WHY I AM BUYING BITCOIN – Is the crypto correction over?

yesterday you guys saw this tweet from elon musk 
from talking about tesla and bitcoin what does   it mean i think that this tweet has a lot of 
stuff loaded into it that many people will miss   and completely misunderstand what i'm talking 
about is very simple and what it is is this elon   musk is not stupid he knows how much waste 
of energy the current system has he also   knows that bitcoin mining a lot of them are 
using renewable energy because it's cheaper and   obviously better for the environment but usually 
because it's cheaper if we have sustainable energy   and we have tesla battery packs and we have tesla 
making all these great leaps and bounds forward   for better cleaner renewable energy do not 
think that maybe they're holding that bitcoin   because there's a very good chance that they might 
be the solution for that renewable energy problem   so think about this a little bit more because 
elon is trolling all of you he's trolling all of   you to think that dodge coin is the coin i don't 
believe that's true i think he actually thinks   it's a it's funny to him that he can influence 
so many people from silly things like that   and then we'll come the haters all bitcoin was 
wasteful of energy blah blah blah okay sure it's   also the most secure network on the earth so now 
today we're going to look at what's happening in   the markets obviously we had that dump that i've 
been telling you to take profit for for so long   now you know why and now you bought the dip 
i hope it you spot the dip or if you didn't   you still have some time we might still dip a 
little bit lower and we'll talk about that next all right guys bitcoin let's do this quick we look 
at bitcoin i had warned you about what potentially   was coming and that to take profit take profit 
take profit because i saw there was weakness in   the chart and it's still weak and we see that that 
future changed and flattened out so now we're not   seeing very good positive bullish signs at all but 
we did see it bounce off of a pretty strong bounce   off of this level does that mean we're done in the 
bounce is is it over at 46 i still think that 42   is going to come into play um that 200 ema as well 
as right there but if we can get above and re-test   and go higher that's what we're looking for but i 
do think bitcoin is getting ready for a large move   and we're seeing it's kind of kind of ranging in 
this zone right here for quite some time pretty   much since like february we haven't really gone up 
higher or lower alts have absolutely smashed how   much looks look to the point where it's literally 
by bitcoin zone if you guys have no bitcoin right   now if you're literally sitting there and you 
have no bitcoin well i have been buying bitcoin   and ethereum and other coins but mainly bitcoin 
because bitcoin when it gets down in this level   when it gets down this low and if you look at the 
last bull run where it started where it started   and where it ended we could still go lower 
but that deviation if we get this low will   be very quick and swift so you know if we get 
there you're going to want to be in bitcoin   anyways because it will only be so much longer 
right we already got down to this level it's like   pretty much the low of the low of the low ever 
you could go a little bit further to 35 or so   we get there you'd have to be crazy not to have 
some bitcoin because bitcoin will gain against   alts the second we get into this zone and we're 
almost there so if you have no bitcoin just think   about for yourself why you don't have any and what 
usually happens when we dump this hard this fast   into that zone this is just showing you that alt 
season happened this is when the last alt season   happened we're pretty much gonna go maybe a little 
bit lower but it we don't have a crazy amount much   more left i'll tell you right now that's the 
truth don't think we're going to go lower than   the lowest low and if we do it will be very quick 
and swift so just plan out what you're going to   do here because bitcoin dominance is in the levels 
where you really really want to start taking some   profit into bitcoin or into usdt but specifically 
into coins you believe in long term like ethereum   which is having a beautiful bounce back why am 
i saying that well it came back into our zone   bounced the zone and now we're having a really 
strong bullish uh candle for the day right like   we started the day way down here at about 36 37 
and uh it's it's gone all the way up to 4 000 so   it's had a very nice bounce back had a nice little 
retrace and a bounce and let's see if we can break   higher and go towards 5k i do think that's coming 
i do think ethereum is going to keep going higher   and i do think we're going to probably break this 
level and go towards this next one and remember we   have been literally talking about that since 
way down here and it just keeps going higher   so i mean if you were in eath since back down 
here awesome you were great listening pat on   your own back so coming to injective what we 
saw called it while it was coming down it did   retrace a little bit further i mean people got a 
little bit nervous and then the next day a couple   days later someone bought a huge chunk of uh 
injective it pushed the market up we hit two take   profits and then we hit our take profit one to get 
out of that trade on the way back down so proud of   yourselves in the back you probably made some good 
capital with that one and how do our traditional   markets look well they've been on a little bit of 
a retrace and honestly guys if this closes like   this today that's a bearish retest of the 21 ema 
and then we could see it come down further we're   seeing the dollar got a little bit of strength 
but really it's just a bearish retest as we   see it went below and it's retesting bearish and 
probably will come down lower in our next levels   way down at 89.

