Where Do We Go NEXT? (Best New Thing In Crypto)

today you're gonna find out what the next big thing and the best thing in crypto is gonna be watch this interview i do with my favorite bro bro himself ken bozak we discuss why the next biggest thing in crypto in terms of value and adoption is a funky kind of token most people haven't heard of find out what it is and why getting tiny bit boys may be super lucrative in the future let's get it bit boy crypto how goes it my bro bro so yeah who who the hell is bitboy well uh my name is ben uh and i am the host of bit boy crypto we're we're trying to to to make a slight distinction between me and bitboy himself a bit boy is a superhero he is a cryptocurrency superhero so am i talking to the alter ego right now or am i talking to kind of i have there's a little bit of an easter egg when we start releasing the bit boy comics there's a little bit of an easter egg about his name i'll let you guys figure that out but no i am not the alter ego i had this idea early in january 2018 uh right when things were at the fever pitch i had this idea do this animated cartoon series i started the channel to do that um but then over the bear market there's no fun you know nobody wanted anything fun they didn't want a cartoon they didn't want a comic they didn't want parodies they didn't want rap songs they didn't want anything all they wanted was you know to be miserable and be depressed yeah they wanted uh what would they call that like horror porn or whatever you know they get off on like that that negative median that's what kind of like people fed into it during the bear market that's really where like people were getting off to just the more negativity the better for them you know i don't know why but yeah yeah so so yeah so that's basically what happened and um a friend of mine actually talked me in he's actually works with me on the nfts now he taught me how to do news videos very early on said i'd be good at it so i can you know communicate well and i knew a lot about crypto so i started doing news videos and grinded it on the channel for years and then this year we finally hit the jump off so dude it's like almost kind of a prophecy or like you've come full circle like you know mentioning mount gox and what you're doing now with the nfts and the cards like a lot of people don't know that bitcoin trading started between magic the gathering enthusiasts like mount gox was magic the gathering exchange just so happened to be like oh we do digital card things we could do digital coin things and they you know mark just added it it was crazy so to see uh you know you kind of go full circle and come back to like you know trading cards with the mount cox thing that's really awesome man and let people know a little bit about that too because i mean maybe they're not aware yeah it's funny because i mean it's really allowed me to come back full circle i mean i think a lot of people think like i just you know nfts are popular so i'm gonna jump in and do this and do this but this was actually the original intention of this entire channel if you go back and watch the first videos of the channel they're not that great but you know it was me trying to animate and tell this story and and you know we never actually put out the first real true episode of the comic series but we tried a lot of stuff animation was really hard so this nft craze if you will has really allowed us to jump back into that and we are just absolutely full force in it so um we are on wearable and we are uh we put out a bunch of cards and we're trying to separate we're actually going to be doing a second verified wearable account soon where we're going to do kind of like uh fan art and you know if you're on wearable and you've sold stuff people send you a ton of stuff we're going to start selling that stuff through a different store do we want our bitboy collectibles to be really everything aligned with the bitboy comic brand um we actually have uh what i believe is the the first nft comic book where each page is going to be a separate nft coming out we're working hard on that right now that's going to start telling the story of bitboy how he became bitboy uh you know kind of some flashback stuff you know it's gonna be pretty cool um so we're gonna be doing that we've got the cover pretty much ready to go uh we're gonna be releasing that i don't know when we're gonna do it because we're about to do a big release right now oh you want to show you the first card here in a minute oh [ __ ] yeah i'm going to show you that here in just a second and uh yeah so we want everything to be the big boy brand bit boy collectible brand the bit boy comic series we're adding utility to these tarot cards these are not like where i'm just like hey i have a big audience on youtube here's a card go buy it like all of these cards ultimately are going to have like really big utility that we can talk about uh uh here in a few minutes but yeah we really jump hot and heavy into uh into the space and we're super excited to uh you know like we're we're working with four of the biggest nft uh you know projects out there uh right now so nice nice uh i i wonder what your thoughts are doing something like this and thinking you know sort of inspirationally you know do you think like you know with the success of like a bit boy tokenized comic series you know you could take a lot of what you're going to learn to conversations with legacy comics i would love to see marvel be inspired by what you're doing and be able to use it as a catalyst for like okay we could do a tokenized spider-man comic with you know wearable or nfts or x y and z and you know being the first to do something is it's really you know kind of ground paving so i i appreciate you putting in a lot of this effort it's not like you have a catalyst that you can point to but you're kind of building that blueprint so have you thought about maybe reaching out to like legacy comics or not something as big as marvel but some of those like you know lesser knowns that are still on the shelves in like comic book shops uh i have not personally thought about doing that i think that's a really interesting idea uh one thing we've been tossing around i i think this is what we're going to do for the comic um we're working on the page numbers we want to do 10 page 10 pages so each one would be 10 cards we may actually end up going longer than that um and making them maybe less expensive but the thing is is once you actually get all the cards to a comic if you have all like what's the incentive to get all the cards because if you want to read it you can just screenshot them right i could go get a pdf of like spider-man issue