What it’s like house hunting In Japan | Kyoto Apartment Tours | Do they REALLY live in small houses?

What's really cool today is that we're going now For a look at the traditional Kyo Machiya, So if you wanna talk about how it will differ Your experience of what to say in North America Or maybe in Europe, there is no place where you would ever find a home like this For many people the mere mention of going to find apartment leads To chills in the spine.

They hate it, it's a pain they don't want to do. Then there is a group that you really enjoy, I'm in the last group and I'm about to do it here in Japan, Usually, you search for a company or at least you find a list on the Internet To see where you are I'm going to tour and then sign up with a company I'll show you guys specifically the companies Which I'll be using and we'll review that later in the video, So we're going to give you guys a look at what exactly it's like to go looking for an apartment and to find On a new home in Japan Draw the silent protagonist behind the camera He was actually looking at a number of properties around kyoto recently Thus he has a good relationship with a local real estate broker They were kind enough to show us a number of different properties Ranging from old to new big to small And the first one that was tall in a building tower All the right people so we make it up to 10th floor And this is the first apartment that we "review here.

Rent: 53,000 yen = $ 500," So, I never actually had a mat before This kind of extravaganza, As it is absolutely necessary, you will need this in every home But the air conditioner is clearly huge Hence you will want to have enough space for all of your clothes as well And then if you are the one who really really loves to cook considerations are given in the kitchen as well And I was actually getting … WOW is a wild view from here This is no Believe it or not, that's really, really cool You can see the train down on this side, We'll show you guys looking the other way, This is where you were earlier or you'll see next in the video Beautiful garden located in one of the main sections of Kyoto Down to the kitchen Obviously, we get the air vent in here Which is cool You have something there is Actually a medium sized tub As far as I saw when I was gone Then in this corner here, We'll rate our gerator reference Then depending on the size of your workstation, Maybe it can be put here In the bath that you are gonna find here and there and this is something unique to Japan And this is only in Japan I have never seen this again in Canada Not my personal preference And it happens where they put the toilet in the same room as the bathroom, But if you're on a budget, it might be a way to save some money Because that often leads to a drop in the price of your rent when you look at places, Well we're headed to the second location now This is more important I think it's 2DK.

RENT: 95,000yen = 900USD This is what we are looking at here This will give you great feeling even if you are going to go a little bit bigger What can you expect and lo and behold It is very big in the kitchen is much bigger There is a gas stove here Interestingly, it comes with this. This isn't something you should always expect when You moved to different apartments, you often had to get your own apartment. What's this called Drew? KONRO, Thank you , You have to get it yourself and your washing machine, But if you buy it, you will save money when you move to the next location, You can bring what Under my feet now which is something I rarely find in Japan which is carpet It's always parquet floors or it's TATAMI, But I don't find a rug at all, so this one is kind of A sense of nostalgia It reminds me of going back to Vancouver Island, So this will be your kitchen Then you probably have a master bedroom in there Then if your bedroom is luxurious This could be your second bedroom or if you want to convert this into an office It would be a great space for the office And what's really cool here, Maybe we're taking a little tour around the outside We have a connecting balcony So you can get out of here I CAN'T MOON WALK BUT I CAN TRY And you have both rooms attached to the balcony which is great! We'll take the camera out of me for a moment Drew is fast-moving there! We have the Kyoto Tower! This is really cool from It is clear that the most important thing you are looking for is a house.

But the second importance of this is the resources available So you can find the best home for you . There is home.co.jp There is Suumo. 2 Us, mo dot jp Then there is ABLE (エ イ ブ ル) These are useful for a number of different services So first of all, you can narrow your site down You can search, for example, by either the station or you can search by address And you can find out where you want to live Then you can then search on these sites by preferring the things that you want in your home And an additional service on top of that is that from these portals you can book the show from Hello flat welcome welcome So it's great to be here guys This is the inner path due to Drew This building is being renovated at the moment.

