uh and it's a weird time in the project's 
history uh there's a lot of irrational exuberance   and irrational hate uh that's uh flowing through 
there's a state of disbelief in uh certain circles   in the cryptocurrency space first whether we're 
even going to launch smart contracts they're all   they're on schedule like september 12th good 
luck everybody you know it's it's a done deal   so far everything's looking great everything's 
looking green and we're having fun moving towards   it there's certainly a huge amount of work 
to do but that works getting done all right   welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where 
you subscribe because you're interested in making   money with cryptocurrency and this channel keeps 
you informed be sure to check out our interview   dropped yesterday with anthony pompliano as well 
as growth lead at kraken dan held two really great   interviews links down below check them out but in 
today's video i want to share with you the most   up-to-date information on what's happening with 
cardano right from the horse's mouth charles   hoskinson because the alonzo hard fork meaning 
dapps meaning smart contracts are still coming   on september 12th despite what the haters say 
and that's why we're seeing this excitement build   cardano reaches yet another all-time high as the 
rally continues and to put this into perspective   ada is up another 17 over the last week 
and up another 116 just in this last month   yet then why is charles a little peeved why 
is he so impassioned right now sharing his   thoughts with the cardano community well it's 
because many people are still calling cardano a   ghost chain they're saying it's vaporware 
meaning that in their minds cardano doesn't   have the activity the people the building to 
support that kind of price action in charles mind   the haters are wrong this has been years 
in the making leading up to september 12th   watch this charles hoskinson setting the 
record straight and yet despite all that   you know usual things are persisting ghost 
chain no commercial adoption immediate collapse   it's a cult nothing can work i i had some 
developer today say how can you do access control   in utxo it's it's out of this world um you know 
this is a weird space we spent as a project   so many years telling everybody exactly what 
we're going to do and exactly how we're going   to do it and we did it we said we're going to 
go do first principles research so we went and   did first principles of research where all these 
papers as a company the gkl model and you know   or boris and network stuff and so forth first 
the market with approvally secure proof of stake   protocol that didn't require bonding and hasn't 
passed the bootstrap from genesis and has all   these cool modules and upgrades i said we did all 
these things and all along the way we said here's   what's going to happen and then i'm sure there 
were some delays like for example when we had   to rewrite all the code because the original code 
base wasn't so good god that took a long time and   we just kept getting bad reports about 
how long things would be you know uh   three months turned to six months turned to 
nine months turned to 12 months it was hell   but we never gave up and we kept pushing and 
we kept building and running around 2019 was a   big inflection point in the project in 2020 
was a big inflection point where suddenly   things started gelling and fitting together and 
we were able to release things on time and we saw   the light at the end of the tunnel byron reboot 
shelley and everything's just on track and gogan   coming down and we said there's going to be 
three stops for that got to get meta-data in   got to get assets in need of multi-asset 
and then finally alonzo for smart contracts   number one for github commits all these things 
keep writing the papers keep building up and then   we said we got to go train a bunch of developers 
because it's a new development paradigm we have   extended utxo and plutus and so we go and do that 
3000 developers okay so the history is there the   developers are there even the people are there the 
dapps aren't there yet they're coming september   12th but everything else is a go and i would be 
very interested to hear what the community thinks   what you think with a simple yes i like it i 
like cardano or no i don't like cardano a simple   thumbs up thumbs down let's check the ratio down 
below and see where the crypto community stands   but moving forward our second from final clip so 
two more if all this progress has been made if all   this history exists for cardano leading up to this 
final launch september 12th what we've all been   waiting for why are the critics louder than ever 
as you're about to hear those critics have already   made up their mind despite the progress but 
luckily cardano was never really for them anyway   watch this none of these things matter to the 
critics of the project because they've already   made up their mind about cardano they've already 
decided it's not real to them it's a scam it's   a cult they've already made up their mind no 
matter what we accomplish what adoption we get   no matter what's constructed on cardona 
what you guys the community build   boy there's a lot of you building right now 
excited as hell fired up ready to go what we do   this year next year the year after we get ethiopia 
to go do something heaven's sake that wasn't   easy at all oh that's just an easy deal they 
probably bought that deal or something like that   oh my god there were so many layers of bureaucracy 
doing checks and balances just to make sure   that they could cross the t's and dot the 
eyes but they don't know anything about that   four years to get there but that's just 
astroturf doesn't matter the critics of   this project for some reason have decided it's 
a bad project and that's okay it's honestly okay   you know as we march closer and closer to the most 
significant milestone in this project's history   i always wonder i take a step back 
and ask who are we doing this for   are we doing this for the cryptocurrency space 
and the industry and accolades to get the love   of coindesk and cointelegraph and be able to go 
to the cocktail parties and have everybody pat   you on the back and say good work you did it or 
are we doing this for the world everybody else   interesting give me your thoughts on hoskinson 
on a speech on cardano down below in the comments   section give me your thoughts in my opinion 
and hey maybe this is an unpopular opinion   but on this channel i will always share with 
you my honest thoughts for better or for worse   it's not what happens to cardano on september 12th 
that is a major upgrade it's a big event and it'll   be interesting to see which different apps which 
different communities start to build on cardano   but a thousand apps don't get built in a day so 
for me it'll be more interesting to me to see the   dapps in the ecosystem how it evolves over the 
next few years september 12th is not the finish   line it is the starting line in my opinion and 
that's where we can see the potential that cardano   really has watch this final 60 second clip of 
charles hoskinson saying that we have the people   we don't have the uniswaps or the cryptokitties 
the dapps yet but they're coming but the most   important thing that we do have is you the 
community watch this and build an amazing   community around that foundation that's inspired 
and actually believes we can change things in the   world and guess what if you get a few million 
you can which is basically where we're at now   but all of that doesn't matter apparently in our 
industry because we don't have crypto kitties or   uniswap yet or these types of things even though 
next month we'll have such things but then that   won't matter because the metrics don't look 
as good to something else or it's all about   transaction fees or transaction throughput 
or whatever the vanity metric happens to be it's just crazy to me sometimes it really 
is the only thing that gives me solace   and comfort is the fact that the cardano community 
gets it you guys really do it's amazing you know   there are so many amazing people that wake 
up every single day in the cardinal community   all right i will keep watching i will keep 
following right now and as i get more information   i'll keep you updated and by the way awesome 
meeting everybody yesterday in san diego with the   carefree boat club great experience if you were 
there it was great to have a beer with you talk   crypto and if you took a picture with us tag us on 
twitter i'd love to see it but i hope to do more   of these and thank you to the carefree boat club 
for hosting awesome experience see you tomorrow you

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