Which Will Make You Richer!? 1 BITCOIN or 32 ETHEREUM?

Egggyolk, what’s cracking with those who
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& drop the title of viewer of the tube. My name’s Tyler and welcome to the channel,
you can’t help but jump right into…bob just like a cork for this content. It’s time for Chico Crypto! 1 Bitcoin or 32 Ether? What is the smartest choice if you had to
pick only 1? If you're still working your way towards the
goal of accumulating this much of each asset, which one should you accumulate 1st? Which asset class do I believe will perform
better, integrating itself into society further than the other? Which “club” will be more elite, the BTC
21 million club, or the Ethereum 32 ETH club? Well let’s look at it based on Categories,
and number 1 let’s begin with what we know, what are the current prices for 1 BTC or 32
ETH, what is more cost effective? and what was the performance of each over the past
year aka which has better recent ROI return on investment? Well as we can see, yesterday, 1 Bitcoin was
worth just over 11 grand, 11 thousand 414 bucks.

32 Ethereum on the other hand was worth 12
thousand and 24 bucks. So it is more “cost effective” or cheaper
in USD terms to pick up 1 BTC. Although which asset has performed better
year to date? Pulling out the charts since January 1st. BTC started at about 7193 and today we are
at 11 thousand 414. This is an increase of over 58 percent. Ethereum started at about 130 bucks and today
it’s at about 375…that’s an increase of over 188 percent. Sooooo Ethereum has performed better, and……
back in January of this year, you could have purchase that 32 Ether for much cheaper than
a BTC instead of more like today…it cost $4160 bucks, and BTC was $7193 bucks. More cost effective right now? BTC…but better recent performance ROI? Ethereum! Now, what can you do with your asset? Besides overall price increase for long term
hodling? What benefits do you currently enjoy? What’s the asset value use cases? BITCOIN, well you can hodl it, and that’s
about it.

Most of the options to earn any sort of interest
on your BTC is centralized. Like BlockFi, crypto interest accounts, and
as we can see with holding 1 Bitcoin with them, you could earn 12.79 a week, or over
664 dollars per year! Although like I said, this is centralized,
and the option is for other crypto assets too, including Ethereum…so it really doesn’t
set itself apart. What are the DeFi, decentralized options,
as that is what BITCOIN was made for. To be Decentralized. Well there are actually options for BTC, and
most of it’s running through the lightning network. If you didn’t know, the lightning network
has had some rough roads form it’s inception, and total value locked up, is just again finding
it’s feet…but still it’s tiny, only 12 million as of yesterday. But here is where your DeFi on Bitcoin is

And they do have some stuff, LN markets is
a lightning channel for trading BTC derivatives but, since it is a lightning channel we can
see how much is moving through this…their lightning channel nodes capacity as it. From 1ml.com, which tracks the network, capacity
is just 7.13 BTC or nearly 79 thousand dollars. Now Ethereum also has something just like
this. Called dydx. It’s also decentralized margin trading,
for not only ethereum, but also against two stablecoins dai and usdc. And because of this much larger activity,
trading volume yesterday was over 1.2 million & it’s powered by decentralized lending
and borrowing pools, where interest can be earned for the lenders. Now through a BTC sidechain, called Rootstock,
bitcoin is getting a slightly more robust DeFi platform, called Money on Chain, which
includes the first bitcoin stablecoin, doc, dollar on chain, bpro token, which is designed
to allow a person to earn a rent on bitcoin positions, and gain free leverage, and finally
btcx, a leveraged llong bitcoin holding position token & the MOC the governance token for the
smart contract.

Now let’s just go to the dashboard to see
how deep this DeFi protocol is, total RBTC, rootstock BTC, in the system, is about 132
or about 1.4 million dollars. And this is split between their defi token
offerings. Not a lot, compared with Ethereum DeFi protocols
& offerings, but not bad for only being out since April of this year, and making up about
a third of the supply of rBTC, as 378 are currently locked Now, these are the top DeFi btc procools,
and combined lightning and rootstock’s sidechain still make up under 20 million dollars. It’s nothing compared to the 10.68 billion
of ethereum DeFi, not even 1 percent…it’s just .187 percent. So, I don’t have to beat a dead horse regarding
this, when it comes to DeFi and what you can do with your asset, Ethereum takes the cake. But DeFi is for the people, what about institutional
involvement in each of the assets? Well I’m sure you’ve seen the developments.

Institutional trading with CME, Bakkt & they
only allow BITCOIN futures right now…but Ether may be coming soon, last Friday, Coindesk
dropped this article “CME sounding out crypto traders to gauger market demand, for Ether
futures, Options. And the article states Darius Sit, founder
at Singapore based QCP capital, in an interview with CME, they asked his interest in trading
Ether on the exchange.

