What is TrueUSD? | Collateralized Stablecoin | TrueUSD Crypto | TUSD Crypto

Let’s learn about TrueUSD, a stablecoin founded by   TrustToken and that is fully 
collateralized by US dollars. TrueUSD is a multi-chain stablecoin that’s fully 
backed by and 100% redeemable for US dollars. Armanino conducts audits of the US dollar reserves   to assure holders of the 
stablecoin’s authenticity. TrueUSD aims to solve two 
major issues with crypto: high price volatility and 
fiat conversion friction. Crypto prices swing so wildly it can sometimes 
be difficult to use for daily activities. Not only that, but sometimes, 
easily converting crypto to fiat   and vice versa can come with hurdles. This digital dollar is easier to 
integrate into decentralized applications,   and it’s faster to send 
than ACH or wire transfers. Since TrueUSD can be sent to any wallet 
that supports a Blockchain that runs it,   it’s borderless. TrustToken founded and launched TrueUSD in 2018. Having witnessed the 
controversy surrounding Tether   and allegations that it was not 
fully-backed and transparent,   TrustToken made the decision to offer 
an alternative stablecoin solution. TrustToken formed partnerships 
with registered trustees and   banks that are custodians of the 
assets that back TUSD tokens.

At the end of 2019, TrueUSD became the first 
stablecoin to provide real-time audits. TrueUSD is not mined or staked 
like traditional cryptocurrencies. Instead, it is minted by TrustToken. Now personally, I like using TrueUSD as 
a stablecoin on mobile apps like Abra,   but using Ether to pay gas fees to use 
TrueUSD on-chain can get expensive sometimes. However, TrueUSD is also supported on 
Tron, Avalanche, and Binance Chain. Nice! You’re watching the video channel of MarketSquare, 
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