What VeChain hides from investors? Is VeChain a scam?

Hey! My name is Stepan Mostovoy, I live in Hong Kong and have been doing business in China since 2001 I learned to analyze the intricacies of Chinese business Therefore I began to invest in projects related to blockchain technology in China My main choice was and still is VeChain I want to tell you about VeChain and the latest partnership with Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD. We all know what investing is. We take money and invest in what we believe in while we assess the risks, they are always there. Again, I know a lot about business in China and am checking what is happening with my investments. I did the same and this time I checked the Chinese Internet, what exactly was written about the partnership between Vechain and BYD.

I haven't found anything worthwhile. I have not found any big headlines or mentions in big publishers about VeChain's collaboration with BYD. But still there was a lot about the autopilot from "BYD" And let's just say, it's hard for me to understand the situation when "VeChain" declares that they cooperate with "BYD" and nowhere is there any information from "BYD" that confirms this cooperation …

I have been supporting VeChain for a year. I am their Masternode holder. It's kind of a big investment. I decided to visit BYD's headquarters and ask them if they know anything about this collaboration with VeChain. And while I was driving I was blocked in the telegram channel "VEChain" I did not break any rules, I just asked what their community thinks about creating a video about BYD headquarters. And for some reason the group admin decided to block me? I stay blocked for the sow of the day. I don't think it looks good. From the point of view of you as an investor, all companies matter, no matter whether they are small companies or a huge professional company, for example, like Goldman Sachs. Investors always check all the information and data related to their investments, everything … everything. Including partnerships, all business processes and so on. And this is what I want to do now, in my plans was to visit the headquarters of "BYD" But, unfortunately, they did not accept me as a person who wants to know if they know what – that's about their collaboration with "VEChain".

And for me this is a bad sign. I spent several hours near the BYD gate. I spoke to the staff, I saw new cars. It would be a rewarding experience But still. I am not happy that none of the staff is aware of VEChain and the partnership between VEChain and BYD I am returning to Hong Kong, and I decided to visit the VEChain headquarters in Shanghai. And in this video you will see what I did. Hi. I decided to fly from Shenzhen after a warm welcome from BYD to Shanghai to visit VEChain headquarters and talk about VEChain and BYD's partnership at the Shanghai office. I hope I get some kind of explanation or more comments from the VEChain team. I want to know what it means to be a VEChain representative. Then I will share with you my experience and knowledge about this.

Forward! Today is a new day. I am in Shanghai and I am ready to visit the VEChain head office. I still remember my visit to BYD yesterday, but I hope it will be easier for me to get to the VEChain office since I am their representative and have supported them for a long time. However, they are a large company and they probably have their own rules, regulations and bureaucratic instructions. What do you think of my plan? Write in the comments And what will happen next we will see now. Forward! I found the address of the VEChain office on the official website and another address on the Chinese Internet network. We are now heading to an address that is not listed on the official VEChain website. So take a look around. You see VEChain or some other big company here.

Ok, let's move on. This is a large block with a similar address. I found the building numbers, so it must be around here somewhere. Look at this. It looks a lot better. And I love it. It already looks like a company office or something like that. I need to ask someone if they know about VEChain. So. Nobody here knows about this company and this is not its location.

I asked if it has been here before? but received a negative answer. So what are we going to do now? We'll check the next VEChain address – it's definitely not here. I like it anyway. I saw China. real China. I got a real taste of China. This place smells pretty strong, if you've been to China you know what I'm talking about. Well let's go to the following address.

And I hope VEChain will be there. Let's go. It's very hot in here, really hot Shanghai is HEU. So the next address is not far away, according to the GPS it is 10 minutes from me. So let's move on. And so, I got this cool bag with a cap and other stuff from VEChain. Unfortunately my story ends there. I was in a wonderful office, the VEChain headquarters are great, they are good. I wanted to make a video to share with you, to show you how great this company is.

But I didn't succeed. I have not received information about the partnership between BYD and VeChain. I have been to Shenzhen, talked to different people, I have been to VeChain and failed. Secondly, I tried to find out more about the VeChain dealership, what it is, what to do, what to avoid, etc. I failed again. I wanted to show what I saw inside the Vechain headquarters. I have submitted my documents. Provided all proof that I support Vechain. Provided information about this channel I named the conferences I attended and again I failed. Unfortunately, large companies have their own attitude, which looks logical from their side. But. What do you think about it? Write in the comments. Thank you for watching this video. It was Stepan Mostovoy Good luck and bye. Friends, there is a lot of scams in the "Blockchain" and we all know about this very badly for the entire industry. Blockchain should change our lives for the better. But, unfortunately, there are projects that want to make money from day one.

I support Vechain because it is a good project and a great idea. I think this idea can change our life for the better. However, my last visit to Vechain gave me a lot of problems. And I was not sure if "Vechain" is a real project or is it a hoax. Representatives of VEChain I'm glad you saw this video. I'm going to visit you in October. I will send you an E-mail, I will do everything as it should be according to your requirements. I hope to share this story with the public and my subscribers.

If you are not a scammer, you have nothing to hide, share information about your business with us. We are your investors. We want to know the truth. Thanks for watching. Bye!.

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