Who Quit Crypto? (Ethereum is Staying Strong)

just when you thought aetherium was able to get predictable throws you another curveball there's been a delay with the london hard fork but that hasn't stopped ethereum's momentum why is that is ethereum showing new strength against fudd haters and even bitcoin or is this a flash in the pan we're going to tell you today let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bitsquat the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto be sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we cover the latest updates on ethereum and its journey to proof of stake so let's get the bad news out of the way first london hardborg has been pushed back to august 4th i know i know it's pretty on par with everything ethereum development related tim biko tweeted out the update a few days ago so far it's been holding true none of that appeared to shake the prize of eath outside the normal chop we've been seeing lately but while the london hard fork brings about the most talked about change eip1559 which is the fee burn mechanic to make ethereum less inflationary there's another eip you should know about eip 3554 which is the mining difficulty bomb the delay to august means the difficulty bomb won't pop until december 1st the diff bomb is meant to freeze the proof of work network in preparation for proof of stake what will this mean for mining network speed and price action well let's take a look no no no that's not the look i want to take great now i've got that song stuck in my head nightmare fuel ethereum twitter is very bullish on the price action of eath over the next year crypto capo an ethereum trader with over 130 000 followers on twitter has looked at his e charts and thinks that the deflationary supply of eth happening this year he thinks a 400 increase is likely he also states that he thinks ethel hit 10k this year and we'll flip bitcoin and market cap in the next 12 months weird you know another twitter user one with almost half a million followers has been saying the same thing all year long who could that be this may come as a surprise but i'm a fan of sports including basketball but there's a couple teams that i can't stand one is the milwaukee bucks congrats to them for winning championship but they had to get through my hawks to do it pretty sad another team that i hate is the dallas mavericks why because their supreme leader mark cuban has been having a rough go at crypto over the past couple months after flip-flopping back and forth on the value of bitcoin then going big on a couple meme coins getting wrecked and then got butt hurt about it cuban showed his djin stripes and recently made big bites into several ethereum divi platforms over the past week so he's not doing everything wrong now we won't get into the details of mark's portfolio in this video but we do know that mark is big on sushi swap continues to bring other business owners and influencers to crypto market if you want to know about some good d5 projects hollow chabois want more bullish news about ethereum well good we're nowhere near done yet consensus founder joseph lubin believes that the london hardboard will be a phenomenon that no one can really understand how big it will affect ethereum he said we're seeing exponential demand for the ether token to run transactions to run programs on the network on top of essentially massively decreasing supply so we anticipate that there will be an enormous run up in demand in the value of ether in the second financial quarter of 2021 the ethereum network settled over 2.5 trillion dollars in transactions notes our friends over at altcoin daily that sounds impressive but just remember that ethereum is still sitting at a market cap around 200 billion dollars not trying to diminish ethereum's impact or size in the markets just giving you context for what the growth potential of ethereum can be speaking of potential if you've gotten this far in the video you know that crypto has the potential to change your life give that like and subscribe button a click and join the bit squad it's the best crypto community and all the interwebs you all already know that brazil land of sun beaches intense hair removal crushing soccer supremacy and fogo to chow has approved the first ethereum etf in latin america the brazilian securities commission or cvm approved the asset to be managed by qr asset management it will get its own ticker qe11 on the brazilian stock exchange called b3 you sunk my battleship it will follow data provided by the cme group once again south america is showing how forward thinking it is when it comes to crypto in the contrast the u.s is striking the u.s continues to fumble and bumble its way around crypto-regulation and etf applications just this year the buffoons over at the sec rejected ethereum etfs from van neck and sky bridge capital hopefully soon we'll start to turn the corner on regulatory clarity in the u.s but i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it brazil has flipped their sign over to the green side and you know what that means it's time to eat anthony diorio one of the co-founders of ethereum and crypto entrepreneur has stated publicly that he's leaving crypto behind in a phone interview with coindesk he said i'm a crypto guy and i don't want to be known as a crypto person he said i want to be known as a problem solver he also said he factored in personal safety into his decision anthony is from canada and was active in the crypto communities from the early days he started bitcoin alliance of canada he started bitcoin magazine he even developed one of the early browser extension crypto wallets crypto kit with his buddy steve dak soon after that he started on ethereum with others like gavin wood charles hoskinson and the carbon-based humanoid known as vitalik buterin anthony won't be giving up on technology altogether he's hinted that his next venture will be using blockchain while it's hard to see a crypto og leave the scene i understand that getting pigeonholed can certainly be frustrating so i wish anthony the best wherever life takes him but anthony just know if you ever need a place to land you can always come chill out at the most pro-ethereum channel on the planet and hang with the bitboy there's been a lot of chop this past week and today is no different the news about eip1559 and of anthony diorio leaving cryptos caused a bit of a downward push but that's okay ethereum is still very strong and its fundamentals are getting stronger by the day right now it seems like we're getting a rebound as we speak but have you noticed how low gas fees have gotten the past few weeks that's not just from lower volume it's because major mining pools like ether mine spark pool and my sworn enemy f2 pool have started implementing eip 1559 pricing into their minor payouts but the transaction times haven't suffered and overall the network is still performing well the difficulty is starting to climb back up which is a great bullish sign as well that's all i got be blessed [Music] [Music] foreign

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