What is Enjin Coin (ENJ)?

Imagine that every game really has real value Imagine having true ownership of an item Imagine getting rid of illegal market trading Imagine being able to level up your game character in several different games Imagine you don't have to worry about scams or hacking risks at all Imagine a fair micropayment All of this is possible through Enjin Coin Smart game cryptocurrency Enjincoin provides developers with a variety of tools to unlock new horizons in the gaming industry First, let's learn a little about blockchain? I will explain it in 5 easy steps. 1. Earn Engine Coins through official partnerships, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency exchanges. 2. Minting or creating blockchain game items using the engine platform and SDK You can make anything For example, from general items such as game currency, loot, resources, etc. Create unique items such as rare cards, unique pets, rare weapons, heroes, etc. 3. When the game is released, users can earn tokenized prizes through quests. Get unique items from defeated enemies, or collect Enjincoin assets while collecting various resources 4. With Enjin Coin, you can safely purchase blockchain items in the store and transact with other users. 5. Game users can store blockchain items in an engine wallet with excellent security.

All transactions, such as item transactions, purchases, and sales, must be approved by the user through the engine wallet. If the item is not sold, the item can be recovered with engine coin through melting. This melting function basically gives an item a certain level of value. Melting is an attractive feature that guarantees value and encourages users to purchase more items. Join the engine developer portal and start using the engine platform today

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