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morning walmart is now officially seeking a crypto   product lead to drive their digital currency 
strategy things are moving quickly here are the   details north american retail giant walmart is now 
looking for an experienced crypto expert who can   develop and drive their ambitious digital currency 
strategy and product roadmap in the listing for   the role walmart indicates it is looking for 
someone who has a track record in leading and   scaling businesses with at least 10 years of 
experience in product slash program management   and technology-based product commercialization 
and they go on to specifically cite crypto   the ideal candidate should have expertise 
in cryptocurrencies and blockchain related   technologies and in-depth knowledge of the crypto 
ecosystem and its core actors so this should tell   everybody to not be too surprised if a year or two 
from now walmart makes a big play at crypto back   in 2019 walmart had already filed a patent for 
a blockchain-based united states dollar-backed   digital currency a stablecoin that was at 
the time similar to facebook's early proposal   for what was then known as libra give me your 
thoughts on this down below to me it appears   they're most interested in launching some sort 
of stablecoin and keep in mind walmart is not   alone in seeking to integrate digital currency 
into its e-commerce and wider business strategy   this february amazon posted a job listing for a 
leader to oversee a new digital currency service   in mexico that would allow users to spend digital 
currency while shopping so what this means to you   as a crypto holder is another big mega firm 
laying the groundwork for the future with crypto   i'll keep you updated next piece of big news 
for those interested in staking ethereum   ledger live the popular hardware wallet has just 
integrated an accessible ether staking option   so here are the details in a recent blog post 
popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet ledger   announced a new partnership with ethereum 2.0 
staking solution lido finance in a move that   claims greater accessibility and liquidity 
for independent stakers in the market so   i thought this was interesting because it does 
lower the barrier to entry for people that want   to stake eth because right now the current cost 
to become an eth2 network validator basically you   have to own and stake 32 ethereum stands at around 
one hundred thousand dollars that's inaccessible   to a lot of people that may want a stake and there 
are other options that are centralized for example   centralized eath staking options are available 
on exchanges such as coinbase or kraken but these   carry a hefty entry fee and obvious trust concerns 
not ideal for investors who maintain the core   industry value of free asset autonomy and by the 
way how this affects you whether you have ledge or   not how it affects you just as an eath holder 
this will mean a lot more people potentially   locking up their ethereum and we've already seen 
this with a few other coins in recent months the   ledger interface has provided users the option 
of decentralized staking in the form of consensus   mechanisms polkadot and tesos now they're 
offering ethereum and allowing users to stake   a nominal amount of ethereum instead of the full 
32 eth previously required will draw in greater   audience participation i would think i like it 
give me your thoughts down below and by the way   if slash when you ever need a hardware wallet 
for your cryptocurrency and you want to support   the channel i encourage you to check out our 
affiliate links down below and let's keep moving   next piece of solana news degenerate apes 
nft sale sends solana to all-time highs   so the price of seoul hit an all-time high 
above 63 dollars following the launch of yet   another primate-inspired nft project so we've 
seen many stories like this with ethereum   but now nft craze the nft craze is going crazy on 
solana seoul's dramatic rise follows the launch   of degenerate degenerate ape academy a 
non-fungible nft project built on solana   the launch saw a collection of the 10 000 
unique pictures of cartoon apes sell out in   a mere eight minutes so how this affects you 
is just keep your eye on the solana ecosystem   because some of these there's ten 000 of them but 
some of these are selling for millions of dollars   in solana according to the team behind degenerate 
ape academy even though the launch was crappy at   best for some reason as a lot of things went wrong 
they were overwhelmed with the community interest   and in a direct quote it was exponentially 
bigger than we thought in my opinion the   reason we're seeing popularity like this in the 
solana ecosystem is people are tired of the slow   transactions and higher fees on ethereum solana 
which uses proof-of-stake consensus algorithm   claims to be capable of processing over 50 
000 transactions per second at peak load   which is almost 2000 times faster than what 
ethereum currently offers let me know down below   if anybody in our audience owns one of these apes 
what rarity features does your ape have but let's   keep moving and before we talk about other alt 
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big piece of news for polygon matic adoption   terra virtua which is an nft cryptocurrency 
on eth moves to the polygon blockchain citing   environmental concerns here are the details 
digital collectible platform terra virtua   their nft platform has moved from the ethereum 
blockchain to polygon in an attempt to be greener   and terra virtua claims that this move will help 
reduce the energy necessary to create a single nft   by more than 99 also terra virtua will also remint 
all digital collectibles previously unsold on   ethereum in the move to polygon so they're going 
all in to polygon and they're citing the high fees   as the reason that drove them away from eth in 
a direct quote our mission is to revolutionize   how audiences engage with nfds and make them 
accessible to everyone but we believe that the   environment shouldn't have to pay the price for 
this new game-changing technology by harnessing   the power of this new blockchain polygon matic we 
can ensure that our nfts are limiting their impact   so this is a big win for polygon it's interesting 
because they could have chosen solana they could   have chose maybe cardano in a few months they 
chose polygon point is pretty interesting to see   how this industry is evolving next piece of quick 
news that's pretty revealing for cryptocurrency   intel the major company has just revealed 
a stake in cryptocurrency platform coinbase   so tech company intel has revealed in regulatory 
filings friday that it holds a small stake in   burgeoning cryptocurrency platform coinbase 
the tech giant and chipmaker said in a 13f   filing that it owns over 3 000 shares of 
coinbase's class a stock as of june 30th   coinbase went public through a direct listing 
in april and a couple months later they bought   so 3 000 shares how much roughly in dollar amount 
does intel own intel stake in the cryptocurrency   exchange is worth roughly around 790 thousand 
dollars based on coinbase's current share price   coinbase's stock has fallen roughly 20 since 
its public trading debut and we now know that   intel bought the dip so intel owns coin which 
means they do see a future for cryptocurrency   i'll keep you updated okay that is the video 
my name is austin like always see you tomorrow you

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