What is RPL? Ethereum 2.0 Staking Pool with Rocket Pool & How to buy RPL

what is the RPL token from of rocket poo what does it do who needs it do you need to buy it to be able to stake where all these questions will be answered in today's video now before I start of the video is very important to understand that this is definitely not financial advice I'm not suggesting that this is going to be the next gem that reaches the moon that's going to make you rich overnight I just want to share with you this interesting token from the rocket pool because I think the project is fantastic and if you're interested in staking if you're interested in your maybe offering staking services on the rocket pool then you'll find this video valuable as you definitely do the rocket pool token to be able to do that my name is Kieran I create decentralized finance and videos to make sure that you are ready for the next bull run and for full transparency before I start off the video I do own a few RPL tokens so that you're aware of that now let's get started with what exactly is rocket pool give you a high-level overview of what this project is I didn't make another video about rocket pool but this is just going to be a very short summary now rocket pool is one of the main services that allows a film proof of stake infrastructure service in other words that will allow people to either stake the etherium on the Nui theorem to point to your blockchain as soon as the beacon chain launches it will also allow businesses and people to offer a staking service so they can host their own notes and they can charge a fee to other people who want to stake and I think this is fantastic because it allows people to start staking without all the complicated aspect of installing validated clients using terminals and all the complex technical jargon and it can just focus on getting a very good return on investment on their offer so yeah like I just said individuals and businesses who want to earn interest on the e for a fixed period of time can use the Rockets pool decentralized network of no de operators to participate in staking so the RPL token is one of the tokens that the rocket pou project have created so who needs RPL protocol token now a node operator who wants to have his own node on a node operator who wants to offer staking services on the rocket boo protocol has to one provide if and also by some r PL token now how much RP a token is necessary is defined by the if RPL ratio so in addition to the posting even though the operator is required to deposit a set amount of RP l / ever they are depositing and that's when the the utility of our PL comes into play and the the rocket pool protocol token is used to maintain the good capacity a stable capacity of not operators on the network and this is done by either increasing the capacity when needed so let's say you only have a few node operators on the network and you need a lot more than R PL e Frazer is going to be a lot lower and the capacity can be decreased by increasing this our PL Eve ratio so for example if there's a lot of notes on on the network this our PL if ratio can go maybe up to 20 our PL her Eve when the RPI leaf ratio is a lot higher like maybe 20 RP RP Eve that will mean to become a node operate it's going to be a lot more expensive because you will have to buy a lot more r PL tokens per Eve that you're willing to stake here's an example if there's a high network usage on the rocket pou network then our PL Eve then the rpi if ratio might be 30 I appear for one if and if the slow network usage the RPL if ratio might be one RPL to one and this is to encourage people to either enter the network as a note operator or to discourage people from entering the network to become another operator so this is very important so like I mentioned only note operators need to have RPL if you just want to stake if like you can just join rocket pou staking pool with a minimum of one if then you do not have to buy in it only know the operators are required to buy our PL token since they have to buy a certain amount of our PL for each if that they are locking up in their node and I think it's important to know that if you are an older pareto you're wanting to offer the staking if your am staking as the business to your customers you can charge fees so that means there's there's an monetary incentive for businesses to start using a node operator on the rocket poo staking pool and offer this service to their clients so the token Amex are so very interesting the total supply of rocket pool tokens is around 18 million the price the current price is two dollars and 40 cents and the fully diluted market cap is 43 million but you have to be aware that there has been a massive price increase recently I think around four or five weeks ago the price was around 60 cents and now it's around two dollars and 40 cents so just be aware of that that the there has been a massive price increase and it is possible that the price goes down a lot further now how now if you're interested in buying some RPL tokens because you want to become another britain that you might have the question how to actually buy some RPI tokens it's not available by 9:00 tonight one met on on big centralized exchanges but you can buy it on a liquidity pool you can buy it on unis swamp unis Rob is very easy to use and you can also use it on one you can also buy it on one inch to exchange but one angel exchanges decentralized exchange aggregator so basically it's using the liquidity from uni swap so basically you can just go ahead and buy it on uni swap and yunusov is very easy to use I've made a few videos on unit swap what you need is a phillium wallet and you will have to be able to connect the unit swap website you can connect to Eunice work with many different options you have the very popular mathematic wallet wallet Connect which is available in the trust wallet and mobile wallet you've got coinbase wallet for automatic partys and taurus you've got many different options to connect to the Eunice walk wallet now I guess you would first buy if and then you can say how much if you like to use in this trade and then the output you can select a token and here you can actually look for RPL rocket pool token and they will say for one if you will get 80 point something RPL tokens and then if you connected you can actually perform this trade okay so I want to show you how you can buy RPL rocket pou tokens on the one inch don't exchange decentralized exchange aggregator and I think this exchange is super because it finds the best exchange rates from many different trading pairs among all the liquidity providers so here you can see it spread across many decentralized exchanges Multi split money swamp alliances Cairo Eunice WAP balancer bankers uruk's relays so a lot defines the best exchange rate for different trading pairs you can click on connect wallet on the top right hand side of your screen and you've got many different options to use one in stock exchange so you can use meta mask and the trust will app have made a lot of videos about the trust wallet app can use Taurus romantic rudder link police Orpheum water connect and bits key and ledger now since I'm opening this from a browser I'm not going to use the trois Mille ampere trust what it also supports wallet connect so I'll click on wallet connect and I get a QR code in my trust world I can click on water connect and open up the QR code scanner and that will allow me to connect to the one inch to exchange as you can see my phone has been accepted and I'm logged in very easy now on the left hand side you can change the on the left hand side you with this drop down you can change the cryptocurrency ID on the left hand side you can change the cryptocurrencies that you'd like to use to buy the RPI token you can use if if you go if so in my case I've got s USD so I going to type in s USD or I can see it here synthetic USD it's synthetics plant from stable coin and I've got 300 US dollars so I would like to withdraw or boy I'd like to buy 300 US dollars worth of RPL on the right hand side I can just click on the drop down and I'll type in our pl and I can see here's the RPL can see here the RPL token I selected it and now I have to wait a little bit I can maybe click on the interface and it will refresh helmet and a refresh the exchange rate and displayed the amount of our PL tokens are again so for 300 u.s.

