What Is Decentraland & Festival land?

we all know that technology is growing and changing every day and with that every industry in the world is changing as well what is the central land and what does the dawn of this new music district mean for the future of the music industry hi i'm fuller depths from blacklineit and today we're going to be talking about decentraland and how music will fit into this vast digital world [Music] so today i'll be talking to you about three things what is the central land what is festival land and what do these lands mean for musicians so let's get started decentraland is a pc based video game set in a socially interactive open world but it's not like every other game decentraland allows you and every other user to buy lease and sell digital property within the game these purchases are done using ethereum on the blockchain to learn more about the power of nfts click here decentraland currently averages about 10 000 daily active users and is figured to grow even more in the future and because of this plots of landed essential land are selling for absurd amounts of money plots of land are selling for ten thousand dollars in the virtual world and many companies are buying these plots so they can place their stake in the new digital world before it becomes even more popular festival land is the central lands music district and users can lease these plots of land within the district to have their own festivals festival land is the largest plot of land in all of decentraland that's only about music users can lease these plots of land directly from the site and then set up their music equipment and get rockin this is some footage of blouse house a plot of land owned by american dj blau which is filled with holograms custom wearables and even links to his pages after the travis scott performance on fortnite the channels that musicians could use for performances changed forever and so did their target market musicians are performing their music all over the centerland marking yet another way that music has evolved with technology i hope this video enlightened you on just a sliver of how technology is changing the world and how we interact with it if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and don't forget to like subscribe and have a good day [Music] from

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