All right guys now let's have a 
quick word from our sponsors if you have not seen   zachular you will not know anything you could 
make a straight line you can make an angle line   you can draw easily a triangle properly so if your 
likes a ruler you get it okay it's nice strax so   you want a trade setup that looks really good 
right now and i'll just explain why it's looking   good and you decide for yourself so what we have 
here is a classic kegen bounce trade all right let   me just zoom in a bit so the kitchen flattened out 
went red line and we tapped off of that level okay   we had as you can see our green above our red so 
our tank and above the keychain which is bullish   we're above the cloud as you can see the clouds 
down there and our chiku spans above the candles   so all these signs are bullish this is a time 
where you would want to play out that three   dollar level and uh we'd be looking again we're 
going towards that five dollar level as the next   move up so there's a nice little retrace that 
happened here all the way down about 35 40 37   bounce and now it's going to continue on up so 
this is a definitely a trade a similar trade to   what inj was so look for these types of setups 
i'm telling you what to look for you just gotta   find them over to our buddy ksm well ksm's got 
a really nice inverted head and shoulders set up   that was that formed and it's had a nice reaction 
off of that we do know parachains are coming and   we know that there's lots of good stuff from ksm 
so keep your eyes out for ksm another one that's   had a really big retrace is alliance block these 
guys are connected to the london stock exchange   it's come down below the cloud wait for this 
thing to start showing some type of bullish   setups and then we're going to look to get into 
it um but right now it's just too much in limbo   we got bearish lines but when this thumb when this 
one reverses this is going to be a very good trade   for us so we're going to keep our eyes on 
that as well as we're going to keep our eyes   on anchor because we're seeing this bull flag set 
up really really nicely we see that kijun bounce   trade that happened right there where it went up 
and what we're seeing right now is a little bit of   a lull on in terms of the volumes you can see 
how volume dissipated very very hard after this   big move for anchor so usually when that recoils 
sometimes we see the next move up so we could see   something like this where it's had its first no 
really first second big leg but then we would see   along the lines of our next movement being 
explosive towards that level towards like 400   500 sats i think it's gonna break all time high 
flag next level flag next level that's generally   what it does we've had the first flag then next 
level expansion didn't really it's kind of been   slow watch for the next expansion it's coming all 
right guys so another day another project today   we're going to be meeting with scale swap scale 
swap is going to give us a basic overview of what   they're doing on polygon and why this is a project 
that you could potentially be looking at it is not   out yet it's one that's coming out and they will 
be doing their own ido on their own platform so   it's one that you very very likely will be able to 
get in and now let's welcome everyone stan ralph   great to have you guys here today thank you thank 
you jordan nice to meet you very much awesome   so well guess we'll just start off about what 
is scale swap and i guess what problems are   you guys solving with it right so skate swap 
is an ideo launch pad um and we are built on   layer two polygon as you said so this is one uh 
piece of the cake uh the the gas fees that are   really um annoying and on the other hand um we 
have a new form of of valuing the contribution   of our community with a scale score system it's 
a loyalty scoring system that goes be far beyond   just holding some tokens you know so we give power 
back let's say also to the ones um which are only   holding some of the tokens but which are loyal 
that's our mission nice so how how would that look   just i guess to give someone and because i mean 
we've all been dealing with launch pads and people   are really frustrated about sizes and so how are 
you guys gonna score these people and i guess the   major thing for most people watching is let's say 
they only have a few hundred bucks and they don't   have a they're not a whale do they have similar 
types of benefits the whales do because generally   the way people feel is the whales really are the 
only ones getting these public sales opportunities   absolutely so our scale score has six 
dimensions only one dimension out of six   is how many tokens you are holding so you can 
make the mass let's say and so there are five   more dimensions where you can influence with your 
loyalty to to increase your score continuously   and you can overtake the walls pretty 
easily you know and there are things like   how long do you hold the token home many of the 
maximum tokens you're holding there are um there   are dimensions related also to pro to the projects 
