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oh la comunidad and hello guys welcome to this space in which we will share a bit more about white bit features about the recent collaboration with – and the surprises these two guys are preparing for the whole crypto community so just as a brief introduction I would like to remind you that the white bit is an international exchange that has been operating since 2018 and has recently recently integrated – with instant sent and chain locks among its trading peers and also staking assets we are hearing more about this in a minute but without any further delay and after this brief introduction let's go down to business and hello Artem and hello Andrew hello it's a pleasure to meet you thank you very much oh we are doing great what about you I'm really really excited about this opportunity to share with the your community about you guys about what you are doing about what we expect from you to accomplish in the medium and long term short term and I'm sure the community is also excited as well so please introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about a wide bit so Artem you want to start your head ok yeah so I take care of project relations at wide bit which is basically more in terms of cooperation and strategic partnerships with projects in that involves projects like – of course and in brief white pit is an international as you said exchange you know we are licensed we're working on the Estonian jurisdiction but we basically operate worldwide and yeah so the nature of what is happening right now with – is that we are just really excited about working with big market players in the industry and that's been one of them that's how we ended up working together yeah that's that's really good to hear and I'm pretty sure that the – committees also believe well as well that white bit is another big name and we'll be on our big name among the exchanges available out there so going on with another question I would like to know what should the – common user do to register and verify in your platform if you could give us maybe a couple of tips of as well mm-hmm sure so being a European exchange we have to comply with certain regulations and that is why we have a standard kyc procedure on the white pit so in order to perform deposits withdrawals and do some trading they have to first go through purification but we have worked for months on making this process as easy and fast as possible so all you have to do is just submit a photo of your document and your selfie but it's really fast if you follow instructions apart from that we have also made a an educational video of sorts where you just when you come to the KYC page you can just take a look at the video and it guides you through the process tape step by step if you have any questions we have a list of countries that we are currently not working with those are your basic if ATF listed countries and we currently aren't working with us either but that is also a market that we are working on penetrating okay that's good to hear also it's a pretty standard it's pretty common thing to do when you register to an exchange so community don't worry about this all those kyc are just regular procedures so don't you worry and that is of course important to understand that like kyc is here in the first place to keep the user secure yeah it's not just some silly bureaucratic stuff it's also to make your funds that you keep on the exchange really safe yeah yeah that's pretty important so Arden tell me during the interview with Amanda perform a couple of week ago and you said you were going to also aim to Latin American countries so could you explain a bit more what are your expectations from this region from this particular region please yeah sure so probably we know that Latin America has been very active in terms of cryptocurrency adoption and the market analysis that we are constantly conducting shows that there's a great demand for digital assets in this region especially yeah and it's fueled largely by economic situations there in more aware I believe that in this region is very up-and-coming in terms of developing new excited watching projects that curl them expand the world ecosystem in general so that's why we are really interested to support this market and taking into account it's like I'm responsible for the main strategy of the company and also take care of like business development I'm just we do like every steps in terms of choosing the region just like step by step so and as and we're told before we are mostly focused on the European of the CIS regions at this stage yeah and Latin America is will be like the next Asia so we start exploring this market as a next step and we already start it so I believe that we have you know like do like some initial steps and we see the traction so yes it will be really promising here for us yeah it surely will I don't know if you guys know about this but last week just in Venezuela were spent over 537 bitcoins that's pretty much five million dollars just in Venezuela so I'm pretty sure this this market will be also very important for you guys so we will expect this as you said as a promising new integration moving on Andrew please I have just a question since we are in Latin America and mostly this continent talks speaks Spanish do you plan to translate the website to Spanish entirely yeah that is actually yeah that is actually a very well timed question because just today we had a meeting on that and I learned that we have just sent the like Spanish version of the site to test so it will be available maximum at the end of the month but really soon yeah so that is exactly what our team told in terms of making first steps yeah so of course in order to penetrate the market you have to first make the website available in the language of this region yeah so introducing the Spanish plan which is of course on the table and it will be there very soon and we will of course announce about it awesome news guys really really good I'm sure we are going to be the first one to make some advertisement about this as soon as we see the site translated to Spanish yeah thank you and so have you felt that your users really feel the benefit from having the ability to instantly confirm their deposits and we dropped with – comparing maybe to order assets maybe since as I said in the brief the the introduction you guys integrated – with right away with instant and chain locks and activated so please don't need a bit more about this yeah I will correct you just a little bit because – was we had – already at the change for quite a long time basically since the start but instance and then chain locks were integrated like as a first step in our more cooperative partnership yeah and answering your questions yeah we did feel the like the benefits because with all the advantages that cryptocurrencies offer there is always demand for more speed and security as so those are like two main points and we do think that instant send and chain locks they answer both of those like burning questions for the users and we are happy to see that our community also shares this opinion yeah without any doubt so in order since since this is correlated I would like to know how much daily trading volume my bid is wide bit currently doing just to have an idea have you started maybe to analyze the influence of the Latin American market in your statistics