What is Reddcoin?

Reddcoin is a decentralized digital currency It makes the social network in the process of sending and receiving funds Interesting and beneficial for everyone. Think of it as a community currency in the digital age Enrich people's social life Get along with billions of people around the world through social media. Reddcoin provides a unique platform to achieve this It allows people to send money seamlessly on any social network Remit to anyone in the world It introduces instant remittance to revolutionize the payment industry There is a 0% transaction fee for both sender and receiver. When you read, listen to or watch content on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other social networks at any time The Reddcoin platform allows you in addition to pressing the "favorite", "like" or "retweet" button It allows you to immediately make a small sponsorship with a simple click of a button Show more love and gratitude to family, friends or followers And through micro donations to provide new sources of income to content creators. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses a mining process to generate new coins By consuming a lot of energy and computing power Reddcoin uses a new type of environmentally friendly process called minting Regardless of their technical capabilities, anyone can participate in the manufacturing process And to achieve fair competition.

Anyone on the journey can create a new Reddcoin on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Reddcoin also launched the most advanced community wallet Provide various social functions to increase the interaction between Reddcoin users. Reddcoin further agrees to reward those who contribute to network security By simply maintaining the security of the online connected wallet Complete the nodes on the global decentralized Reddcoin network. Since its establishment in early 2014 Reddcoin is already in social networks around the world Realize the widest adoption of all digital currencies. Anyone can download the wallet at Reddcoin.com to join this revolution Start sending, receiving and manufacturing new Reddcoins now..

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