So most of the time you can't just come and look at a place like this Because they want to finish the renovations before you get to see nothing else in here But to Drew the man, Talking to a realtor was like, "Sure we can get a key, because Drew is awesome." So let's take you guys on a tour This is really really well designed For my personal preferences at the end, We have come here to a kitchen Island and island kitchen lets you make whatever you want to make Also, socialize with people while you hang out with them To give you some important stats, This is similar to the building management fee, it's about 68,000 yen = $ 620 And the initial costs associated with brokerage fees, guarantor fees, all of these things If you wanted something like a workspace I was thinking if I set up my own workspace you would set it up Here This will be one place for you As I said, make sure to always bring a tape measure We have measured that everything works Then you come to the master bedroom We have it wall to wall here so you can see that you would have great lighting in this room The cupboard we were looking for also was talking about the bar that We already preinstalled it in this place, it's getting check marks all over the place We even have a wonderful balcony here You can see it Japan for any reason often d doesn't have drying machines, So you can see that there's a shrinkage out here You can put tape on the opposite side Here, this tape will allow you to hang your clothes and take care of your laundry Then you can see the mountains directly.

And I'd like to show you on the other side of the building Stunning view of the river You can't quite see the river but you can see the mountains on the other side There is a lot at the site of this river Which is exceptional I really really like it, So this is the laundry room / shower room, You have set up your laundry here We were talking about how you might need a gas stove, I already bought my washing machine, so I'll just turn mine I should bring him up the stairs, or whatever else in the elevator But this is where you put this And then I'm just going to peek at the bathroom here You don't need to stand there but just so you guys can see it This is the bathroom and this is where you can ave a hand basin, as well as in the bathroom Sometimes that is a separate unit that sometimes it's together But really really the most important to me again that we are talking about my preferences First place or one of the places we were looking today They have a toilet in the bathroom Who is pure caveman to me, but if you want to save a few bucks this is something you can do …

Let Drew take you guys to that , They disconnected it again so if this is a concern to you and it's a concern that I have it This place too, Well guys, we're talking about a uniquely Japan experience that you'll have when looking for apartments What's really cool today is that we're now going to go look at the traditional KYO MACHIYA, So if you want to talk about how your experience will be different What would you say in North America or maybe in Europe, There is no place where you will find a house like this, Allow me now to get you away This is the interior of MACHIY neat site The first thing really gets me excited To enter the kitchen area, It is this defining characteristic of Japanese homes that I can talk about for hours around This is the indoor garden you will find in Macia And on this site we have …

I'm not sure what kind of tree it is, But the way this communicates you in your home affects the seasons and the way it changes And your connection with this is awesome, You're coming to this area now as the pigeons are right here We have "OTE-ARAI" here You only know a polite way of saying pigeons We have the sink back here where you can brush your teeth and everything like that And I'll let Drew go into this room here What's cool about it is that the linoleum pattern reminds me of a universe 'SENTOs' a kind of earth salt if you want to go to Onsen (hot spring) For example, many of them say they will have rules about tattoos And he couldn't have them in the onsen But in many SENTOs they'll let you So anyone can go there Let you guys get a glimpse of thisi It's some cool crafts It's got some real depth to that, too It goes all the way I like this much Great look isn't it? Yes, yes, yes, very cool Yes Yes the stairs.

So if I can direct one critique in every MACHIYA I go to, Usually these stairs are very steep, This is a really dangerous defect. There were some movies recently on Netflix that were showing how when someone's gone they slipped and fell down the stairs And I don't know if I could. Can I go so far as to say it's a popular drone? Or is this something going on? Oh yes , Well thank you, So let's head over to the guys, Let's check the rooms Steep! You can see the angle "The slope," that's the word. I remembered the word Okay so I'm really excited about this, I can only imagine if I were better at calligraphy, I was in this room where it was spring and the first leaves started to grow from the tree And you will be right next to this and you can mark your experience in life And then we have …. maybe actually not …. definitely the biggest of my bedroom This is a very societal thing to do You have to observe it This will be a quiet neighborhood You will not have too many boisterous parties because you can see Literally across to your neighbor's balcony on the other side Well there you have what it feels like to search for an apartment to go house hunting in Japan Leave to kyoto tomorrow I have I found a place So excited to go To him and what a big change would be this big change I actually lived in the countryside the whole time I lived in Japan Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you tune in for many more videos to come But that is all for the time being And running around the clock from Catch you in the next.

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