one i don't have to buy it i can get it from rick pouring but if we actually uh you know if you buy all the the cards or you don't even have to it gets a little sketchy because it's like do you have to own them or do you have to buy them you know because if someone were to resale and collect all of them then i don't know exactly how i'm really happy you made that distinction because a lot of people don't pay attention to that when it comes to utility for nft a lot of the time it is direct purchase and then secondaries don't really benefit from some kind of a utility and that adds a different value to like buying it from you directly as opposed to buying it me secondary right because what we want to do is we want to make it if you collect all the cards um then we send you a physical copy of the book oh [ __ ] yeah that's going to be interesting yeah so you get a physical copy so there'll be very few of these copies actually make something and that's where it gets a little dicey and we're trying to think through all these things because like like okay if you what if you miss one of the cards on the original sale like if you collect them all can you send that to us because then we gotta be careful about scammers and people being like okay well i'm gonna resell them to myself a bunch of times and collect them a bunch of times get all these copies so i don't know uh you know ultimately you would have to do some form of some form of kyc to receive it because we're gonna have to ship it to you you know so we're gonna have to at least get your shipping details and stuff like that so i don't know maybe we can kind of use that um you know it is something i mean look i mean an actual comic book what it would cost to print is not a ton of money obviously and we could probably talk about the illustrating the writing and everything that's what comes in yeah the illustrating the illustrating takes a long time i mean we got a storyboard this is not like i mean i think sometimes people think like uh you know they just throw crap on there but like we have thought through like a lot of this and we've been very methodical well the art shows it you know it's very polished triple a oh it's about to be wait till you see the card today it's about to be we're taking it to another level so keep setting the bar bro bro keep setting that bar so uh here here are the cards we got right now we actually cleaned out our whole shop we sold everything and we've been very methodical about what we want to do going forward here's here's our little we're we're starting these things called boy extras because we're trying to make sure every card has a place in our bible collection you know so like here's just a halloween car we made a little bat it's like point two e point two two something like that so uh we have these available obviously these are halloween after halloween we burn the rest so if they don't all sell you're gonna have you know extra extra copies uh your your card's gonna be more rare so that's what we're doing with this but here's here's our new series okay so this is the shill here oh my god yeah this this is the shill so oh it's double-sided yeah it's double-sided so each one is going to give a little explanation of what these characters are so the shill he's actually he misunderstood he's actually a good guy he's a hero but people see him they're like the shield they think he's a bad guy he's got these red eyes he has you know kind of gambit-esque explosive crypto cards he knows exactly what card to use at the right time what cryptocurrency is needed for every situation he knows the utility you know so if he's in a battle with somebody he knows exactly what to do to try to try to uh you know battle that person so this is card four of of eight character cards so we're releasing all eight of our characters four heroes and four villains uh they're all gonna be uh the grand theft crypto side uh style digital city now this is important because digital city is uh that is where these people live that's where all these characters live digital city it's actually it's it's kind of like the matrix it's like its own kind of dimension uh wired into the bitcoin network or cryptocurrency network i know so it's like kind of like a node or something like that yeah something like that right now eventually these characters will end up escaping into the regular world we got a whole story behind it so here is and so if you look over on the right hand side um here is the description i'm just going to read it for everybody because it's pretty cool what we're doing okay uh the shield digital city bit boy collection this is card 4 out of 13 in the series owners of this card so basically every card when it sells out we're gonna do a six each giveaway to all the people that that currently hold the card when it happens um so first place would win three e second place will win two and third place will win one this is where it gets pretty interesting with the utility though owners who own both this card and card eight of the series which we'll be releasing later this week maybe tomorrow even fomo will receive a free airdropped versus card so we're going to be making these versus cards of of pairs of these characters facing off against each other nice i was wondering when that was going to happen because i seen a lot of me they're all individual characters but i was waiting for some kind of like crossover or team-up mash-up avengers style or something you know what i mean yeah so we're kind of showing like like the one these characters that have rivalries right so you'll receive a free airdrop versus card hitting the shill versus fomo this car this will be card 9 out of 13 in the series only available via the airdrop guaranteed to be more rare than the first eight cards in the series so if you own the two characters that are on the versus card you get the versus card air dropped so basically you have to own both to get that free card you're getting a whole card for absolutely free just for having those two then owners who gather all eight of the character cards and earn all four of the versus cards so you own all 12 you get you have all 8 character cards you earn all four of the versus cards because you have all the characters um we'll get a special super rare card which is card number 13 in the series it's only via airdrop guaranteed to be super rare because somebody's got to own all eight of them to get it and this is where this is where things get really cool and this is where uh number four more special utility will be unlocked in future announcements of all bit boy card holders or they should set four all bit boy card holders we're gonna find a way to build in utility