yeah sure so we constantly tracking the region's and trading volumes that is happening on our exchange and I believe recently we've reached out as three hundred millions daily trading trading volume and over the couple of months we've seen an increased amount of Latin American users that comes to avoid beta and I believe it was around twenty percentage of our like total user base so this has also largely influence on our decision to speed up to expand on this region and also like ed in Spanish language is the first step and supporting to introduce the opportunity to buy creep so with credit cards and it supports Argentine peso and we will also add some other fiat currencies in the nearest time and for this you simply need to just to go to the balance page and select buy crypto with a credit card so you'll be able to complete the transactions you like six simply using the yeah and beside it beside it that's it okay that that's perfect now don't worry um I was about to say that this is also a very important feature since the latin america community actually needs it and it will really revolutionize the entire platform you'll see so let's go with Andrew so we know you have premiered the smart staking service with – so have you already received many applications already and what are the minimum and maximum holding for staking – just give us a little more information to be a whole community that follow us on how to stake – in your platform what we should do how we do it and talk please talk to us about a little bit about this of course yeah so I will just make a brief like summary of what smart state in a actually is yeah yes so I could say like native feature of white bit it is a I would say market an instrument which was first born as an idea of us incentivizing users to hold assets on white bit and for which we can offer rewards in terms of interest rate yeah and it started with our USD T plans that are still available but with time we added more and more other cryptocurrencies and – was the latest edition so right now users can invest or deposit between 0.5 – and 10 – and just for holding just for those – being held in white bit they will receive interest yeah and it's been live for a couple of weeks now and we are active working with the deaf community to let them know about this opportunity and yeah things like this interview I believe do help a lot yeah I believe that too and just make our users maybe this experience are a bit more common to the daily basis um what wouldn't be able we'll be able to compare this taking feature to maybe a savings account of fiat money yes actually you could yeah it's it works basically like that yes you store an amount of assets on a like separate part of your wallet and wiped it which is just say are there you can withdraw it at any time if you want but if you keep it there till the end of the period you will just receive it back with interest and then you can redeposit it again and wait again and receive interest again yeah so this is like the model you know that community keep an eye on this feature I can wait to tell our users they're surprised you guys have for us at the end so let's create more expectation among our users and please stay with us you will discover a very very nice surprise these guys have brain brought you so Adam please tell me why should our – users exchange on your platform instead of maybe they aren't available out there you know so first of all and I believe low fees and it is around zero-point-one percentage for the transactions a pretty competitive compared to other platforms yeah and instance and and changelogs features make the experience of the end customer is like said totally exciting because it's really a quick and secure and as endo like explained you before about is taken and you'll interest rate is higher than the average taken on – and we are still working with for some more exciting events and promotions so I believe we just started to really great partnerships together and like I'm personally I really like how it goes and your have like really amazing team so it's a pleasure to work with you so that's true yeah thank you very much and Artem also Andrew and I don't know if you guys knew but in in Venezuela the m2 of the popular a minute my more popular exchanges uses fees higher than yours so please community take a look at this moving on Artem do you plan to enable the peer-to-peer feature anytime soon since in Venezuela this is one of the kind of exchanges that uses the most since the people doesn't trust really on on the centralized platform so please tell us if you have this among your short term objectives yeah sure so we are definitely understand that there is a specific demand on it so we have probably a lot of different plans and features that we will add to our X system in the nearest time and right now we actually focus to introducing them margin trade in terminal to our customers and it will happen probably at the end of this month and the early beginning of the next month I believe like around 10th of July or so we will launch the peer-to-peer platform so everyone can join it and enjoy it we are like on the finished stage right now so in less than a month two new features that's awesome guys great great job marina with I think we did choose a really a great time for this interview because like things are moving like crazy and we have a lot of features coming up yeah well I feel we are going faster like it like a train so congratulations about this I'm sorry so under a new question for you there is an important feature I feel this is why the biggest features we can provide to our users maybe to those that ignored are not that familiarize with cryptocurrencies and I'm talking about the demo market could you please tell me a bit more about this and so these guys who doesn't feel already comfortable using cryptocurrencies having their money deposited and transacting with kryptos how they could benefit from this kind of feature you have the demo market yeah look so as an exchange we focus on two main target audiences let's say the first one being pro traders or people that have already had experience with cryptocurrencies and that those are like people who we are doing we are introducing features like margin trading and p2p terminal and whatnot but there is also a big part of community who are new to this and who don't yet feel that comfortable or maybe experienced enough to operate freely with cryptocurrencies and that is why I have introduced a feature which is called demo tokens basically every user that comes to wide bit they just have to sign up know kyc required for that they will receive a bonus of 0.5 demo BTC and 1000 demo USD key those are like I would say toy tokens yeah you cannot withdraw them they have no like their actual price but what you can do with them is you can trade them place orders learn different strategies so basically it's your free guide like free ticket into cryptocurrency world you have you don't have to take any risk you didn't have to invest any of your money first just try it out see what features are available and white bit let's say what kind of orders we offer how to operate with the balance how the trading goes on this is like your first step in the world of cryptocurrencies so if you are new to this you are very welcome to try it out and I should add that soon we'll be launching a training competition with those demo