Why Binance Did THIS With Shiba Inu Coin & Why SHIB Will Hit 0.01 SOON! | SHOCKING!

why binance did this with shiba inu coin the shiba inu coin popularly known as the dogecoin killer has been grabbing a lot of attention lately the reason for this is its exponential growth these past few weeks and also because it's backed up by a loyal community of supporters but what's going on with the shiba inu coin now stay tuned to the end of the video to find out hi sheba lovers welcome to sheba inu coin your daily dose of shiba if you're interested in everything around shiba this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more shiba news and let us know in the comments how much you think shiba will cost next week let's get to it also know the prices of cryptocurrencies change frequently so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value all the financial decisions should be made after doing your own research the information is given for educational and entertainment purposes on this channel and should not be considered as a bit of investment advice financial advice or training advice no purchase of cryptocurrencies is recommended in our channel crypto markets are very unpredictable and investing in crypto markets is risky shiba inu also known as shiba token is a decentralized cryptocurrency established in august 2020 by an unknown person known only as ryoshi the so-called dogecoin killer was modeled after dogecoin and has a market cam of over 6 billion dollars as of may 2021.

Because of the token's cheap price less than 0.0002 cents users can hold billions or possibly trillions it had a market capitalization of over 13 billion at the time according to coin market cap making it the 14th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization on the same day that vitalik buterin donated more than 50 trillion shiba tokens to india the price had decreased to 0.0000 one eight dollars a forty percent drop covered crf covered crypto relief fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families affected by covet dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed using bitcoin's technology on the other hand shiba inu tokens are based on ethereum fungible tokens sanchez shiba inu use the erc20 token standard whereas non-fungible tokens use the erc721 token standard according to coin market camp data the shiba inu coin experienced a return of 120 in a 24 hour period at one point the coin has yielded roughly 1 970.57 percent when compared to a seven day investorplace.com did a detailed investigation into the shiba inu coin revealing that currency price predictions have been heating up due to the enormous demand following elon musk's comments on bitcoin the cryptocurrency markets are a massive drop tesla ceo elon musk has declared that the company will not accept bitcoin as a form of payment despite the fact that this resulted in a massive drop in the cryptocurrency market it also provided a chance for new cryptocurrencies to enter the market shiba inu currency was one of the cryptocurrencies that drew people's attention following the market meltdown and people still can't get enough of it one of the best aspects about the shiba inu coin is how it was promoted the coins inventors did an excellent job of marketing it which is why it's reached its current prominence shiba inu tagging along with ethereum might be one of the best business strategies seen in the cryptocurrency industry and presenting themselves as the antithesis of dogecoin really helped build their name which is something that most meme coins struggle with this method resulted in an exponential growth in the price of the coin as well as a dedicated following on binance you can buy ship using a credit card or buy a bank transfer we provide the most convenient option to purchase ship using a debit or credit card visa or mastercard as well as bank transfers binance accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies as deposits many of which can be exchanged for ship at some of the best prices available on binance you can acquire ship with a credit card binance's world-class matching engine can process orders at a rate of up to 1.4 million per second this guarantees a rapid and secure crypto trading experience binance makes cryptocurrency trading simple and straightforward to purchase shiba inu currency you only need to follow a few simple actions binance is the most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the world with the largest trading volume across numerous crypto pairs shiba inu will be listed in binance's innovation zone and trading will begin for ship users can now begin depositing ship in order to trade shiba inu is a decentralized community building experiment as well as a meme coin comparable to dogecoin shib is shiba inu's native token and it will be the first to be published and utilized as a reward for utilizing shiba swap a respectable cryptocurrency exchange ship is a relatively new coin with a greater than average risk and as a result it will almost certainly see substantial price volatility following its binance listing before trading ship please make sure you have adequate risk management in place have done your own research on the tokens fundamentals and have a thorough understanding of the project the innovation zone is a specific trading zone where users can trade fresh creative tokens that are more likely to be volatile and risky than other tokens a day after ethereum co-creator vitalik buterin donated around 1 billion worth of the tokens to india for covert 19 relief india's largest cryptocurrency exchange has listed the shiva unicoin for trading according to a blog post the new coin was published on thursday by the mumbai-based wazir x exchange which is controlled by finance one zx ceo nishal shetty told coindesk we were receiving a lot of demands from our community to offer shib on wazi x therefore we decided to list it was it x on the other hand will neither accept nor enable direct ship deposits or withdrawals the only way to buy or train the dogecoin copycat according to shiba inu's website is on uni swap buterin donated 50 trillion ship tokens worth about one billion dollars to a crypto based covert 19 relief fund for india the day before the wazer x listing the token has sought gaining about a thousand percent in the last few weeks but has now plummeted as news of buterin's gifts surfaced according to coin market camp data shiba inu was last trading at 0.00002035 on friday morning up 15 based on its current market value of about 7.9 billion dollars it is the 25th most valuable cryptocurrency in circulation in the cryptocurrency world the inclusion of meme tokens is frequently regarded as a sign of validity according to recent reports the shiba inu coin is collaborating with google so what is google's plan with the shiba inu coin shiba you dumped the dogecoin killer is one of the newest cryptocurrencies to hit the market and some analysts say the coin's value may treble if it upwards trajectory continues the real question is when will the shiba inu be worth a dollar shiba inu sees the recent dogecoin success as a potential to produce additional upside momentum in our sympathy trade shiba inu is currently worth 3.9 billion dollars compared to 55.5 billion dollars for dogecoin and some traders may be willing to take a bet on it the shiba inu price looks to have risen from its previous low despite the current decrease and sympathy with the wider crypto market sell-off shiba inu is establishing a new decentralized exchange to compete with other decentralized exchanges such as uni swap and sushi swap if it has even a fraction of the success that prior decentralized finance trading platforms have had in the crypto market it will be a huge success the shiba coin which is the decentralized exchange's native cryptocurrency offers a variety of advantages that could boost the token past the coveted one cent level google has adopted new cryptographic rules google's financial products and services policy has been amended including its stance on cryptocurrency advertising shiba inu is currently attempting to settle above the 0.0001 resistance level according to the latest technical analysis if this attempt succeeds the price will rise to 0.00 the next resistance level if the shiba inu cryptocurrency rises over this level it will test the 0.0001350 dollar resistance level according to coin market cap the shiba inu is the most popular cryptocurrency with each passing day the coin's price behavior has sparked positive speculations ship has entered a bullish market phase indicating that it is getting ready to break out again the sheba eni coin which debuted in august 2020 and has a price of more than 35 000 has made a statement and continues to draw interest the shiba inu coin had a 24-hour return of 120 at one time according to coin market camp data the coin has yielded roughly one thousand nine hundred and seventy point five seven percent as compared to a seven day time frame for something that began as a joke that is an exponential percent of growth and its peaked elon musk's interest he's been hunting for a suitable bitcoin alternative for a long time butrin then delivered 90 of his assets or roughly 410.24 trillion shiba inu tokens worth 6.7 billion us dollars to a blank block chain address after this donation this permanently removed them from the supply of the broader market as a result of the increased attention and acceptance of robin hood the trading volume of shiba inu will increase causing investors to hold on to more of the coin resulting in a price increase so what do you guys think will the shiba inu price reach new heights and if so would you invest in it please let us know in the comment section when you think shiba inu coin will hit one dollar and make sure to subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up see you next time at shiba inu coin you

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