that are launching in our platform um liquidity   provision so it's um it's a whole pack of 
dimension and a lot of room where you can improve   your loyalty and you can get with that guaranteed 
pool participation so loyalty program points i'd   like to see that now the question i have mainly 
is obviously there are so many launch pads   why this launch pad why polygon and are you guys 
focusing only on polygon are you going to focus   on all the chains so our research and development 
team spend quite a lot of time to understand which   of layer 2 solution is ready for production 
and it turns out that polygon is has the most   advanced technology for being production and we 
decided to launch on portable because we have   some special features which allow to seamless uh 
transact between layer one ethereum and layer two   you don't need to be on polygon for this 
you don't need to switch your metal mask   you just can be on layer one and we will offer you 
tooling uh for transferring directly to layer two   so basically we are not forcing our users to 
be on polygon but uh yeah this is very nice   feature i would say it's a really nice image 
because it's like you don't have to learn a   new thing like with bsc have to learn anything 
you have to put in the stuff in your metamask so   that's really interesting i'd love to see how 
that works people think when you first hear a   new thing it's going to be confusing but if you 
use ether bsc it's very similar so i mean and i   now that you're telling me this i'm like 
well i don't even have to change anything   exactly without the gas too right yeah for 
now polygon has very very low gasket solid   transaction because a fraction of one cent 
therefore you don't care about uh gas fees you   the transactions speak that's very fast 
the same benefits like ethereum but   without the gas piece all right so the second part 
of the question we know why polygon is cheaper but   why polygon are we only going to be focusing on 
polygon projects are you guys going to bridge   each somehow to make it cheaper for people to use 
it so what what exactly is the the ultimate goal   with scale swap um is it to just be a launch pad 
for polygon is it to be a launch pad for everyone   so basically polygon is our goal is our starting 
platform we will start we will launch with polygon   but we are looking on all other solutions we 
are looking on zero knowledge solutions zika   zing zika stark we are looking on um binance 
smart chain so we are looking on everything and   polygon has simply the most advanced stack 
and therefore we decided to use this one   but definitely we will introduce more and more uh 
other chains uh we want to be agnostic we don't   want to buy and fundraisers because our product is 
for fundraisers for people who want to raise funds   and they will later decide okay for me it's better 
for everyone i will select polygons the other guy   will decide okay solana is the best one for me i 
will choose salaam this is our vision long term   i guess for like fuel flow though i'm curious 
for deal flow when you guys are talking to people   because you're like trying to be the launch pad 
for polygon you know maybe i'm more curious to   say like are you looking more for the top polygon 
projects because you're a polygon focus or are you   looking for just any project i guess because like 
it would be really interesting because i've seen   with certain launch pads they like focus really 
on one chain and getting the best of the best   right so basically we have pretty bold targets 
so um we definitely want to get the best polygon   based projects so no doubt about that but we 
also want to get the best projects overall so   um therefore it's a two-sided strategy and we 
also want to make sure that um where um we are   integrated that there is a healthy ecosystem you 
know that there is a working decks with with a   acceptable liquidity like for for for polygon 
with quick swap and and stuff like that you know   and this is also important to us because otherwise 
you are then on a layer 2 or on another protocol   but you can't do anything with it so that's also 
very important to us that that we are focusing on   thriving ecosystems um where our projects are 
built on but we have big plans and we want to   be the uh the number one ideo platform overall you 
know so therefore we can't limit ourselves in that   perspective where can people find out about scale 
swap easiest way is scale swap dot io our website   always invited to join our telegram so where 
you can also interact stan and myself are also   in in the chat so um we are also pretty active and 
very transparent in what we are doing when is your   tge um or when can people expect it is there 
any uh ideal are you got ideo on your own   platform are you gonna id on anyone else's just 
so people can keep their eyes open for the project   where should they look definitely ido on our 
own launch pad so everything else would not be   a strong message let's say to the to the crowd and 
