retain their ecosystems, if values are strong enough. • 99% of people in the crypto space fail
to realize that Branding and values is everything. Or at least one of the most important part
of a fast growthing network. • Next time you're looking at a project,
I want you think about the branding and core values of that protocol.

• If it has deep values, and you feel like
its strong enough to pull people in and trigger network effect on top of having utility, you
have your next gem. • If the project is replacable, then you
probably should pass. Part 2 : Is Cardano like Apple, and Ethereum
like microsoft ? • So as of today, I do think that Cardano
is more like an Apple. • The reason is that people joining Cardano
are joining because of the protocols values and vision. • They believe in its slow and methodical
approach, in the need to provide economic identity to the people who need it the most. • If you think about it, there is no reason
why Cardano would be standing in the top 10 with 0 apps running on it. • The reason it is, is that it has the ability
to unboard new joiners much better than any other crypto. Why, because Cardano is standing for something
very clear, with clear values. Its branding is like Apple to me. It has values such as Discipline, Patience,
Compassion, Equality, Fairness, and integrity.

It stands for something worth sharing with
people around you. • Most of the people joining are staying
but also talking about it to their close circles. I think this is one of the reason why, Cardano
has soo much visiblity and strong network growth. • On the other hand, you have something
like Ethereum, which is objectively speaking, more of an utility protocol than a strong

• When you think of Ethereum, there isn't
really any value that comes to mind. It makes me think of Microsoft in a sense. You use it because you don't have other alternatives
and you will never praise the benefits of that product. • What's giving Ethereum value is the size
of its network because less than 1% of Ethereum wallet has ever interacted with smart contracts. So its not a utility driven market at the
moment. • What's very interesting is that Cardano
is the only player taking this approach of being a value driven cryptocurrency. There isn't one cryptocurrency out there that
stands for something as strongly as cardano does. Some might, but $ADA has the best delivery
to the market. • My prediction is that thanks its core
values, ADA will far outpace other networks in terms of growth (it already is). The branding will snowball into something
much bigger than most people think.

Cardano is onboarding people from the heart,
hence why its keeping people in its ecosystem. Okay Part number 3 : Other projects with great
branding. • I'll just throw names that i've looked
recently. Its not a recommendation to buy them at all. Dont forget to do your own research before
investing. • Axie infinity is the first one : it’s
a video that has great design, great gameplay, huge community, very active exchanges on the
marketplace and the video game space is usually a good one when it comes to rallying people. • Pancakeswap is the second one: I love
the UX/UI, the unboarding process is crazy good and the community is showing huge growth
as a results. Simplicity is a value that the Binance team
is leveraging like no one else. Some people will not like this one because
its running on Binance Smart Chain which is not really decentralized, but as some point,
I think Pancake will be forced to integrate cross chain capabilities. • Sushiswap is the third one : I just love
the whole universe they have created, it feel really really good and everything new they
are building are using their japanese vibe and terminology, which is extremely pleasing.

Pancakswap and sushiswap are protocols that
are generating great revenues for tokens holders, so you have a mix between great product, brand,
community, and also utility as well which the market will soon reward in my opinion. I will do more in depth video reviews in the
future. So I hope this video was helpful, now you
realize that its not only about the tech, but also about the community and ability for
a protocol to convey its core values. In 5, 10, 20 years time, technology and systems
will evolve and be replaced, but beliefs and core values won't. If you want to support my channel, please
consider staking with my Cardano Republic Stakepool. It supports me to create more content like
this. I have a new type of video coming up. So stay tuned, and once again thank you for
your support. Let's end of with the french quote of the
day from alfonse de lamartine, its been a while : Un grand peuple sans âme est une
vaste foule.

A great nation without soul is just a large
crowd. So take a step back from technology and hype,
focus on projects that have deep core values, try to integrate this in your analysis. And you will be able to pick the highest quality
coins out there. In the future I plan to make other formats
of videos, so stay tunned for new content. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Join the telegram channel if you haven't already. Thank you so much for your support. That was jerome
Until next time BBYE.

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