Why Banks Begging for XRP? 400+ Banks Are Ready To Use XRP! Ripple XRP Price Prediction today!

Something huge is included in XRP’s roadmap
and apart from developing a lawsuit related hype, the news will absolutely generate much
fame. For a company like Ripple that was founded
way back in 2012, a partnership with Accenture way back in 2015 is huge and right now, it
looks like about 400 banks are ready to use XRP tokens. But how will this be affecting
the future of XRP tokens? Will this mean that XRP tokens will be the first cryptocurrency
to be mainstream? But first, we are giving away 25 XRP COINS
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community by pressing the like button and subscribe. We know that Ripple partnered up with Accenture
way back in 2015, providing cross-currency settlement solutions for financial institutions.
Well, some of our viewers will be hearing about Accenture for the first time, and if
you are one among those, no worries, because if you know anything about consulting, you
would probably have heard about Accenture because the company happens to be the largest
consulting firm in the world, employing over 569,000 employees across 120 countries.

you could say that Accenture is a huge company, and in case if you didn't know already, now
you do. This Irish based multinational professional service company specializes in IT services
and consulting, and Accenture also happens to be a fortune Global 500 company. With reported
revenue of about 44.3 billion dollars in 2020, Accenture is also present in countries like
India, the USA and the Philippines, with about 150,000 employees in India, 48,000 in the
US, and 50,000 in the Philippines. Accenture's current clients include 91 of the Fortune
Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500. In 2020, Accenture published a paper with
SWIFT Payment Network on the potential of Central bank digital currencies payment solution
with the title “exploring Central Bank digital currencies” and how they could work for
international payments.

This paper mainly dealt with the surging interest in digital
currencies, and according to the document, we have at least half of the world's central
banks planning to develop a central bank digital currency. This is done so that these banks
will be able to reduce the use of physical currencies, Counter the effect of private
cryptocurrencies that can be a threat to Fiat currencies at the same time, improving Security
across wholesale markets. Today we have some central banks already conducting
experiments based on Central bank digital currencies, and the momentum towards Central
bank digital currencies are continuing to grow because of the massive competition from

Central bank digital currencies will also create a revolution in the history
of currencies and value exchange. But right now, we don't have any positive news with
Central bank digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies are still leading when it comes to digital
currencies. But once central bank digital currencies are
mainstream, it can affect Ripple's services, and XRP tokens might go down in value. But
you know that governments do take a lot of time to implement something, and central bank
Digital Currencies will still take a lot of time. Central bank digital currencies also
have a huge potential for financial inclusion for less developed markets to enable payment
innovations. These currencies will also be able to strengthen our new economy based on
digital transactions. Most importantly, central banks will have more control over the liquidity
in the financial system, and the distribution of these types of assets could be more under
the control of authorized institutions. But it's not all bad news for Ripple because
Ripple and XRP Ledger can act as a bridge for Central bank digital currencies because
these currencies need to have two characteristics, the first one has to be the infrastructure
and the second one has to be interoperability for cross border payments, and right now,
Ripple does have both of them and Central bank digital currencies will be able to use
ripple services for Cross border Currency transfer.

According to an official press release, we
also have the Bank of England working with Accenture to create payment networks, and
the Bank of England is looking forward to building a world-class payment service. This
is slightly older news but still does make a lot of sense in our context. Ripple foundation
has had numerous partnerships with payment companies for more than five years, with the
likes of MoneyGram using Ripple Net for faster and cheaper cross border payments even though
that partnership ended earlier this year. Most cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency
world do not have the utility that XRP tokens do enjoy right now. With Central bank digital
currencies, almost every other cryptocurrency might lose the edge that they have over XRP
tokens. But in the end, Ripple is still a payment service company that will be using
XRP tokens for value transfers. So when a lot more transactions take place within the
Ripple’s network and when Ripple wins a lot more partnerships with international payment
giants, XRP tokens value will also increase.

But you also need to keep in mind that banks
don't directly invest or use XRP tokens because most of the partnership is with the company
of Ripple because XRP may not be entirely used by banks that use the services from Ripple.
Right now, with 400 plus banks that will be using Ripple Services, it will only improve
the utility of XRP tokens moving forward, and we could also see an increase in prices
of XRP tokens, which is very positive news for every investor out there.

Right now, XRP tokens are trading at around
the $1 mark, so if you want to invest in XRP tokens, now is the right time because it is
a lot more affordable now. You would be spending a lot more money on a new smartphone, but
if you were to invest that same amount of money in XRP tokens, you could actually make
a lot of profit when XRP prices go much higher than what it is today. Most critics and Cryptocurrency
enthusiasts are bullish about the prices of XRP tokens in the future. But for that future
to be bright, the Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit against Ripple must come
to an end. We know that Ripple enables direct, real-time settlement between financial institutions,
providing an alternative to the complexities of today's correspondent banking system. While
Ripple does provide a digital asset, XRP, the banks that have experimented with and
implemented Ripple to date have chosen to use the technology to move fiat currencies
across borders.

Right now, there is no doubt about the fact
that Accenture will remain one of the top consulting firms worldwide for a much longer
time in the future. The partnership with Accenture will mean a lot for Ripple, but right now,
Ripple's priority will have to do with winning the lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange
Commission because that is what is hindering the growth of XRP tokens right now.

We also
did not witness any institutional investments in XRP tokens ever since December 2020, even
though Retail investors are trading XRP tokens really well. Even though the Securities and
Exchange lawsuit is still ongoing, the lawsuit will end soon. The rest will depend on the
investor sentiment in the Cryptocurrency market for XRP tokens. You also need to keep in mind
that XRP tokens are the only cryptocurrency that is even backed by financial institutions,
not because they like cryptocurrencies, but because they want the utility that is being
introduced by Ripple using XRP tokens. The partnership with Accenture will see the consultancy
offering Ripple's products to its clients within the financial services industry that
are looking for payment options. The firm has also witnessed an increase in demand for
blockchain-based products, and the opportunities in this segment are extremely significant
when it comes to streamlining businesses, and Ripple Services will also be an opportunity
to grow existing markets while streamlining the entire process of value transfer across
the globe.

XRP tokens are really important because it
does not force retail investors to accept cryptocurrencies, but it sure does introduce
them to XRP tokens by moving money in the background, reducing the cost to retail investors
and financial institutions alike and moving capital at a much faster rate will improve
the entire economy across the globe because nobody likes to deal with slow money transfers.
After all, the world is moving at a much faster rate, and everything that we do leaves some
digital footprint, and right now, we are also entirely focused on using digital wallets
for payments, so it makes a lot of sense that our currencies and international value transfers
must be using a much more advanced technology that Ripple currently provides at much lower
costs and are much reliable than the current Swift Payment networks. And that is a wrap for today's video. Do you
invest in XRP tokens? What do you think about the prices for XRP going forward? Do let us
know in the comment section below.

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