Why is #Bitcoin Crashing? Reasons of #Cryptocurrency Market Crash | #ChinaBan on Cryptocurrency

So before I start this video, I will quickly turn
on the screen recording of my phone because what I am about to show you is very shocking
and what you are about to watch, you will see something and understand something and
what I want to explain to you, It will blow your senses, then at the moment you look at
the screen and now see that all the cryptocurrency from bitcoins to dogecoins all are breaking,
only USDT is not breaking, because it has USD support behind it. Otherwise, it moves
according to USD and all the other cryptocurrencies are breaking.

Why it is happening is a big
question that the whole cryptocurrency market is crashing. Let me also give you more important
information. Within the last 7 days, $ 600 billion has been and it means that cash has
come into people's pockets. But you know the video I am making, we are making it in the
evening and what Happened within the last 2 hours. What happened, In just the last 2
hours, people have sold $ 500 billion out of fear.
These $600 billion are withdrawn from 7000 token coins. And from this whole cryptocurrency
market $,1100 billion has been withdrawn. So what is 1100 billion dollars one billion
dollars is 7.5 thousand crores if the dollar is 75? now calculate in front of you
I said 7500 crores, so it is one billion*1100, can you see this is this much of money, you
purchased 10K and 50K or one lakh, what does it matter, it matters.

Now I tell you, what
is going on. If you are thinking that the market is crashing, we should sell it.
Before that, go to Google and write Fear and Greed Index, now what is this Fear and Greed
Index? Write, a website comes in front of you, then click it and just you are going
to see something. You are going to see something very important. Here's the fear Index coming
up right now is 31, which means people are scared, too scared.

Now when the sentiment
is created out of fear in the Market, what do people do, people sell, people sell. And
that's what rich people want. You must have heard that the rich people, want to suck the
blood of the poor, have you heard that how do they suck especially inside cryptocurrency,
well, no one will give you this information, but I am telling you that what is happening
so there is a strategy in the Crypto Currency, which we called Pumping and Dumping Strategy.
Now, what is Pumping and Dumping? An atmosphere of fear is created. China banned cryptocurrency,
as it did earlier. So, why this news is being raised more in the market right now, because
rich people want you to lose your money.

Rich people want you to leave your money, forget
it, the loss is done, book the loss and if you do It, you take a look at the graph of
any cryptocurrency. You will see that first went up then went down. Then went up then
went down. In this way, you will see this graph and then this is what you see that the
market has lost 30%. From here so many markets crashed. Then what shall we do? You see this
graph, the graph is going up mostly on cryptocurrency. I am talking about those whose market cap
is high. I am not talking about small tokens, but you will see that graph. What happens,
whenever a cryptocurrency starts, its promoters want it to multiply. It should be 10 times
or 100 times so that people say that this much money is increasing. We will put money
and people start putting money here and that's when their money increases. You saw it a while
back, Bitcoin was 45 lakh, so now people say that if it goes up more than it, we will not
buy it, because it is very expensive.

So what they want is to drop its price, by which we
buy people, but if people buy and the price is to be dropped, then people will also suffer
and that is what they want, they sell their coins, so what do you think? How many coins
you have, you have nothing. As much as a promoter of that coin has, now
who are these.

I will tell you in upcoming videos. I told you that I am going to give
you some deep information on cryptocurrency, then what I am telling you here. Just see
this, if they sell here Market breaks. It seems that the market is crashing and people
come here and sell them, sell ​​it and They sell it and the rich people see that
this is the buying opportunity because Warren Buffett has a very good rule, have a quote
which he always says that be fearful when everybody is greedy and be greedy when everybody
is fearful. Are people fearful now or are they greedy, you will say that they are fearful,
then what should we do according to the warrant Buffet? It doesn't mean that you just go and
buy now, look, maybe the market will go down further and go down a little but if it starts
forming a little support.