it will be around one and a half weeks from today   we want to go as fast as possible um life with our 
platform but at the same time also security counts   definitely definitely and this is uh what this 
is why i have some pressure here on the shoulders   next weeks because of uh coordinating 
different security audits we have for example uh successfully passed 
and audited by hacken i o very known security   company our data power smart contracts but uh 
on the other hand from next week we will start   penetration testing so-called penetration testing 
where hackers will try to break our platform   so we are we are going to launch as soon as 
possible but as ralph said this solid well-tested   application okay so guys that's where it is don't 
forget that you can easily go into the links below   in the description find scale swap that ao you'll 
be able to find their twitter and their telegram   thank you so much to ralph and stan for coming on 
today let me know what you guys think do you like   that i'm having founders come in and actually 
give you short clips of what they're actually   doing leave a comment below don't forget to like 
and hit that bell as well while you're at it okay   so let's look quickly at what's coming out today 
so today there are quite a few projects coming out   pink node launch x toddler finance donkey finance 
and pancake lock they're on various different uh   launch platforms like super starter bsc pad walt 
polka starter all those are coming out today but   uh yeah what is donkey finance donkey finance is 
coming out on superstar today but what is it it is   basically yield farming so that you can copy trade 
other yield farmers so imagine you know a guy on   bse or on eth or any other platform that they're 
gonna integrate imagine like you know you have a   buddy who's really good at yield farming makes a 
lot of money and you want to give him some money   well this will enable you to basically stake your 
money to that person and then they make money you   make money so it's copy trading kind of like what 
similar things that we noticed uh like cornicks   and um three commas did for traders this is 
kind of trying to do that for it is doing it for   farmers so i think that's really interesting and 
the other project that i've been really keeping my   eyes on is pink no this one's really hard to get 
in really hard even for me i like had to literally   ask everyone i know and beg the project to let 
me in this one's a really interesting one because   it's like infuriate on the blockchain also massbit 
was was another one that's doing something similar   for polka dot these types of api endpoint node 
services are going to be big and there's going   it's going to be great to have more than just 
infuria because the more of these types of   projects and the more decentralized they make them 
versus what infuria is as a centralized endpoint   the more the industry will scale right because 
we'll have more that we can do we have more speed   we have more nodes we can get more stuff done 
so this is the thing that when you're looking at   crypto and you're like oh what happens if a bear 
market starts again i'm looking at projects right   now that even if a bear market started by the next 
bull market it would be like a huge project kind   of think about how cosmos adam was right people 
bought in waited seriously almost forever but   then they made like a huge multiplex because it 
was a really really good project so that's the   stuff that i'm looking at right now and things 
that are building infrastructure for blockchains   they're given the tools to make them work better 
so this is why i'm looking at those projects   the question i'll leave you with is do you think 
elon's trolling you or do you really think that he   believes dodge coin is the coin for mars well 
i really want to know your opinions leave the   comments below tell me what you think number 
two i want to know if you guys truly believe   elon thinks bitcoin is a waste of energy or 
if you think he's got something up his sleeve   for bitcoin to make it more energy 
efficient looking at the markets   we had a correction will the correction be over i 
don't know i don't know if it's going to be done   yet play defense play defense why because right 
now the market isn't as sure as it was before   so play defense take profit use stop losses and be 
ready for anything to happen will the market go up   more i definitely think so but that doesn't mean 
that we shouldn't play defense and we shouldn't   always think about how to keep the capital 
in our wallets that's the most important part   that's what you all need to focus on that 
is why you're here and i'm going to help   all of you as much as i possibly can get 
to your goals of being free financially   independently and you can do whatever you want 
that you're passionate about and that you love   without the worry of financial burdens i'm coach 
k i'll see you guys on monday give yourselves   a great weekend remember to play defense and 
take profit back fat fat kiddo fat kiddle huge

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