for every card that we've sold through this platform and what card number 13 is going to be is it's going to be a map of digital city so you're going to get the full map of digital city and we're also going to mail you a poster of it so you're not yeah so you're not just going to be yeah you're not just oh just remember i'm just here it's cash grab you know we're not thinking through anything you know we're just throwing off yeah dude you're such a scammer i can't believe you yeah i know right you're doing so little for your community so little for the community so little for nfts i'm just i'm just here to uh flash in the pan here so anyway so we're gonna be sending out posters of the of the map of digital city we're working on it right now hopefully it will be done by the end of the series which you're gonna be releasing two a week so it's basically gonna run for four weeks and then we gotta see how fast they sell and things like that that is awesome you know what that reminds me of and it's funny because it's straight up going with the the theme of the card there it reminds me of what grand theft auto did when they said if you pre-order the game you can get a map of the city but that's the only way to get the map of the grand theft auto city and without that map bro you know how hard missions are like you can't go oh let me go run to my wall real quick and reference oh i gotta go down the high there was a big incentive to go and get that game early so you can get the grand theft auto map we're gonna be tying all this all this in together okay this is where the future comes in okay we are actually going to be tying all of this together in with our land on sandbox we are actually yeah oh i know i know this is where it gets crazy we are actually going to be building digital city here on our land in sandbox and we have some of the finest designers we have uh minecraft professionals that we're paying to come in here and build the city on our land and we build in the utility to the cards okay where every card has something that it unlocks inside of inside of the city inside the game if you have special cards you'll only you know you'll have to have certain cards to get into certain areas of the game so right now we're like a red bandana or a blue bandana to get into certain areas of your neighborhood exactly so we're gonna have special rooms you know they're gonna be like a special bar or a special uh you know uh arcade or whatever it is built into the city the only the people that own certain cards can get into you know now we may have we may have other ways that people can earn interest into that but it's basically like a shortcut like if you think about zelda it was the only role-playing game i ever play i really like zelda i don't really get into you know a lot of the other kind of turn-based games but when you get in you know if you're in zelda there are certain things that you can do to be able to get into a room early but then there's longer quests that you can go on you know you can go and do like you can kind of buy your way in it's like you know if you have a thousand rupees you can get into this into this special store but also like if you go and you defeat this person somewhere like you can also get access to it now in addition to all this we also are going to be launching the first ever nft card game launched through wax themselves now yeah yeah there are card games that have launched on the wax blockchain but we're actually working directly with wax to launch this card game uh we're looking at probably a january release for it so it'll be like kind of like you know some of the card games you know uh like we talked about earlier magic the gathering have some elements of some of these games inside of it uh but it's gonna be a cryptocurrency version you know and it's gonna be uh it's to be fun man we're really excited about it we've got some really good designers um and it's you know everything works hand in hand the the digital city the nfts the cards the the actual game card the card game itself like the comics these are all like wrapping around to tell the story of the bit boy crypto universe and we're also trying to figure out ways to implement uh you know the cards also into our card game with whack so like if you own a certain character maybe you get a special pack you know for the game that has you know three versions of that character in it guaranteed but that's something now now that is we're getting a little more into like conversations we have to have with wax to make sure that like because we want the the card sale to be fair where everybody has a chance and so we're trying to figure out if if we can actually you know can we set aside certain cards to have utility that you know it might mess up the odds on the game so that that's an idea that we have personally i am hella excited for what you're going to do with wax uh i uh uh that's my bigger like you know i tell people nfts are coins like i got bags of nfts when people have bags of tokens but my my bag overall is like with wax nfts and the utility like you couldn't build a game on ethereum right now maybe 2.0 but you know how expensive it would be just to do things and sign contracts and like engage with a blockchain game on f the fact that you can do it on wax for like free that's going to be really fun we're going with them yeah and we and we like wax too we like the people there we look we like we like like the founder build quickly like we we like the whole thing we've liked wax for a long time and um i know you've been bullish on wax dash have been bullish on wax stashes bush on stash wax also but um well what i want to get into real quick before we go is i what you're doing on wearable is it's going to it's going to help a lot with what you're going to do on wax right like i don't know if a lot of people are familiar but wax is getting into the whole defy uh distribution of like you know resources kind of a thing same thing like what wearables doing with rarity they're going to be doing with wax so uh you know there's going to be an interesting mechanic same thing with like the sales and transactions on wearable where wax is generated and given to dividends and stuff to people so you're going to be able to take this whole learning process from wearable and apply it to the wax which is going to be cool to see like you know what do you guys think about utility for nfts drop me a comment down below and let me know what you think about what we're doing at bitboy collectibles make sure to check out the full video on ken's channel link below that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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