Why I’m Sticking With Google – Pixel 5a

– Who's in the market for a Pixel 5a? A 31 year old with braces. Just joking, I run a Pixel 4, and it's a retainer, 'cause I forgot to put it in last night, and I got to get my straighten on. 5a, it's pretty interesting,
except that it's not, because it's the same as the 4a, let's take a look at it. It's kind of a weird
place for Google to be in, because with the Pixel 5,
the flagship started sucking, and then the A-Series was kind of better. But now, the flagship 6
is supposed to be wicked, except that I hate the way it looks. And now you've got the 5a, which is almost literally the
exact same as last year's 4a, you hear that lisp? Jesus.

But it's like Apple has the SE, and they probably would have just not made a refresh every year, but Google was like, "Hey,
why not just refresh it?" It's mostly the exact
same, it's slightly larger and I think it's metal now. The cameras are the same,
the SoC is the same, the battery is bigger, though, and that might just be
all you need to know. Because I've had a Pixel 3 and a Pixel 4, and in both cases, I've
had battery issues. The 3 I had to RMA because
the battery was so bad, it couldn't get through,
like, one game of Catan. And then this one, which
I've had for maybe a year, just in the last couple of days, I've noticed, I'm plugging
this thing in like twice a day.

It's hard for me to measure
'cause I'm already a grazer, not like a plug-in-over-nighter. "Welcome to your new Pixel. Tap for tips." Hmm, we love tips around here. "Learn the essentials." Okay, look at this tutorial, it's great. I think I should know
everything in here, right? That's my job. Let's compare it to this flagship. One of the things I like
about the Pixels here is that they're very small. They're one of the smallest
phones you can get, especially if you don't get the XL.

This is actually way
bigger than this Pixel 4 and slightly bigger than the 4a. And it's quite a bit heavier, even though this is like
more metal and glass. Scale, scale please. There he is, there's my boy. Pounds? What use is that? Only 164 grams. Only 175 grams. So it's only 10 grams more, I guess, but I think it's 15 grams
more than the last 4a.

Honestly, I think more
people should just buy these. I think we don't need
to spend $1000, or 1200, or $2,000 on a phone. I think for most people,
you're not gonna notice. The camera on this thing is great. The screen's only 60 Hertz, but hey, that's all we had like two years ago. Are iPhones still on 60 Hertz? It's fine, it's fine for most people.

Look, it's snappy, yeah, it's brand new, but I think people are just, their phones are like their
genitals at this point, instead of having a nice car, you don't have a car
cause you live in a city and you're a millennial
who can't afford it. So you just buy a nice phone. Look how cool my phone is. Stop it. That's right, David, there's a headphone jack on the top. – [David] What? – Again, so stupid. This phone has a way bigger
battery than last time and a headphone jack, it can
be done, and, guess what? It has greater ingress
protection than the last one too.

It has all three, the
trilemma has been solved. Imagine that. This is exactly like my
current Pixel, I mean, that makes sense, it
has the same software. You know, it's a lot
nicer to look this way. This part of the studio is kind of uggo, I mean, you guys are handsome. The stabilization is great. It's high enough resolution. This is fine, stop buying
iPhones, save your money. Remember that ING Direct guy? So, display-wise compared
to the predecessor, it's just 0.2 inches more screen. It's fully wrapped round, it's got the hole punch
up here, it's all OLED.

It is 60 Hertz. Also, they dropped the facial
recognition from the flagship and in the A-series,
starting from the 4a to now, they have the fingerprint, which is back, Wish I had had that during the pandemic wearing masks the whole time, this sucked. I've been using my pattern,
like a peasant, for a year. And you know, the fingerprint's
always been faster because you can actually unlock it while it's still in your pocket
on your way to your face. The next one on the 6, it has like a belt that goes across, which I hate the look of, but maybe that'll prevent rocking. Also on the 6, they're using
their new Tensor silicon, their in-house silicon. So, this could be the last Pixel phone that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon. And I don't know if that's
gonna be a good or bad thing, but if we're looking at M1s, it seems like vertical integration in that realm is a positive. All right, let's listen to
the speakers of this baby. But before I do that, it's time for Jono to
throw something at me.

Ah, ha ha! Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm so glad I'm not Linus. This is awesome. It's a dbrand grip case with
an unflattering screen grab from WAN Show. Oh, that's rough, man, he just looks like super
stoned and pixelated. At least his beard was trimmed that day, they could have done worse. He's got the dad hat on backwards, which actually kind of
matches those headphones. This is such a light case. Did they change it? This feels like (phone
case smacking loudly) slaps the roof. This thing will fit so many phones. Oh, now it feels very safe. Sorry, was this a brand new phone? That's why you get this case and you can see that it
actually comes off a little bit from the face so if it lands like this, you've got some protection, I mean, you could still land on a
pebble or something like that. Oh, oh, whoa. The buttons are definitely different. Oh, so tactile, y'all. All right, dbrand, thanks for the money, thanks for the case. It's kind of annoying to me
when you buy the flagship, because you're an elitist, and then the mid range is better, like it has a headphone jack and also, look how slim that speaker
is at the top there now.

See that up there? It's just very skinny like
you see on a Samsung phone. Back in my day, we had a huge forehead with a little speaker. Whoa, is this the default size? This keyboard is huge. (electronic music) You mean you got double the
speakerage at the bottom so you can do the handcuff
thing and point it at yourself.