Dollars I would get about 150 our PL tokens which is valued at 297 dollars so there's a little bit of a slippage happening because it's not that much liquidity available the RPL token is not available on major exchanges so I'm happy with this exchange rate I will click on unlock 300s USD and depending on what kind of stable coin you're using you might have to unlock it as well so I'll click on unlock you can also do infinity or not but prefer using just a normal unlock and this will send the information to the smart contract to unlock my s USD stable coin so I've got waterproof enabled on a transformer okay so my s USD has been unlocked I can click on swap now now if you look down here you see which exchanges it's taking it from and the fees that you would have to pay bond we're going to be using the one inch to exchange all of the tokens are coming from a uni swap max price slippage is 1% and the gas price is 40 gray let's click on swap now I can verify the swap and I'm making sure that I've got the right token on the Left selected and I'm getting our pl I also make sure that the exchange rate is good I see the price the pitch is 0.9 3% and the gas limit estimated real gas cost is around $1 74 cents by it's possible day it's a little bit lower than that I can click on verify + this will swap these two tokens so the swap transaction was sent I can click on the eve scan link and I can see the transaction in process on e4 scan this might take a few seconds or a few minutes so here we're on the ephah scan a link and you can see the tokens that were transferred the one inch to exchange one inch to exchange decentralized application took my cents USD sent it to Eunice womp and then from Eunice WAP I got the RPL token RPL token was sent to one inch to exchange and one inch to exchange sent these are PL tokens to my wallets having this fantastic how easy this works that was today's video I hope you found it interesting please leave a thumbs up if you liked the video it helps the channel a lot and yeah once I said that can't you on the next video have a good one bye bye

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