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Block Height. Here’s what’s up. The definition of Block Height is ‘Integer used to   determine the specific order of a block in 
a Blockchain. If a chain contains 10 blocks,   the oldest block has a height of 0 and 
the newest block has a height of 9.’ Well moron, good for Happy Gilmo my god! Originally, I always thought of Blockchains like 
a literal chain, one after another in a line, BUT… I was wrong. No surprise there. What an idiot! Rude. After learning about Block Height, I realized 
it was actually more like stacking Legos,   with each brick stacked on top 
of the previous one and so on.

The closer to height zero a block is, 
the more difficult it is to modify. The more cemented that block is. Fun fact: the nubs of the Legos 
are like the block hashes. Nerd alert! Block Height can also provide you with some 
key information on any given Blockchain. First, it helps to tell you 
how old a Blockchain is. When combined with block time, it tells 
you the approximate age of a Blockchain.

Like counting rings on a tree. You can tell that it's an Aspen 
tree, because of the way it is. So just remember, Block Height is just a measuring   tool that helps us identify how 
many blocks a Blockchain has. Block Height. That’s what’s up. You’re watching MarketSquare, the new 
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See you next time!.

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