If it starts coming up, people will have booked a lot of their
loss. You will buy it here. I made a video earlier on the video on bitcoin and trading
and I said that people make mistakes. They always buy at all-time highs and then their
loss happens and the market also crashes at that time. I will give you a link on the I
button you can see that the market was crashing at that time and after that time the number
of people who invested, their money Increased. But people who become greedy, when you look
at the index. I have shown you hear fear and greed index when you see that people are getting
greedy at that time sell it Play this in such a way that I will trade
and book profit and that is it.

That profit came, sell it. What I did, let me tell you.
What I talked about in that video in front of you is that when I took the dogecoin, then
its rate was Approximately 24 or 26, so people felt that 24 and 26 are too much. I knew that
it would go up a bit because Elon Musk is lying behind and promoting, then the rate
came to 36, but I sold it on 36 because After that the position that will be formed will
become ₹ 50. It turned 50 plus. But now people are greedy and I was looking at the
index because people were getting greedy, then I sold it because I got very fearful
that anything can happen after here. Now, this bitcoin has hit ₹20 again. So, We have
to buy now, the answer is no.

Relax, just see what the market is happening. Maybe it
will go down more but if you want to buy then buy because it is not very long term. You
are doing this because you think that you will make some money, so buy it when it is
down, because it might rise and which coins, whose market cap is more, are being marketed.
People invest in such coins that they have not even heard the name that it is increasing
and when it is increasing then there is a loss from there.

Here comes the final point
that if you invest in any cryptocurrency, then how much money should be invested, this
is a big question, only as much as you are ready to lose because if you think that this
money does not matter to me. If you think that ₹100 matters for me, then invest only
₹ 100, why do you just put ₹ 10,000, because you are greedy that my
10000 will become 50000 and 100 will become 500 or ₹ 200. It doesn't matter, you did
It for fun, It made a lot of difference. So, Now it comes that if we want to invest in
today's date in CryptoCurrency then where to do it. See, there are many platforms, but
I would like to tell you that there is a platform called CoinDCX | Go, which are also sponsors
of today's video. Just now that I showed you the app, I showed you their platform. Now
by going to their app, you can buy any bitcoin and or whatever popular coins are, and you
can see many coins here.

For example, you want to buy bitcoin, you want to buy only
for ₹ 10, you can purchase BTC for ₹ 10, as you swipe to buy, that is, you bought BTC.
The biggest thing is that if you are buying then whatever cryptocurrency you have, remains
insured because it is insured then you can trust. Finally, you will remember it here,
because the bitcoin market is risky, it is a volatile market. It can go up and down a
lot. Profits can be very high and loss can be very high. But the loss will be there,
only when you will sell. Now the question comes that many such people can lose their
money, so what to do now, just see, if you do not lose want to your money.

So don't sell now,
you see, if you have bought dogecoin for ₹ 50 then your heart must be hurting a lot. A heart
attack will come, If it becomes ₹20 within a day or two my money is reduced to less than
half. Who told you to buy it here? You only felt that it would grow but it did not. Now
here if you put only as much money as you are ready to lose, that I can lose then it
will not make any difference. But if you put more amount in the greed. You will lose your
money if you will sell and if you will not sell, it might grow. So see, Warren Buffett
has a rule, don't lose your money and the second rule is
that see rule number one that we don't have to lose our money. So where the whole market is attached, that sells
it, I do not know what will happen next.

This is what rich people want you to sell and they
will buy from here. Now in some time, it may happen that you will see that the entire cryptocurrency
market will revive and it will. You see about waves of Corona that how the waves of Corona
is going on, The first wave came, then the second wave
third wave, many waves of cryptocurrency are yet to come. Its end has not come yet, so
it will not happen that everything is over. Money lost, it will not happen. If you put
money somewhere, you buy stocks and wait for a little.

Don't lose your money. I don't want
you to lose your money. That is it, If you like this video then share it soon. If you
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