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Bitcoin. After all the recent unfolding events and price movements,
a lot of people have different speculations about the next thing for Bitcoin. So let's consider this important piece
of news and some predictions in this video, starting with cryptocurrency exchange, Luhnow and brokerage OSL. Their prediction is that Bitcoin's price could exceed fifty
thousand over the longer term as the digital asset competes with gold for investment flows. Vijay Iyer, head of Asia Pacific with Crypto Exchange
Luhnow in Singapore, said that we may be talking about Bitcoin over the next three, five or 10 years, slowly
inching its way up gold's market capitalization.

He also said that, of course, if that happens, then Bitcoin
is way over fifty thousand. Bitcoin quadrupled last year, eventually reaching an all
time high of almost forty two thousand in early January before sliding back by about ten thousand. The rally split opinion with some commentators pointing to
increased interest from long term investors and others citing speculative buying while Bitcoin has been popular
for trading. Matt Long, head of distribution and prime brokerage at
Digital Asset Platform OSL in Hong Kong, said that increasingly the new to market money that we're seeing is
buying Bitcoin as a hedge to inflation and as digital gold. Long also mentioned that predicting a price for Bitcoin is
challenging, but it's likely to rise longer term as funds and family offices assign half a percent or one percent of
the portfolio to it. Bitcoin, which has climbed nine percent this year, was
trading at about thirty one and a half thousand in the morning. Today, it's been in a thirty to thirty five
thousand range for almost a week at a time when some market participants are seeking out ether and other crypto to
trade during the perceived periods of being stagnant.

Bitcoin's price fell Tuesday, going as low as thirty
thousand eight hundred and seventy five dollars before coming back up, changing hands around thirty two thousand
and three dollars. Konstantine Kogan partner and investment firm WAF Financial
noted that the drop occurred after it reached nearly thirty five thousand on Monday. Konstantine thinks that prices will still fall, and he's
citing bearish on current market conditions. He said he expects a decline to twenty nine thousand and he
thinks that apparently some of the holders and well sold off their positions. Kogan noted some positive news this week
that didn't move the Bitcoin market much. Marathoners invested one hundred and fifty million dollars
in Bitcoin and intends to become the largest miner in the world.

He also mentioned that crypto funds are raising
records, but there was no growth at the same time. Brian Marzolf, chief executive officer for investment firm
Ether Capital, said that many crypto natives and macro traders were anticipating a 30 percent pullback off the all
time high from two weeks ago. Now that it seems to have stabilized in the low, thirty
thousand region, traders are treating this as an opportunity to lever up and go long ahead of the next leg. Up Tuesday looked like a fairly priced day for the long
Bitcoin leverage as funding rates dipped a bit from Monday. That was a change from the excitement over the past 90 days
when margin rates could go as overall point two percent on some events during the crazy price run up to January 10th,
the all time high of forty thousand nine hundred eighty six dollars.

Some are using Bitcoins valuation relative to
other crypto currencies as a signal for what's ahead in the market. Global digital, as the chief operating officer,
Zachary Friedman, said that he has a strong sentiment towards ether as a leading indicator for an upcoming alt
season, referring to market conditions that favor ALZ or alternative crypto currencies, Friedman pointed out that
Bitcoin's dominance, its share as a percentage of the total crypto market cap, is falling. Indeed, since the start of twenty twenty one, Bitcoin
dominance has fallen more than 10 percent. Friedman also said the Bitcoin dominance is dropping as
profits are redistributed. And Ethereum, sitting just near its all time high, presents
an immediate opportunity for new market entrants to diversify their holdings and seek additional yields. It now seems like Bitcoin flowed back into decentralized
finance ether. The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap was down
Tuesday, trading around one thousand three hundred forty dollars and slipping two point two percent in twenty four
hours. On Monday, the amount of Bitcoin held in decentralized
finance or DFI crossed back over forty thousand bitcoins for the first time since mid-December. Last time it was checked, forty two thousand six hundred and
four bitcoins were locked in DFI, which investors do to obtain a yield in exchange for providing liquidity.

Either capital's most, says the rotation back into defi it
simply investors chasing juicier opportunities. As the market for Bitcoin seems to be in a lull, holders
are anticipating all season and want to use their bitcoin to leverage additional exposure to other opportunities within
the crypto space, whether it be default tokens or other layer ones such as Ethereum, Polka, Dot, Salana, near,
etc.. Most have also said that many of these projects have a lot
of momentum at the moment and are well-positioned for investor participation.

