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Let’s learn about Dogecoin, the most popular
meme… Huh? Let's learn about Dogecoin, the most popular. Wha, what is this? Hi I’m Justin from BorketSquare. Very hompage, decentralized web? WOW. And I want to talk to YOU! About Dogecoin. In 3D!!! Wow really?! No. Dogecoin is based on the doge meme, voted
the most popular of the last decade! With the help of Dogecoin? Maybe? Probably? Wow! Facts time! Billy Markus, Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin
2013. What month?! I don’t know! Fact number 2! Dogecoin is based off LuckyCoin
code, which is a copy of Litecoin. And you know that now! Fact number 4! Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency! Ohhhh Yeah!! Here, have a Doge. So what IS this Dogecoin anyway? …Weren’t you just listening to anything
that, that I said? Hey my friends told me people who have Dogecoin are lame.

Then you should stop being friends with them! Well… what can I do with it?! Stuff! WOOOAHHH!!! AWESOME!!!! But where do they come from? You mine them! Like deep in the caves! Like dwarves! Exactly! Except with no dwarves, and yes hashing algorithms
using Scrypt, a more energy efficient and ASIC resistant algorithm than SHA-256. Oh! Guess what else Dogecoin can do? Turn Left! Huh?! In the Dogecoin Nascar! Now you do one! Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Yep, it's Dogecoin’s Jamaican Bobsled time! MOZAMBIQUE HERE! Hahaha, get back to work! The Dogecoin community actually does do a
lot to support organizations and public services. The community raised money for service dogs
for kids with Autism, and participated in the socks for the homeless campaign. Hi, we’ve had a lot of fun today, but the truth
is every day helpless Dogecoins go without a wallet to call home.

Left on exchanges with no food, no water,
and no love. Will you be the angel a neglected Dogecoin
needs today, even though this is not financial advice? FEED YOUR DOGECOINS, BINANCE!!.

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