The Shiba token rose by 20% in the last 24
hours after the coinbase pro announced that the Shiba Inu is available on coin base pro. The Shiba coin was falling during this week. so investors started to worry about the recent
crash in crypto. We saw a big investment of over $1,636,691.
on Shiba Inu coins. The global crypto market cap is rising again. Experts believe that this bull market will
keep running until we achieve 3 trillion dollars in global crypto market capitalization. There is no doubt that the Shiba coin will
maintain this current growth. When a lot of people were thinking that the
Shiba coin will not get listed on coinbase pro, today the big news arrived for all Shiba

So in this video, I will explain to you why
the coinbase pro listing will bring good results for Shiba inu? How will the coin break the May 10th milestone? How long will it take the Shiba inu to reach
$0.10? So, make sure you watch this video until the
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about the shiba inu coin. With no more excuses, let's get started. According to data from crypto currency exchange
Crypto.com, the success of altcoins such as dogecoin and Shiba inu coin drove a 54 percent
increase in crypto currency users in the second quarter. There were 221 million users at the end of
June, up from 132 million at the end of April. Altcoins had also gained popularity in recent
years due to the huge returns they guarantee as a result of crazy price movements when
compared to the old and more established digital assets such as bitcoin and ethereum. Dogecoin, the eighth-largest digital asset,
has risen 4,175 percent this year, far outpacing bitcoin's 35 percent increase and ether's
208 percent rise. Shiba inu, a new coin compared to dogecoin
launched in August 2020, has been trading flat, despite reaching a high of $0.00003628
on May 10.

Both coins, which also feature a shiba inu
dog as their symbol, had also received some support from the wider crypto community. Dogecoin can now be bought and sold on Coinbase,
the largest crypto currency exchange in the United States, while Shiba depending on the
coin user has been listed on Binance by WazirX, India's biggest crypto exchange. Generally speaking, as even more organizations
embrace digital assets, the crypto currency space has already been rapidly evolving. According to information, it only took four
months to double the global crypto currency user base from 100 million to 200 million,
whereas it took years to even reach the 100 million mark.

The second half of 2021, in particular, saw
an acceleration in crypto currency adoption as a result of a confluence of events, ranging
from Tesla accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, to MicroStrategy's continued investment
in the crypto currency. El Salvador made history earlier this year
by becoming the world's first country to accept bitcoin as legal currency. Recently, we saw a piece of big news related
to the Shiba inu coin, right now, you can see this tweet by coinbase pro, inbound transfers
for Shiba inu are now available in the regions where trading is supported. traders cannot place orders and no orders
will be filled. trading will begin on or after 9 am, on Thursday,
September 9, if liquidity conditions are met.

And after few hours, the coinbase pro team
tweeted again this, " once sufficient supply of Shiba is on the platform our Shiba USD
and Shiba usdt order books will launch in three phases if all the books do not meet
our assessment for a healthy and orderly market we may keep the book in one state or suspend
trading as well trading rules". So, if you are currently holding Shiba inu
coins, you can transfer your shib tokens for trading to your coinbase pro account, and
they said here, we should release in three phases, which is distinct from coinbase, which
says a new asset listing would be rolled out in four different phases. So, this is basically a faster delivery of
Shiba onto coinbase than what is typically allowed for, so the listing on coinbase is
very much currently underway and it's going to be extremely quick that we see shib tokens
being listed on coinbase.

Which is fantastic, since that implies we
have only one thing that's left on our list of things to be listed on, which is robin
hood. So, what will this coinbase listing change
on shiba inu? If you remember, when Binance announced that
they will list shiba inu coin, the coin rose. According to CoinGecko data, the token increased
by 114 percent in just 24 hours as a result of Shiba Inu's Binance listing. Shibu was trading at $0.000014 on May 9. On May 10, the price reached $0.000030. If you put $14,000 into SHIB on May 9, you
would have more than doubled your money the next day. Messari, claims that the Coinbase Effect,
results in an average 91 percent increase in token price in 5 days. The "Coinbase effect" is a theory in crypto
currency markets that up-and-coming digital tokens like Cardano tend to experience a quick
price increase after being listed on the large U.S.

Exchange Coinbase. The effect, has been extensively studied and
documented, and it occurred recently following the listing of the digital-token cardano on
Coinbase. However, the crypto currency consultancy firm
Messari, has published a preliminary study, comparing the impact of token price increases
on Coinbase during their first five days of trading, to the effect of listings on some
other major digital-market such, as Binance, FTX, OKEx, Kraken. according to Roberto Talamas, analyst at Messari,
a crypto currency research firm, "Coinbase listings have the greatest average return
of 91 percent, as well as the widest distribution of tending to range from 32 percent to 645
percent." at the moment, we are seeing massive growth
on the shiba inu coin.

If the coin keeps this trend. Why are whales investing millions to buy Shiba
inu coins? Recently, we saw a big investment on the Shiba
inu coin. Big whales just bought 271,875,683,607 shib
tokens. According to whale stats, acquiring the coins
cost $1,636,691. We believe that this investment will bring
relevance to the Shiba Inu project. so, you can notice that people who put more
than 1 million dollars in a meme coin, have good knowledge about what to expect on this
investment. The future of shiba inu coin. The shib token is promising, lots of people
still believe in this coin. what can help the coin reach big numbers is
the burn. We need to burn a trillion tokens. The future of the entire global crypto market
can determine what we can expect for shiba inu. According to Coin Market Cap, the total market
capitalization of all crypto currencies was two point zero two trillion dollars on August
20, 2021. This is up 160 percent from $775 billion at
the start of the year and more than 16 times what it was at the start of 2019, when crypto
currencies totaled $128 billion.

And right, now the entire global market cap
is at $2.15 trillion. This represents a massive gain and we expect
to see the global market reaching 3 trillion dollars. Token burn, can be defined as the act of removing
tokens from circulation by locking them on a shiba Swapp or sending them to any dead
wallet so that nobody can use them. And even though, how can a Shiba inu be helped
to rise? As a result, when tokens are burned or removed
from the circulating supply, the scarcity of the crypto currency increases, as does
demand, causing the price to rise. However, the Shiba inu's creator has been
staunchly opposed to this. So, we have the first inside proof from Shytoshi
that Shiba inu is making plans or hosting events where Shiba inu tokens will be burned
and removed from circulation.

The community, had also constructive intervention
to the burning effort, and that in the case of Shiba Inu. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum,
has been the largest contributor to the burning of tokens for Shiba Inu so far. Shiba Inu's future price is expected to be
$1.6 after a year by Gov Capital. After five years, it could be good enough
to justify $5. However, we all understand that this prediction
is highly unlikely in the absence of a massive coin burn. So, how's the Shiba inu ecosystem making plans
to accomplish this? Shiba Inu will begin a collection of NFTs,
or Non Fungible Tokens. For those of you who just don't know what
is an NFT is, it's essentially a virtual collectible that you have exclusive rights to. In essence, each of these items is unique
with its own right. Shiba Inu has released its first official
NFT set, and best of all, the team is working on incorporating fully automated shib burns
into to the system to change the attributes of a purchased NFT.

So, according to the description, if you send
your Shiba tokens into the a burning wallet, you could indeed essentially re-label or assign
different characteristics of your specific NFT token, and this appears to be the first
case of a burn interaction that is built within. Thanks for watching this video until the end,
do not forget like the video, subscribe, and comment down below what do you expect about
the future of Shiba token..

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