JP Morgan Chase and Co. thinks the Bitcoin has the potential to reach one hundred
and forty six thousand dollars in the long term as it competes with gold as an asset class. For this to happen, though, strategists noted that
Bitcoin's market capitalization of around five hundred and seventy five billion would have to rise by four point six
times for a theoretical price of one hundred forty six thousand dollars to match the total private sector
investment in gold, the exchange traded funds or bars and coins. They, however, said that the outlook depends on the
volatility of Bitcoin converging with that of gold to encourage more institutional investment, a process that
will surely take some time. They wrote that a crowding out of gold as an alternative
currency implies a big upside for Bitcoin. Over the long term, however, a convergence and volatility is
between bitcoin and gold is unlikely to happen quickly and is, in our mind, a multi-year process. This implies that above hundred forty six thousand
theoretical Bitcoin price target should be considered as a long term target and thus unsustainable for this year.

On Monday, Bitcoin slid as much as 17 percent, the biggest
drop since March after reaching thirty four thousand for the first time over the weekend. The swings are a reminder of the volatility of the largest
cryptocurrency, whose price has more than quadrupled over the past year. More institutions and noted investors from
Paul Tudor Jones to Scott Meynard and Stan Druckenmiller have either started allocating funds into Bitcoin or have
said they're open to doing so. While some argue that the cryptocurrency offers a hedge
against dollar weakness and inflation risk in a world awash with fiscal and monetary stimulus. Others say retail investors and trend following quant funds
are pumping up an unsustainable bubble. For now, JPMorgan sees headwinds for Bitcoin, with
indicators like a buildup of speculative long positions and an increase in investment. While it's holding small amounts of Bitcoin showing
potential froth. The strategists also wrote that the valuation and position
backdrop has become a lot more challenging for Bitcoin at the beginning of the New Year, and that while we cannot
exclude the possibility that the current speculative mania will propagate further, pushing the Bitcoin price up toward
the consensus region of between fifty thousand one hundred thousand dollars, they believe that such price levels would
prove unsustainable.

Well, those are some of the speculations and predictions
about the next things for Bitcoin. Now let's take a look at some of the charts and see what
can be deduced from the point of view of technical analysis. This chart shows the BTC USD price movements visible as the
price drop on the chart below the blue line, the blue line is the support line and we can see that the price does not
bounce off the support line this time. Rather, it tested it and kept going down to around twenty
nine thousand. The support itself is exactly on thirty thousand. According to this prediction. Bitcoin prices expected to go up on a bullish movement. This is indicated by the Purple Arrow headline.

But this is going to happen if and only if the price goes
back up across the support line around that thirty thousand mark and then it's expected to continue going up to around
thirty one thousand. Also on this chart, we can see the sending channel, the two
yellow lines. The price of Bitcoin is expected to hit the upper channel
line at around thirty one thousand. Then a retracement is expected again to somewhere just a
little below the support line before another possible bullish run to around thirty one thousand and beyond. You can see this chart from an earlier time, but the
prediction is still quite in play. The prices around the thirty one thousand mark that is
indicated by the dotted lines. There are two support lines on this chart in red color. One is around the thirty thousand mark and the other is
around thirty three thousand.

Already, the current price is below the first support line,
which is around thirty three thousand. This prediction expects the price to go even below the
second support line at around thirty thousand two and even extend to around nineteen thousand. This is a lot of volatility expected by this time,
according to this prediction. That should be the end of correction and then the price is
expected to shoot up and go beyond the strong resistance zone. The resistance zone is set at thirty eight thousand
and the long run, the price of Bitcoin is expected to go up as high as fifty thousand, according to this prediction on
this chart. Likewise, the descending triangle shows a prediction of
Bitcoin price going upward on a short term.

That is, Bitcoin is expected to break out of the triangle
and go up to test the resistance zone at thirty eight thousand before it starts the gradual correction which can
land at as low as nineteen thousand, according to this prediction. One certain thing, of course, is Bitcoin's
volatility, which explains the surprising drops and increases. This is why adequate caution should be taken
while trading or investing in Bitcoin. Please do your due diligence and we wish you well from the
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