The test for me is how annoyed would I be if someone was using this
as the speaker at a party, if I was like playing cards
or something like that, and this is all we had,
or I'm at the beach, how awful would that be? Not the worst, not the worst. You don't want to hang
out with those people. You definitely don't want be that guy. If you're at home and you
can't find your headphones, you just want to share a
quick video on the couch with your loved one like on TikTok or some other app that I would never use, then sure, they're fine. This phone actually did
lose a couple of things. It has 5G, like the predecessor, but it doesn't have
the millimeter wave 5G, but no one really cares because
it's not broadly available. And as Linus showed on the last Tech Tips, if someone stands in front
of you, it doesn't work.

But there's also some
mid-band that it doesn't have, which is a more of a loss. How much does this thing cost? 450? The previous one was 50
bucks more than that. This is awesome. 450? This is gonna be my phone again. I used to have a Nexus 5X. Yeah, that one was cool 'cause it had like a nice colored back. But at least this one
has a feature button, like the button is a different color. I like the little, I don't
know if you guys can see that, but it's got like this knurling on it. It's ribbed for my pleasure. "Wayne's World" guys, have you seen it? If you're the type of person
who runs their phone naked, this isn't so bad 'cause
even if you're careful with your phone, one thing that happens, is it just falls out of your pocket. You put it in your shorts, you sit in the car and
then it's so slippery that it just like works its way out and then suddenly, it's fallen
onto the movie theater floor which was covered in sticky pop.

This feels not that slippery,
it's not as bad as glass. It has the kind of a soft touch, you wouldn't actually
know that this is metal. It does have like a rubber kind
of soft touch coating on it. I think it looks really
cool and clean the way that it dips for that fingerprint reader then it comes back up, it
looks pretty awesome, seamless.

It only comes in one color, they're calling this, almost black? Because they have Just Black,
last model was Just Black, I think this is almost black or blackish. It looks actually kind of green to me, kind of like how in "The
Matrix" everything's green even when it's not. Subscribe to Carpool Critics. Another reason to get a Google Pixel phone rather than maybe even like a cheaper, or more feature complete Chinese phone, is that you get the Google features, so you got the Recorder app,
which actually is useful.

Basically, it just records audio but while it does it, it
types out a transcript. And maybe that's not the most
reliable transcript ever, especially if there's
multiple people in the room, but what it does allow you to do is easily search your audio recording. And be like, what was the part where we talked about birthday cake? You type it in, oh, that's
what they said about the cake. That's awesome, that's a
Google First-Party App.

They also have, and this is a lifesaver in today's spam-filled world, they have the Screen Call button. If someone calls you, you hit Screen Call, Google Assistant answers
the phone and talks to them. And then when they respond, it types out what they're
saying on the screen. Most scammers, as soon
as I hit that button, they just leave and I don't
even have to mess with that. And sometimes, when it is
a number I don't recognize that turns out to be the dentist, you get to answer because I
don't even have voicemail.

Get rid of voicemail, get a Google phone. You are set, your life is way better. Let's take some pictures. Oh yeah, the depth. What the hell is going on here? Is this a bug? What the hell is happening? Are you seeing this? I've never had this before. Yeah, I do get some aliasing
and lose some detail when I zoom all the way in. But when I go, even to like times two, it still looks very sharp. This is still a good camera. Oh, Linus! That is probably like
12 feet away from me. (imitates lens zoom) Still decent. I think this is pretty good, I mean, it's not like a gimmick, like, it's got a periscope on it, you can zoom into the moon, 50x. It's just very workable,
especially considering the price. And you know, you're
gonna get security updates for a long time and you're
gonna get updates first. You don't have to wait for Android to release it to LG,
doesn't exist anymore, and then for them to finally
give it to your phone like months later, you're
gonna get it right away.

So, I think I might stick with the Pixel family for longer, especially if they're
making the batteries bigger 'cause unfortunately, on this puppy, this is the one where they introduced a higher refresh rate screen and they introduced the radar thing where you're approaching your phone and it like lights up and crap, and they have like swipe gestures. I had to just turn all that stuff off because it was just draining
the battery too much. The A line's where I'm
gonna be from now on, guys. – [David] Heck yeah, join me, brother. – Preach! Unless that 6 is dope. I want to see that, maybe
the 6a is when I'm upgrading.

We didn't actually unbox it. You got a SIM card, pin,
you got some literature, you get the adapter, this
is for setting up your phone if you need to, like, ah, you wanted to take stuff
off of your previous phone and put it onto this phone, you get a USB-C to C,
that's a nice presentation, and you actually do get a charger, I've seen some rumors that
the 6 is not gonna come with a wall wart. I mean, mixed feelings. On the one hand, I don't like there to be unnecessary e-waste in the world. But on the other hand, I don't think that these
are that common yet. I still see a lot of USB Micro B chargers around and even in my house, I think I forgot my charger on vacation and then now there's like
one between me and my wife and it is not enough.

Like, it gets moved from the
couch area to the bedroom, like, where's the charger? So, I do still want one of these. Fortunately, you can get
one if you buy this phone. So cool, thanks for watching, guys. If you liked this video,
hit like, hit Subscribe and watch our other videos about phones. What's the outro for ShortCircuit, what do you guys do here?.

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