tokens so basically users will be able to trade them like they do real cryptocurrencies but those who do best will also receive real prizes like real BTC and use DT prizes so that's also exciting okay so you're a box full of prizes guys community please don't miss this interview you will you will see a lot of neat features and a lot of surprises here and I'm sure our community since this is an ever-growing market and also a very young market will actually benefit from those demo tokens you talk about us so guys you know those who are following now if you try those demo tokens the demo of features in white bit you will receive as Andrew said 1000 USD e demo and 0.5 bitcoins in demo tokens obviously that has no actual value but it will work with you and for cry your trading trading abilities so going with Artem again please Artem we'd like to tell our local users what are you planning next with – I know there are lots going on yes so basically I believe that the nearest event will be a ma session we use – yeah where we will share a bit more details about how people can benefit from taking part in staking and also taking part in their nearest marketing campaigns that we will launch together like some bounty campaigns that we have had earlier and people can do some great stuff and getting good rewards for it so I believe you definitely need to stay tuned if you just want to you know like help our companies and help the market and also earn some money or get some great prizes so that's point number one and another things that we will probably do two like together I believe we just jump deeply into collaboration and try to help solve each other like challenges yeah that we have imposed our own maps and strategies and because I believe it's their steal if this mark is there still you know like a lot of different challenges for such companies and people still struggling when they simply won't you just you know like say wholesome money somewhere yeah you some digital assets were make it transfer from one country to another so we still need to build this on ramps and off ramps yeah with the Fiat money and digital prices and we are hardly working on it and I really just have some good integrations and corporations together so stay tuned and we'll announce everything that will happen soon yeah if I may add a bit about the AMA session so it will take place on Tuesday this Tuesday I believe it will be June 16th right it's going to happen at 4:00 p.m.

UTC and you can submit your questions yeah because we know that there has been a lot going on between – and white bit recently and we do know that there are still questions the power position is come and ask those questions because we are free freely open to discussing this yeah so every user can submit their questions via a forum which I will send it to you Georgia and the best questions will win rewards in the – so submit your questions yeah just wanted to add that personally I can't sit there like such sessions like AMA and I really helped to build the communication bridge between us and our community because it helped us to make you know like change our strategy and make it like totally fit between us and our end so we definitely will do some more engineer it's time as well yeah this is great because it creates a bound between the user and the platform and it's awesome it's awesome it breaks yeah it actually breaks the barriers thank you very much this is also very interesting and people please check out the description these guys are planning tons of new surprises for you so stay tuned and check out in the description there's gonna be the links you have to click or follow to discover all this news so I'm living the best for the end so these guys tell me what surprise did you guys brought today to the users who who tuned us and and he heard us today yeah we just felt that it would be cool to come with some gifts let's say yeah and that's why we would like to offer everyone who signs up at white bit in passes kyc following the link that we that will be available in the description we can offer to them zero fee trading and white bid for 14 days so feel free to sign up try out everything that is available on white bit and experienced it without trading fees for the period yeah that's it is awesome this is really awesome guys did you hear 0 % trading fee incredible so this is also part as the collaboration between – and white bid so thank you very much guys thank you very much Artemus thank you very much Andrew thank you white billet you are doing great great stuff and we are going to keep an eye on you and we're going to help you penetrate this market so don't hesitate to feel free to reach – help support Center to help you and to give you all the feedback you need so without extending too much this interview I would like to thank you very much for this participation and the community please check out the description this video in which you will find the special referral link that Adam and Andrew kindly created for us especially for us and remember 14 days of zero trading fee on white beach platform don't miss it thank you very much Andrew thank you very much Adam do you have any final thought you wanna share with our community we are just very grateful for you having the time to invite us and we hope to work more together and also I remembered what I wanted to told and that is that we have like our customer support and these customer support which workings 24/7 also like support in Spanish language so I'm not talking in English you are feel free just to type anything to our support team and they will be able to reply you in your native player so yes what I wanted to do it and probably join us and let's grow together and make changes on these great incredible markets thank you very much guys this was a really enriching interview so thank you and I say bye yeah goodbye take care thank you so that was it thank you very much guys this was really really good I'm sorry if I get I've misspelled some words sometimes but you know Spanish and English over we're all non-natives yeah yeah that's very hard very hard since all this crypto community seems that speaks English as the main language and that's mind blowing but anyhow you spoke perfectly as well and I was planned I was planning to to make to tell you a couple of words in Ukrainian but couldn't fight a fire figure out how did they learn correctly so I feel ashame and down I said now maybe it's better that you didn't try after all I don't know if you guys speak Spanish but Jesus could you please talk to me maybe two words in Ukrainian to actually hear the language please dobro vichara that is good evening you can try to repeat it if you want top of a Chara Pavitra yeah that's not bad you see very interesting so thank you very much guys – yes thank you – that was great if you want to do something like something like this more often we are we're also open to this I'm always looking to collaborate with guys like you these available and that have this this mind – openness to the users so thank you very much and I really hope to see you guys again and I will participate in the MAA you're going to perform by oh cool yeah you never news we are we are here for you and thank you again thank you let's keep in touch yeah probably make one more like we do or sure why not Thank You Adam thank you Andrew good bye take care

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