Ether institutional trading isn’t there
yet on a large scale, but may be coming soon. But then, you also have to look at the big
Bitcoin buys, from big players…just a few weeks ago, we learned Micro Strategy CEO and
founder, bet even bigger with his company…upping it to 425 million & then late last week we
learned Jack Dorsey, put 1 percent of squares total assets towards bitcoin, totalling 50
million. They are adding these purchases to their companies
corporate reserves, it’s long term bets, because they see long term potential.

You don’t see this with Ethereum, no large
entity, outside of crypto has announced they’ve made a big asset purchase of Ether. Ya no one has announced it…In April of this
Adam Cochran, put out an excellent article, called th 10k audit, where he manually audited
the top 10k ethereum wallets, to analyze them and see what whales were doing. He had many findings 32 to be exact, ranging
from #2 distribution data, #7 an influx of new whales, and even shady things like #23
bitfinex using user funds to vote on the eth progpow proposal.

But #25 is the one we are interested in…the
big players are buying. It says “We were also able to identify wallets
associated with major players such as JPMorgan Chase, Reddit, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and
Walmart” Behind the scenes accumulation? According to Adam’s research, yes! Now, as good as that is, Bitcoin still takes
the cake on institutional interest and developments, but things could change really quick for ETH. So right now, 32 ETH is more expensive, but
it has had better ROI recently. It also has DeFi behind it, which is an over
10 billion dollar behemoth. Now 1 Bitcoin is cheaper, but it’s ROI has
been less, but still good. Bitcoin’s DeFi is a dwarf compared to Ethereum,
but institutional infrastructure is there, and large enterprises are announcing their
purchases. Hard to officially make a choice huh? It’s like making a pick between your Ma
or your Pa, sister or brother.

If your crypto is involved, they both feel
like family. But if you're gonna force me to make a decision,
it all comes down to this. Staking. BITCOIN is setting itself up for security,
where the security of the network is controlled through proof of work mining. Ethereum, since July 2015, has been similar,
using the ETHHash algorithm, to secure it’s network through proof of work and mining. Now, just holding the two assets: bitcoin
and ethereum, the only benefit, by just holding is the prospect of future gains. That is it. Right now, both networks mining and transaction
fees are distributed to the miners who secure the network. BITCOIN mining started out for the people,
where any one with a computer who had a CPU, could partake in the mining process, but then
GPUs came, and finally the powerful ASICs. Even by 2014, profitable mining was out of
the hands of the majority of the public with Bitcoin…thus when Ethereum launched it’s
proof of work, they said the algo was designed to be ASIC resistant, and only GPUs and CPUs
could mine the ethhash algo.

Buttt, you can’t stop specialized mining
machines for specific algos…it came for Ethereum, and just now…it’s starting to
show it’s ugly face. And it’s not ASICs…its FPGAs, or Field
Programmable Gate Array Chips, which have comparable power to ASICs, but are more flexible,
in what they can mine. Now, I want to go to the ethermining subreddit,
and this post 17 days ago “Question: what site could I buy an ASIC from that is actually
Legit?” & the top most upvoted comment is “The A10 is not an ASIC. There are no Ethereum ASICs. ETH is a memory-intensive application and
not FGPA friendly” But you gotta go deeper, than just the 1st
comment…down below, a David Stanfill says “Tell that to the thousands of people mining
ETH on FPGAs…& a commenter says “prove it”.

David replies “There is a whole FPGA discord
full of people mining ETH on FPGAs more power efficiently than GPUs. It isn’t exactly a secret. I should know, I designed them” What? Well I found the FPGA discord here…and I
did a google search of David Stanfill Ethereum & the 1st post is an ethereum EIP, clicking
into it…we can see, that yes a David Stanfill is a developer submitting EIPs to Ethereum,
and this one “modifies ethash in order to break ASIC miners specialized for the current
ethash mining algorithm”….so, this isn’t just a random commenter & fpga’s and ASICs
are going after Ethereum… That is why they are moving to proof of stake,
to bring the value of securing the network, to more people…as mining centralization
begins to show it’s ugly face.

And this is why I think 32 Ethereum just may
be better than 1 BTC…going back to Adam Cochran’s finding’s…#3 is “How Much
ETH is There?” and in it that detailed finding section he goes into staking, and he puts
together a rough estimate of rewards…early phase 0, beacon chain…which is coming soon? He predicts 17-20 percent yield, APY… And then, just look behind the scenes..our
Congress, put together a letter over the summer, for the IRS…asking them to make staking
rewards, tax free until chased out.

That is why. Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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