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XRP backed by Rebel Labs, a company that
is acclaimed for creating a slick payment solution that can grow to become the most used
payment system in the world, and it is getting close. The foundation of the crypto
XRP is pretty deep, with it being decentralized from rebel labs, but is being
put to use by the company's revolutionary payment platform to facilitate faster
and cheaper cross-border transactions. XRP is now facing a grim lawsuit
with the SEC breathing down its neck. Welcome back to make money online. If this is your first time around, be sure
to click that subscribe button and hit the notification bell. Today we'll be looking at
what the lawsuit means for our beholders. Risks of regulatory tightening will be important for
the crypto market in the coming year.

The influence of this factor may grow due
to the active development of digital currencies by central banks. Regulators do not want to
weaken control over cash flows, so they will strongly resist the spread
of crypto currencies. The aspects of this attack seem more like a
general attack on the crypto industry, and it might just become more difficult for crypto
developers to thrive in an unwelcoming industry, especially in the United States. The company believes that despite the severity
of the SEC's indictment against labs, the result of the trial could be benevolent.

There also remains the chance the report could
be forced to become an SEC reporting company, and XRP could be reopened for
trading on Coinbase and other trading platforms. Experts predict the potential has been reported
by analysts and all shades, especially with a lawsuit of the Stock Exchange Commission on
repeal over the status of XRP as a security. It was initially thought about
how far XRP might fall. If the story holds and the SEC wins the
one point three dollars billion lawsuit and XRP becomes a security.

But it's becoming increasingly clear
that that might not be the case. Still, Ripple is putting measures in place to
counter this lawsuit by preparing to defend itself and the crypto. Some analysts consider the odds pretty low. Things will get noisy
with a price underperforming. If XRP ends up being designated as security
security, it would very likely render the asset untradeable for most crypto
exchanges and industry participants. This has led to some pretty massive sell
off of the cryptocurrency by investors, and this further demean the value of XRP. A court decision is still a long way
off, Greyscale and other investors could accumulate more XRP if the litigation turns out in the
rebels favor by buying XRP at a low price. Investors could take advantage of the price of
XRP returning to the level it was last year at about forty six cents. They don't intend to ever sell off the XRP. This is encouraging coming from an
organization like Greyscale and several individual investors can rest assured there are so many
more benefits coming from investing in XRP.

As against the trend of a selling frenzy,
XRP is still giving out good vibes, which suggests that the coin may
be down but not out. The situation surrounding it may not be normal,
but it also requires a less than normal outlook to dealing with it. The position of XRP coin is unique, and
it presents a never seen before opportunity that is rare among top crypto currencies. Do not stall. If you're interested in buying XRP,
you should be prepared to go for the long run. It's gradually planting its feet in
the ground across the financial sector of many countries, signing a potentially lucrative
deal with central banks across six continents covering Europe, Africa, Asia
and North America and others.

The price of example is expected to grow
across the quarters of twenty twenty one into twenty twenty two. Investors are currently stacking
up large amounts of XRP in their wallets and there's no limit to how
much XRP you can choose to buy. There is more than enough assurance of XRP
security and potential for growth over time as it's earmarked as the fastest
growing cryptocurrency in the world. Aside from its cross-border swift transactional benefits,
the fact that it can be used for exchanging other cryptocurrency into liquid
form will add to its characteristics reflects XRP fan base can find joy its
return to a new high following its current circumstances.

Having bought so much into the XRP
dip, some might be looking to offload some of it in the cryptocurrency market at
a slightly higher price than they bought in twenty twenty one. XRP is expected to
attract some very heavy investment from some institutional investors whose announcements will lead to
a major boost in the price of XRP. However, it's group of investors has
remained faithful, calling for reforms by the government to get the SEC off the back
of the company while exchanges are still looking to delist cryptocurrency, more people are still
buying into the dip of XRP, anticipating a major rise despite the ongoing lawsuit,
which is expected to last for years. The USSC filed a lawsuit against REPL, its
CEO and its chairman, for illegally selling unregistered securities worth one point three billion
dollars the SEC said were illegally marketed XRP to retail customers. The failure to register the sale constitutes
a violation of federal securities law.

On top of that, the company also
allegedly received services, including labor and market making in exchange for the offering. Larssen and Garlinghouse also orchestrated personal
unregister sales worth six hundred million dollars, the SSA alleged. Concerning the Xabi price patterns, analysts
expect that endless collaborations will be entered into with more financial institutions and the
two dollar mark could be touched by XRP at the time, EXPE against USD will do
a pullback of the support line before going to the upside here. You can also see an asymmetric triangle,
which is also a decisive area. This confirms the price heading towards the
twenty six cents area and below. It's unclear when or which level
it will bounce back to again. This chart shows another triangle inside a flag
was created and it's trying to move above the upper line of the flag. Some people are unclear or fearful of the
direction of XRP based on the chart. It's respectfully following the pattern,
lying on the support level. Whatever happens will still stick
to the pattern it's creating.

And as of this moment, we're still
on track towards achieving our target. Once the SEC issue lightens and the delistings are
over, we'll see a full blast of XRP to what price? We can't really say, but we
can look forward to the myriad of opportunities that would open to us. The determination of labs
to fight the SEC, who is desperate to tie the company to the affairs of
the cryptocurrency, serves as a pretty encouraging kickback. It offers a degree of hope to
current investors as well as new ones. Investors are currently stacking up large amounts
of XRP in their portfolio, especially with the price being kept down
at around twenty four cents. There's more than enough assurance of XRP
security and potential for growth over time.

It might right now be a minefield for
short term traders, but it's an interesting choice for long term investors. Oracle Times as recently predicted that XRP might
go up as much as 20 percent. They also added that it could be possible
only if Rupel becomes the best choice for cross-border payments by
financial institutions. Who knows? It is a
realistic long term scenario. A survey conducted showed that about 85
percent of its original investors are still rooting for the coin. It's easy to understand
why this is happening because the coin is the most promising crypto in the world today. Technically, the broad use to which people can
be committed has made it an attractive venture and further convinces investors
of its massive potential. XRP is experiencing huge selling pressure and
it will continue to drop further.

But the price is becoming more bullish and
we're now showing signs of short term recovery as well as possible long term rise. You don't have to have millions to own XRP. You can start little by little. A single dollar can be enough and you
can just get more as time progresses. XRP remains one of the top alt coins
and this is expected by many coddlers. We may see a new all time high of the
market, but for now there must be a small correction before we reach the peak again. I would rather prepare my funds now
and wait for my entry level. The market still can't guarantee a continuous pump,
but pay little heed to the several news and criticisms launched, rather, as campaigns
encouraging people to sell their XRP. On the question of whether to buy or hold
XRP, we can look forward to regular updates on popular news and prediction sites and maybe
check out some more charts online. So offer more of an assurance
as the events right now. In the meantime, it really doesn't cost much to buy
into XRP as we look to add more to our crypto portfolio with deals and more
institutional investors on the horizon and its potential difficulty in procurement, it's all seeming
to align towards a major growth spurt that could change people's
view of the crypto.

You can hold out on your stash of XRP
as you await a much more favorable term. A sell now is anything but profitable. Ripple's case calls for calm rather than panic,
panicking will make you miss out on the possible turnaround that could
still follow XRP. Despite the lawsuit, EXPE still is
a currency until proven otherwise. We hope you enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe
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XRP or selling or holding? Let us know your answers in
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