WHY iDispute BELIEVE IN GoChain (NOT Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, or Polkadot)

[Music] over the past decade blockchain technology has evolved from a niche subject to a trillion dollar market blockchain is now one of the most innovative and rapidly expanding sectors of the global economy and i dispute is pleased to announce that we are now a part of this groundbreaking technological ecosystem blockchain is no longer used just to send and receive secure monetary transactions it's a revolutionary technology which allows anyone anywhere in the world to efficiently save store and retrieve any kind of data in a decentralized and efficient way however not all blockchains are equal over the years developers design different types of blockchain network architectures each suited to fulfill different needs while researching which blockchain would be the best choice for eye dispute we took three things into consideration the number of transactions per second the average fee per transaction and the average transaction speed from the technological standpoint the number of transactions possible to be processed per second is one of the most important aspects of a blockchain low-capacity blockchains are unable to process a larger number of transactions when the activity on the network becomes too high the blockchain becomes congested which negatively impacts the performance by lowering transaction times and increasing fees ethereum one of the most popular blockchains can only process 10 transactions per second binance smart chain can do a hundred and polka dot even 1 000 transactions per second but the most efficient blockchain we found is go chain which can process up to 1 300 transaction each second from the user's point of view the average transaction fee is one of the most important factors of any given blockchain unfortunately traditional blockchains such as bitcoin or ethereum have very high transaction fees and the average cost of a single transaction can amount to 15 or even more more advanced blockchains are able to process transactions with the same level of security but for a much lower cost when it comes to transaction fees go chain and binance smart chain are the best solutions on the market both able to send cryptocurrency transactions with fees as low as one cent per transaction finally transaction speed is the third most important technological factor of any blockchain network with blockchain such as ethereum or cardano transactions can take from 5 to 10 minutes or even more to proceed binance smart chain fares much better with the average transaction speed of 75 seconds but the fastest blockchain we were able to find is go chain which is able to process a transaction in under five seconds on average all things considered go chain is the perfect combination of high capacity fast transactions and low speed it's one of the most advanced blockchains on the market and that's why i dispute is happy to announce that we have picked it to be our blockchain of choice if you enjoyed this video please subscribe like and share with your friends thanks for watching [Music] you

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